Ancient Bloodlines vs Eurocentric Entitlement

By Durgdas Lingham,
Ved Kovid, R.A.P


The ancient bonds of yaugika and ayurvaidika bloodlines run deep in the ancient varna system of India, or the caste-system along which various facets of these systems derive. The ancient kshatriya lineages via Varanasi in ancient times gave us the more rajasika or aggressive approaches as the shalyatantra sampradaya or the lineage of surgical knowledge and the ancient Atreya Brahmin lines gave us the kaya chikitsa or internal medicine lineage which was more sattvika or aimed at doing less harm to the body in a more pure manner, aimed primarily at ahara-vichara chikitsa (impressions of food, mental and also lifestyle therapies).

These were ancient bloodlines. As with many Saints as Sri Ramana Maharishi, they were born into ancient Brahmin lineages, learnt the disciplines within their bloodlines from a young age and also often traced their ancestry back to great yogis or siddha masters. These people were receptive to knowledge first-hand, not simply by reading books and not being guided in the traditional lineages, or ‘forcing’ their knowledge due to emotionalism, social allures or other factors.

We see the same in certain other lineages in India, such as the Nepalese Gurkhas who established the original aggressive hatha yoga system that was aimed at forcefully producing the best of warriors under the tutelage of the yogi Gorakshanatha whom they took the name of their tribe. Other kshatriya families in India are in the bloodlines of the avatars such as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, or others. Many preserving Dhanurveda or Indian martial arts and fighting in the south of India trace their lineage back to the great vaidika RishiParashurama (Rama Jamadagneya), the son Rishi Jamadagni Bhargava.

Being born in these lineages, and also within the Hindu system or any traditional native system of such a direct bloodline itself is a result of various successive lives and fruitful karmas. Here, the blessing of knowledge is passed on within various lineages as kula-paramparas (familial lineages) and also others outside, as the guru-shishya traditions – the latter of which required historically that one be born with ‘ripe’ or ‘mature’ samskaras as a Hindu. To be born an Indian Hindu is something quite different and comes with a lot of different challenges to the west, such as the Christocentric samskara that permeates western minds with a zeal to proselytise, superimpose, pasteurise and above all, turn into petty Catholic samaritanism (as with ‘sattvas‘) or virtue-signalling and Eurocentric superiority complexes. These issues that remain, but are often not admitted to cognitive and social dissonance are what distance the eastern from the western author.

Of course, there are always a few that are the exception to the rule: Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Vamadeva Shastri, Arthur Avalon etc. These personalities, however, became rooted in the Indic disciplines and thought with an Indian rather than a western mind. They didn’t have the verbose Anglocentric myopic style that epitomises the mainstream European convert into these systems, that wants to synthesise his Christianity with Hinduism. For such people, there is no compromise – only Shiva alone who is embraced. For them, there is no need to jumble and marry systems, nor to try and be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none‘ that seeks to plagiarise traditional authors in a dissonant entitled Colonialist manner (as is quite often the case, but also often ignored). Dissonant plagiarism and cryptomnesia here we must note, are not the same thing!

Europeans tend to go into everything with a self-entitled ‘God’s chosen people’ mentality that derives from Christianity or with a faux-sympathetic complex towards native people to achieve some kind of ‘possessive’ goal.  Elders are dismissed, thrown in homes or discarded like used trash. By contrast, native people and their systems reflect and honour their traditions, revere their masters and teachers and care even for their elders as the first Gurus. In the native system, there is no system of rapid absolution, which the European still wants, even when seeking to comply with native traditions he appropriates.

Thus, in the west, there is a tendency to lean on and adulate Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, Alain Danielou, Eckhart Tolle, Rudolf Steiner and other Europeans as (white) authorities, fused with neo-Buddhistic quotations amongst western ‘Hindus’. It is a juvenile quasi-mysticism or a culturally appropriated mysticism that was present in the early 19th Century. This shows a Colonialist samskara again of dissonance that cannot accept the authority of native authors, or even honour of them for fear of peer-pressure of their brotherhood of Eurocentric brethren. This  “European Hindu” group is reminiscent of the Roman who sought to reform Judaism by appropriating the Bible and then reshaping it as per Rome’s pagan beliefs of the day, subscribing to the Judaic monotheism – a model that was taught later to all Europeans and formed the substratum of Eurocentric vision. It still exists today.

