Failed Arguments…

A yogi must always have the physique and powerful tejas or innate sense of radiance that derives from his tapas or austerities to constantly battle with the modern-world that appropriates the term dharma and moulds it into its own wonderful world of comprehensions and invalided arguments, reminiscent of am indoctrinated Baptist preacher! Let’s all have selfie-poses with our […]

Sadhaka Requirements:

While we offer many programs, not everyone is accepted. Some people have been disheartened by this, beyond the ‘generic’ programs. Here are some reasons why (note the links, where relative, where I’ve further elaborated on these salient points): 1. Many in the west confuse an emotionalistic zeal or subliminal self-entitled samskara with true karmic spirituality […]

How Yoga Has Changed

Gorakshanatha was a great Kshatriya-Yogi or warrior-Yogi who has lived through many yugas (Hindu epochs), under different names and forms. He taught the Hatha-Yoga system, originally an exercise system used by warriors for martial-arts and dancers to make warriors strong against Muslims. Bappa Rawal (c. 800AD) the great King of Rajasthan became his devotee, who […]

A Note on Brahmanism

By Durgadas [31/01/16] The caste system in India has often been a system attacked. However, few realise the methods behind it, to properly protect and preserve the Vedas, sacred systems as Yoga, Ayurveda etc. so that we might have them today. Thus, while modern “white Brahmins” and others attack the caste Brahmins (yet, without them […]

Rajasic Delusions

There are many rajasic delusions of grandeur that can arise, especially in the west and ben misinterpreted as being something spiritual in India. I recently saw an article that mentioned the Turkic and Middle-Eastern Islamic enslavement of Hindus. While novel, the issue of today’s problems had not really been addressed – that Hindus today remain […]

Importance of Ishvara-pranidhana

The rituals such as poojas, as noted also help purify and transform the panchamahabhutas or five great elements around us (viz. space, air, fire, water and earth) and also act as a prana-shodhana kriya or technique to purify our Prana or life-force and oxygen and thereby mental channels within us, before we can try other higher steps, as noted, such as posture (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama)…

The Age of Egotism

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham. All Rights Reserved. By Durgadas, Ved Kovid, AYT The Internet Age and The Age of Superficiality Where we formally trained and gained our qualifications and skills, today we can google them and become experts, without any real accreditation or validation. This causes many issues such as cyberchondria and even cryptomnesia. We […]