As with Christianity, hypocrisy often shapes the western forms of spirituality and such doesn’t change when cultural appropriation is at play! Here, the labelling of concepts as asteya (non-stealing) and other forms as ahimsa (non-violence) are topics Europeans chose to lecture on to convince themselves of ‘sattvika piousness‘ (another subliminal Christian samskara that remains in the recesses of their unconsciousness), while, like a true Christian burning the heretic at the stake, fail to apply or cognitise relative to their own behaviours, either directly or retrospectively. When challenged over such as is the eastern model that survives on discussion, proofs and debates based on viabile testimonies and logic (nyaya), the European when questioned thus in traditional Hindu manners will simple resort to the Christian approaches or virtue-signalling, screaming down the opponent or interpolate some faith-based New-Age gibberish or cherry-picked verse out of context, as they have done with the Hebrew Bible in Europe for centuries, or to malign the questioner, as they once did as heathens, heretics, Satanists etc., followed by violent torture, burning at the stake etc. The mindset is the same – the methodology alone has evolved, as it continues to more-so in this cyber-age!

While the westerner thinks of such exotic notions as karma and samsara, he still has his rajasika zeal and approach to liberation (moksha) as if heaven, which he feels entitled to (as with Christianity), within one lifetime alone. The Hindu, however, performs with diligence and utmost resilience his specific sadhanas or spiritual disciplines suited for him in this birth, body, mindset and karmic lifetime – not some generic regime dished out like a buffet food at a diner as many Gurus are doing today! There is no santosha or contentment in the European nor patience, for they wish to be Rishis overnight by little effort, rather than the hundreds, millions or even trillions of years required by many souls to evolve to such a state. A non-evolved soul or further-bound jivatman or individual soul itself craves more the allures of the ahankara (ego) and in false doctrines (mithya-dharmas) that appeal to it over the truth (satya), while they think all karmic atonement derives from merely espousing such superficial views and thoughts – but not in action in such sanctimonious manners.

Here is where the concrete foundations of bloodlines as spiritual DNA of traditional systems and lineages bereft of the Christian samskara compare differently to those who virtue-signal and faith-based / wish their way into such systems, as a result of cultural aggression and emotional hysteria (which is actually what the so-called “spiritual drive” and “drawn to this” actually translates to in reality). Again, samskaras traditionally cannot be forced or appropriated, no matter how hard one tries. One born a ‘female in a male body’ likewise, still remains reproductively, a female. The outer can be changed, buunless the inner is changed and transformed and such testimonies given to substantiate, it is nothing more than self-proclamation and ego-reaffirmation!

This is perhaps the first rule of yoga that goes about saying. If one wishes to embrace the ‘yaugika tenets‘, then one must be prepared not to superimpose one’s culture upon such a dilute it in a Colonialist or elitist manner to suit the ego or one’s inner samskaras. If such is the case, then one is better to remain in one’s own tradition as per their swadharma or karmic aptitude and path of this life alone, not to try and be what one is not to either obscure one’s psychological disorder, emotional needs or fund one’s moral-grandstanding.

Here in closing I quote the words of the acclaimed Swiss Psychology, Carl Jung:

” If the European could turn himself inside out and live as an Oriental, with all the social, moral, religious, intellectual, and aesthetic obligations which such a course would involve, he might be able to benefit by these teachings. But you cannot be a good Christian, either in your faith or in your morality or in your intellectual make-up, and practice genuine yoga at the same time.”

Carl Jung, Psychology and Religion, Page 534.

“I do not doubt that the Eastern liberation from vices, as well as from virtues, is coupled with detachment in every respect, so that the yogi is translated beyond this world, and quite inoffensive. But I suspect every European attempt at detachment of being mere liberation from moral considerations. Anybody who tries his hand at yoga ought therefore to be conscious of its far reaching consequences, or else his so-called quest will remain a futile pastime.” 

– ibid, Page 507.


Ayurveda and Yoga for MEN: The Play of Dualities

By Durgadas, Ved Kovid,
Dip, P.Psych,


This may come as quite a surprise to many, but yoga and Ayurveda were traditionally under the domain of male practitioners and teachers. I have noted elsewhere the case for this, which wasn’t anything to do with the charges against men by today’s neo-liberal groups as feminists, who superimpose their Eurocentric Abrahamic biases upon the culture of India.

Ayurveda today has sadly become reduced down to the system of purvakarmas or preliminary therapies to even proper Panchakarma techniques and of them when they are performed, are in their shamana or palliative forms, thus misappropriating the term ‘panchakarma’ and giving an incorrect view of tradition. Imagine if we did this in western medicine, where it became reduced down to the sphere of nursing alone and didn’t involve Doctors, specialists and surgery! Sadly, this is what has occurred with Ayurveda, under the domain of women alone.

In a similar heir, people doing Reiki, Pranic-Healing and such have no knowledge of the greater tradition in which aspects as chakras, their own anatomy and science nor the fact that they reflect psychological states in the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditionsSuch people are like a surgeon who wants to operate without first studying anatomy, physiology, pathology or even the use of surgical instruments etc. IT IS DANGEROUS TO SELF-PROCLAIM SUCH THINGS, YET WE SEE IT OFTEN WHEN VAIDIKA TRADITIONS ARE APPROPRIATED BY THE WEST!

Ayurveda looks at men and women in the following model:

Women = Soma (lunar) somatically and agneya (fiery) reproductive system.
Soma is made up of the elements of jala (water) and prithivi (earth). It is gravitational (gurutva) and slow (manda) in nature.

This means that women are more suitable for careers in counselling, nursing, midwifery and sympathising, as is the maternal aspect of the soma.

Men = Tejas (fiery) somatically and saumya (lunar) reproductive system.
Tejas is made up of the elements of jala (water) and agni (fire). It is sukshma (subtle) and tikshna (sharp) in nature.

This means that men are more suitable for direct and more fiery and harsh actions like surgery, advising patients of the truth of their illness for their own good.

This is why men were seen as reflections of Lord Shiva as the atman (Self), being of more subtle aspects relating to fire = consciousness (chidagni) and viveka (discrimination) whereas females were reflections of the physical creation (jagat) and illusory fields (maya), being of the more dense elements. This made men more naturally suited to attaining consciousness, whereas the karma of women to facilitate their husbands (Rishis, yogis) in this process. In saying this, some women did transmutate their energies as some men did and become great yoginis – but these are EXCEPTIONS to the rule rather than THE RULE itself.

The yogic model was one of men reflecting the antarayaga (inner sacrifice, such as of the ego) and esoteric and women reflecting the bahyayaga (outer sacrifice) or the exoteric. The latter precedes the former in yogic lore; we have to transcend the world or manifest and understand it, before we can access the higher self. In all ancient cultures, the male was the self and sky personified (Dyaus), whereas the female counterpart was the world and earth personified (Prithivi)

As per this model, men are not suited as counsellers and caregivers and mothers whereas women are with their lunar side, good for communication.

Yoga subscribed to the same model.  While the cult of the Goddess did involve women, this was mutual in the rituals for males and females within the tantrika traditions, however the hatha-yoga facet of this tradition that was based primarily on purifying the body, austerities as brahmacharya (celibacy) and rigorous exercises formed a part of the male-dominated martial-arts system of Gorakshanatha for creating Gurkha warriors to be sent forth and defend India against Islamic attacks at the time.  Here, women, like children and the elderly were the protected and not the protectors.

The delicate minds of women and their hormonal cycles and emotional being was also rendered unfit for battle as well, unless (as few did), they overcame these – in the same light as men were not as suited to raising children and being the caring figure and personality due to their more fiery, aggressive and confrontational nature that didn’t make good nurses and caregivers! In addition, the main reason was that yoga and Ayurveda saw babies as having more self-confidence in life and being born strong mentally and physically with mothers that were not exposed to anything harsh (battle, surgery, violent or harsh speech etc.), as such could act upon the subconscious of the mother (even in the future) or when pregnant, could cause issues as miscarriage or deformities in the child and especially compromise their psychological state (as make them born predisposed to anxiety-related and security issues). This came into regulating ahara or intake of both food (anna) and lifestyle impressions (vihara) for the mother or women.

These are the traditional reasons that yoga and Ayurveda were suited for men alone as practitioners and vaidyas. Moreover, the harsh, abrasive and rajasika actions of the shad kriyas of hatha-yoga itself could affect the delicate hormonal system of females, itself being agneya or pitta / fiery in nature and rajasika itself. It was aimed at transforming the male soma complex of their sexuality into a more fiery complex for a higher kshatra-rajas or militant-zeal for war and thus a yogic transmutation inwardly as well.

Some of the stories of the soma-complex that women are born with are also reflected in the tales of Soma / Chandra (the moon) and Shukracharya (Venus) themselves historically, both who had feminine qualities and both also stood for the asura or physical world and matter of materialism or desire (raga, or passion), the biological nature of women, which gives them also more grounding, a heavier more dense (gurutva) nature than men, required for retrospective as opposed to impulsive, brash and aggressive actions of men. This is how the yin compliments the yang. Ayurveda itself works upon this model for healing via the properties of dravyas or substances, especially Ayurvedic nutrition and pharmacology.

The ida nadi in yoga is also the lunar and feminine, derived from the term Ila, the first woman who was the teacher to mankind in the Rigveda and also the celestial muse, often cognate with the goddess Vak (speech). Here, females represent the manifest word and teaching, as through mantra and bhasha (language), whereas men represent the power of the Rishi behind it in the subtle or elemental (akashika) form as akshara or the seed-syllables, the pranic realm. Here also, males represented the oratory form of Vedic knowledge, whereas females represented the physical or written word and teaching.

This shows that females represented the bulk of knowledge as teachers of celestial traditions to children which, as noted, was the toned-down version of the teaching of the Rishis which was often fiery and harsh. It was for the advanced world. This more clearly demonstrates that the role of men and women isn’t about sexist fascism, but about the bipolar energies of the ancient systems of the east, as with yin and yang in China or soma and agni in India and harmonising these in society to avoid disorders socially, or in either gender.


The Leftist anti-Hindutva, pro-BDS Asuras

I’m often at a loss to explain why lefties are against the two-state solution of Israel, especially in yoga movements if it’s not solely about supporting Muslims and simply ‘Israel as the bully’. There are many facets however which we shall discuss here, but also points of focus upon history and yoga dharma.

While we can cite Zionist activity and such anti-Semitic rhetoric as a result, we as humans must choose always, the lesser of the two evils. Israel has for thousands of years before Islam been the home and hub of Jewish culture. The Biblical traditions of Europe have themselves arisen from this in Christianity – yet they also share anti-Jewish sentiments like the Muslims historically, uniting these two, especially the Catholics!

The irony of the western yoga movements and pro-Palestinian views is that it undermines more than mere ‘moral authority’ and ‘international rights’. India itself had a three-state solution with independence, with India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan in the partition of India. Disputed territories as Kashmir are similar to Israel in that they’ve been a part of sacred Hindu culture and history for many thousands of years before Islam’s birth, let alone advent in the Indian subcontinent and still plays a major role. Kashmiri Pandits, however, have been pushed from their homeland. This is the kind of reality we can expect from a one-state solution in Palestine, and we have to ask ourselves if we truly believe in Yoga Dharma, is this really the right way to sort things?

Historically, it isn’t. Yoga generated the aggressive warrior-yogis, the Gurkhas under the tutelage of Gorakshanatha, the famed founder of Hatha-Yoga traditions that was taken west by BKS Iyengar, himself a student of his brother-in-law, Krishnamacharya who studied himself directly with a Nepalese Gurkha in the direct lineage of Hatha-Yoga. Iyengar’s lineage is the southern Sri Vaishnava lineage that has nothing to do with the neo-Advaita movements of the west based on Shankaracharya, as many of these female ‘yogis’ parade about claiming (most don’t even know their lineage)!

Sikhism also arose, more at the time of Gobind Singh in the 16th Century to purge the attacks of Islam upon indigenous Hindu populations and temples and Sikhs revere areas sacred to Hinduism as Ayodhya. Many Sikh Gurus were also mercilessly killed and tortured to death by Muslims when failing to convert. This was hundreds of years before most in the west even knew what Islam was about – let alone the more recent terrorist attacks and activity.

While at times in history, some Muslims and Hindus and Muslims and Jews fought together, these alliances were often short-lived. Islam had been intolerant. India’s own Brahui warriors themselves arose from Karnataka’s Vijayanagar Empire, like the earlier Hatha-Yogi Gurkhas in the 7th Century, to protect India’s North-West frontier against Islamic attacks and invading forces. Such yogic movements from Goraksha’s to the Vijayanagara and the Sikhs also provided shelter for minorities as Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians living as far as Syria with refuge in Hindu India as a safe-haven. This reminds us much of what Trump is doing today. These movements also show us the compassion of yoga and the true form of ahimsa – not to embrace the enemy, but to protect the foundation on which ahimsa or non-violence itself rests, which can mean taking up arms to defend one’s self and nation when peaceful resolutions cannot be achieved by other means.

This then brings us back to the original point of order. Many Hindu groups as the Sikhs did view some as the Hindu Advaitin traditions somewhat different and antagonistic to their own, being more bhakti or devotional in tone and others as Vaishnavas possessing much wealth in India and also power over trade and commerce. We can compare them to modern Zionists and the bigotry against them. Like Zionists in the west, Vaishnavas historically had much to answer for in more orthodox forms of Hinduism – notably their interpolations in the Puranas and slander against the Advaita Vedanta traditions of Adi Shankaracharya. However, all these people did unite historically to serve a common goal and purpose and didn’t simply focus on a few negatives and allow that to dictate the rule and support the side of the true enemy.

In more modern times, however, such hasn’t always been the case; the Indian Nation Congress Govt. opposed Zionism with its leftist and Islamic-pandering voice, however strong early Hindutva movements as Sangh Parivar, the noted pro-Hindu Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Sita Ram Goel who openly wrote on the Islamic destruction of Hindu temples strongly supported Zionism. Hindutva can be compared in many ways as ‘eastern Zionism’. Hindutva itself has become a point at which not only western Hindus from liberal backgrounds undermine native Hindus as a form of racism, but commencing within India itself, as pro-Hindutva and Hindu Acharya Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley) recently wrote:

One of the most curious terms these so-called liberal Hindus employ is condemning Hindutva groups as practicing a negative and exclusive “Abrahamic Hinduism”. This is quite odd coming from groups who have bent over backwards to please Christian and Islamic vote banks for decades, and have never called them intolerant or exposed their aggression.” [1]

Yogis as Sri Aurobindo, in contrast to Mahatma Gandhi, also spoke of no real resolution between Hindus and Muslims as such, yet his writings have been largely ignored by the western yoga movement and its BDS sympathies and anti-Hindutva tone and support for ‘Christian Yoga’ and ‘Muslim Yoga’ traditions, which are apparently not forms of cultural appropriation dangerous to Hinduism!

Many won’t call out Muslim or Christian Yoga, but one certain woman “Sri LXXXXX” decided to call out those as Matthew Remski who have studied under Vamadeva and others. While the west has many inconsistencies, the pot calling the kettle black is hardly the way to go, including not calling out neo-liberal groups in the west on Facebook as “The Yoga of Politics” that focus on Trump as a bigot (as he wants Christians and Jewish minorities in dangerous Islamic-dominant nations to be safe and give them refugee status first); these anti-Trump people say they stand for “brown Hindus”, when they’re simply leftist, racist virtue-signalling lefties:

On one hand, “white people” she says, are ruining yoga and not giving Indians a voice – but she’s clearly not part of the Hindutva solution, either, nor shares the sentiments or understanding of the history of Christianity and Islam’s impact on Hindu culture, which are fundamental issues of racism linked to cultural appropriation. It was here I cited a certain woman in Ayurveda that studied under Father Bede Griffiths, perhaps one of the most outstanding examples of cultural appropriation with his ‘Christian Ashram’ system to convert Hindus! If these aren’t forms of racism, Sri LXXXXX, then I don’t know what is? Why don’t you call these movements out?

The west has many levels of Colonialism. One is the hysterical movement to “dumb down” Ayurveda etc and promote them as non-medical ‘self-diagnosing’ and ‘self-healing’ systems. This undermines Bharatiya culture and history, as also Vaidika sciences as well.


The other is the liberal pro-Islamic type that screams down Brahmanism and Hindutva. Such types also stand on a pedestal saying they’re “sticking up for Hindus repressed by the whites”, but in doing so are being SJWs simply creating a name and cult for themselves and are also unable to call out yogic traditions or recognise Hatha Yoga arise as a system to protect indigenous sciences and people as Yoga and Ayurveda against Islamic attacks, as Sikhism also later did as noted.


Where we stand on the pro-Israel or pro-Palestine solution remains a personal choice, however we have to think historically and at the bigger picture, as well as where we see our views regarding Hindutva, as it was wholly born from the yoga itself many seek to misappropriate terms from in the west, just as the Romans did with Judaism when creating Christianity from the Imperial Cult of Caesar!


Upcoming Book: “Façades: Challenging the New-Age and Socialist Paradigms in Traditional Disciplines”


-by Durgadas, R.A.P, Ved Kovid, AYT

My next book will be one that is somewhat taboo: Traditional Sciences as Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta from a Right-Wing, anti-Socialist, anti-SJW and Traditional Indian Hindu (‘brown’) perspective, as per the *actual classics* (not cherry-picking gibberish). That’s right, it won’t be pasteurised by the white libtard culturally misappropriating Californian and NYC bored housewives and virtue-signallers using ‘sattvas’.

Shocked yet?

In keeping with familial traditions, one of the first things I sought to do when taking up Ayurveda, was to eliminate non-traditional facets of Ayurveda and bring it to a state of purity as per the classics. It wasn’t simply an ‘idea’, but one true to tradition.

My books The Complexity of Charaka’s Traditional Ayurveda and also Agni Rahasya reflect this.

Ayurveda, like many sciences, has been misappropriated and shaped in various ways. We all know that it’s not only the BAMS system of India that has made it somewhat too allopathic but also some in the west. Then there is the counter-culture movement in the west that has made Ayurveda somewhat too New-Age, interpolating Reiki, Pranic-healing, Chakra-Balancing and pseudo-Tantrism into it, as well as facets as ‘Ayurvedic Cooking’ (marketing term for vegetarian Indian cooking) and ‘Panchakarma’ (at best palliative techniques and mainly spa techniques or purvakarmas – preliminary therapies and supplementary Panchakarma methods). ‘Ayurvedic Yoga’ often isn’t based on the energetics of Ayurveda’s systems of philosophy, digestion and elements, but upon a western chiropractic system, or seeing one asana or pranayama as a panacea, performing it one way.

One of the biggest issues in the west is its contempt for the synthesis of vedantic, true yogic and spiritual Vaidika knowledge, mentioned by authors as Charaka and Sushruta While many are well-meaning, they turn Ayurveda into an allopathic system eliminating these facets, when one can have both. Traditional Ayurveda used alchemy, sophisticated surgical techniques and detoxification methods, vaccines as well as married these with genetics, microbiology as well as karma and spiritual-causes beyond the exogenic. This is how Ayurveda is a complete system of medicine.

Ayurveda is a specific tradition, like yoga. Each person is unique and can’t be healed the same.  There was also a time in Ayurveda (classically, millions of years ago), when herbs themselves ceased to help cure diseases. At this time,  Shalyatantra (surgery),  is said to have arisen and been the primal and most important branch of Ayurveda through which even in ancient times was used for organ-transplants (Sushruta Samhita, Sutrasthana I.16-18) of which  the first teacher of Ayurveda (adideva), Dhanvantari reincarnated to teach to humanity (ibid, 21). It is also this very text that gave us our modern science of plastic surgery that the British discovered in India in the 18th Century in Mysore in Southern India!

This was as in such times even in the Treta-Yuga of yore, that subtle or spiritual methods and herbs alone were not enough to heal the body in spiritual, traditional and enlightened communities within India itself and it came from an ancient lineage of primal surgeons (Ashwins) from the lineage of human progenitors (Prajapati) from the Supreme (Brahma). From the original surgeons, it is said that Indra learnt it and from him the original Dhanvantari who later took incarnation as the Dhanvantari or Kashi or Varanasi (Divodasa) – much as Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata is said to be the reincarnation of Rishi Narayana of Badrinath.

Yet, the modern ego feels it can “fast-track” things and implement systems as Reiki, Pranic-healing etc. that it is both disassociated with and has misappropriated, with its Christian idea of the ‘second coming of Christ / Golden Age’ with their ‘Age of Aquarius’ – both of which are outside the historical eastern systems of yugas, which state we are in a much lesser age. It fails.

Whilst many women adopt Ayurveda today, Vaidyas were traditionally male, for specific reasons, that were practical, in harmony with nature and not sexist:

1. Females, like children and the elderly, were seen to be fragile and to be nurtured and protected against harsh things. These involve elements as surgery and other harsh aspects involving the medical profession. Even here, often Brahmins or priests wouldn’t perform surgery themselves, as this was more the domain of the kshatriya vaidyas who dealt with harsh and aggressive (rajasika) actions.  It relates to the Ayurvedic idea that women, as mothers, shouldn’t be exposed to anything gruesome, harsh or unpleasant, as such can affect their biology and also that of the baby and its psychology.

This also comes into yoga. While there were yoginis, this cult often still employed men in their rituals and didn’t use the physical Hatha-Yoga system, that was a kshatra-vyayama or militant exercise regime for male warriors, such as the gurkhas, who derive their name from the ancient saint, GorakshanathaMen were deployed here as yogi-warriors to defeat the Muslim invaders that threatened the delicate nature of women, children and the elderly, as also priests.

2. Due to the more somatically lunar and fierier hormonal nature of females, often the best ‘critical’ advice couldn’t be given to patients by females, who would be too nurturing and mothering for some types. The hormonal side of females is seen in the mythological tale of Goddess Kali, who has power and destroys the demon Raktabija, but due to her hormonal emotionalism, loses control of her senses and starts destroying everything. Shiva then has to come and restore her back to consciousness and reality.

3. Females were often the teachers, therapists, nurses/midwives and wetnurses – professions that weren’t suitable for men, owing to man’s fiery nature. This is the nurturing aspect of the Goddess.

The modern age of socialism however and feminism has misappropriated the Indic cult of the Yogini and the Goddess and rather than see it as a traditional system honouring the Divine Feminine and Nature, has turned it into a SJW and virtue-signalling movement, that ironically takes upon the fiery masculine and patriarchal persona that they seek to fight against! They undermine men, emasculate them, rather than nurture them.

Meats were also used in traditional Ayurveda, and often of very exotic kinds when required. Traditional Ayurveda, unlike the modern western variety also didn’t recommend vegetarian diets for all Indian communities, let alone those of the western Meditteranean and Chinese world historically, whose diets were even more in-line with the Indic, than the Nordic and British world. Adopting such diets as a means of virtue-signalling again is a result of modern socialism that has adopted the logic of faux samaritanism, as opposed to actually embracing a culture and principle.

Many of these forms are forms of mass-hysteria and personal western hysteria rather than a true inner pull and desire as a result of one’s samskaras from past lives and traits, that come out earlier in life (childhood), not in one’s late thirties, forties and fifties to replace one’s own emotional and psychological issues or as a response to one’s failure in life. Often many who go into Vaidika sciences do so as a means to project their superiority complexes and obscure the deep-seated inferiority complexes that they are too narcissistic to embrace, recognise or deal with.

These are just some of the issues that the new book will discuss. More to come, soon!



Letter to Virtue-Signalling Chardonnay Socialists


Dear Chardonnay and Champagne Socialists,

Rather than going on about “ethical eating” and virtue-signalling all the time, how about considering these pointers:

1. While dairy farms do abuse animals, so also are Bolivian farmers exploited to produce quinoa. Secondly, rather than spending money on your hybrid car and affluent eco-houses in expensive suburbs to impress us how evil we all are, how about buy a farm or a cow and use it’s milk, caring for it properly and lead by example? And FYI, combine harvesters that use diesel fuel to harvest your previous quinoa also kill rodents!

Secondly, vegans and vegetarians that talk about abattoirs in the west that stun animals and kill them being bad also have double-standards. These lefties are also Islamic apologetics. Islam’s halal killing, like kosher, ensures the animals suffers until death. How exactly is this fine?

Thirdly, Ayurvedic texts state that diets, even in ancient India as vegetarian should be adopted as per one’s genetic background and suitability. They state as western people as Persians and Greeks ate meat, they should continue this and not change.

Meditteranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine and people are more similar to the Indic – so what does this say about the Celto-Germanic species to the North who adopt these radically, without any progressive shift?


2. What’s wrong with unfertilised, free-range eggs? Why not promote this model again by example, rather than virtue-signalling?

3. You can’t help your skin colour. Indians and Chinese Buddhists have for centuries promoted the model of non-violence and vegetarianism. But the west engaged in abattoirs/slaughterhouses and Colonialist activity which is their culture. Yoy can’t just say you sympathise with us and take over our culture, can you? Unless it’s a new wave of colonialism via cultural appropriation and saying “I’m an Indian / Chinese person in a Caucasian body“, as that defeats the doctrine of karma and samsara you should also subscribe to!

4. What the hell do white people of British background know about racism and bigotry with their self-entitled culture? Do we really need you trying to tell us how bad your own people were, and in the process, making it all about you, not about the others you’re supposedly defending?

5. Feminism is nonsense. If you’re truly for woman’s rights (which the world now has), then why do you also defend Islam, the world’s most anti-feminist movement? Secondly, if you’re pro woman’s lib, then why do you act like, dress like and not shave like a male?

6.  Women in Ayurveda, Yoga etc.
Traditionally in classical mainstream Ayurveda, there were no female Vaidyas mentioned, though they were nurses, attendants etc. This wasn’t to say females didn’t employ Ayurveda – they did and were wet nurses, midwives and also great mothers who taught children the science and nurtured them, as is their job.Historically this wasn’t sexist as such but protected the delicate and feminine side from the harsh nature of diseases and harsh practices as surgery that could upset the hormonal and psychological balances – just as men weren’t considered good nurses or nannies as they possessed a more fiery and direct personality (too #yang / #agni) compared to the nurturing aspect of females (#yin or #soma).

Hatha-Yoga, while employed by some female yoginis, was aimed at male Gurkha warriors to defeat Muslims. All of this virtue-signalling and Islamic apologetic rhetoric coming from white, female “yogis (sic)” when they can’t even get their own genders correct just defeats the purpose of the yoga they’re teaching, and also is saying that the history and denigration of Vedic sciences they now use and Hinduism, never occured in India! What nonsense! Yoga was largely a male-dominated sphere since females practising these found them too hormonally deranging and hence was avoided. Other forms of yoga and certain vyayamas (exercises) were however used by female dancers and some postures. Feminists need to embrace their inner Shakti and soma, not try and be men and develop more agni!

Ayurveda and all ancient cultures believed that children, women and the elderly were to be PROTECTED, not the PROTECTORS. This is also the natural order of creation and if we like, the divine will. If we are to take up ancient and natural sciences, we must honour this and also honour the Divine.

Modern movements as feminism are against the natural order of men = agni (fire) and women = soma (water and lunar). We wish to become something we are not and create an artificial culture by misappropriating ancient sciences. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, this is actually dangerous as it doesn’t allow us to be happy in the bodies we have and as a result, can create more negative karma.

7. The “Free Tibet” Movement is B.S.
The same lefty yoga people that parade these banners are the same ones that are communist pro-Maoists on the other hand, so go figure! Some real double-standards going on there. It’s the same with the anti-Trump rhetoric of people like Marc Halpern from the ‘California College of Ayurveda’ and his bunch of white, useless, cultural appropriating idiots on his political yoga platform on Facebook. He forgets that Trump supports Hinduism, as also Judaism and the Jewish Capital and is only against Islamic immigrants. This is a yogic view also and one where Muslims were banned from entering Hindu temples for centuries, due to their nefarious actions!

These people talk about the evils of WWII and anti-Semitism, yet they support Islam and Palestine over Israel’s true capital Jerusalem, which has been the seat of Jewish culture for thousands of years before Islam! It’s the same with the yoga lot claiming to be ‘yogis’, as the ‘White Sikhs’, who also can’t stand even posts being shared about the matyrdom of Sikh Gurus as Bhai Mati Dass, as its ‘offensive to Islam’, and it’s also Kashmiri Pandits’ fault for visiting sacred shrines in Kashmir if they get shot, as ‘it’s [now] an Islamic area and so Hindus should keep out and deserve what they get’.

These people are anti-Hindutva and pro-Islam. They’re the true asuras dressed in virtue-signalling Deva-clothing! True Hindus should fight against them and have nothing to do with these people.

The same lot forget that Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others are still persecuted in Islamic nations. While originally Hatha-Yoga was a movement to purge these Islamic extremists, today the west misappropriates yoga and makes it a pro-Islamic movement and anti-Hindu!





Leftist Groups and their Beliefs

FEMINISTS: Masculine, male-dressing, short-haired, hairy, ugly women that take no pride in their appearance, hate men, but secretly want to be just like men. Others as the FTM (trans-male) dynamic want to be men that much, they take hormones and such to become men – but then can’t get rid of their vaginas – and some even give birth to children – while wanting to be seen as ‘men’. Sorry – but if you were ‘born in the wrong body’, why the hell would you want to go through child labour? No man I know of would!

They believe that LGBT, like Autism are great social facades that people can hide their psychopathy, sociopathy, narcissism and even psychosis behind, rather than dealing with them or having psychological treatment.

Ok then – if you think someone who thinks they were ‘born into the wrong gender’ isn’t psychotic, then I’m actually a Black American – actually, Martin Luther King Jr. reborn in an Indian body! Yeah, exactly – you lefties would have me locked up for that, wouldn’t you! 😛

NEW-AGERS: Leftist, culturally-misappropriating Islamic-apologetic Marxists that espouse philosophies as Taoism, Hinduism and related sciences as yoga and such – but only where it appears sympathetic to Islam (in which case, Islam can supercede Hinduism which protected itself and its sciences hippies rip-off through aggressive militant yoga, that these types ignore). They claim anyone with free-speech is often ‘anti-Semitic’ and having anti-Jewish sentiments, as they themselves openly support Palestine and think the world is run by evil rich Jewish Zionists, like a paranoid Catholic! They think Kashmir should be given to Pakistani’s Muslims, that Israel should surrender to Islamic giants and support Maoism in all shapes and forms – but also like to appear with ‘Free Tibet’ banners, like a typical virtue-signalling hypocrite!

Contrary to the yogic tenet of shaucha (cleanliness), New-Agers are usually long-haired, bearded and hairy freakshows that bathe once a week if you’re lucky. Unlike the ancient yogis they seek to emulate, they don’t use any unguents and such to disguise their bodily smells and odours, don’t brush their teeth or do their hair. They also smoke dope and engage in vegan or Paleo diets, which contradict Ayurveda and yoga!

While New-Agers think the world should be liberal and free, and we should honour all native systems and cultures or traditions, they’re also hell-bent on Christianising these and proselytising like a zealous Protestant!  What gives?

Kali-Yuga and the Socialist Virus

22687548_10154818206767470_3627132831835584642_n.jpgSocialism WILL devour you!
Socialism today has undoubtedly created many issues for the current mankind. There are inverted facets of dharma or righteousness that dress themselves up in the garb of ‘ancient wisdom/religions’ and systems, when in fact, these are cherry-picked creations of the hippy-era that have been reformulated and have entered into mainstream society. If we look at traditional cultures, their systems, beliefs, practices and texts – we often find these pasteurised forms just don’t match up. However, that is because they have all been reshaped by the Socialist Potters and Prophets of the current age. 
Half of the issue we battle is the Generation Snowflake and their lack of true morals, virtues and boundaries as a result of social-engineering forced upon parents by lefties. It is much like hippies having children and allowing them that much freedom, that it results in narcissistic and egotistical traits; there is little in the way of truth as opposed to ‘perceived’ awareness and too much stigma attached to social preconceptions and stereotypes about them and others, which either results in hypersensitivity or virtue-signalling.
While much of this is basically, orchestrated by leftist media channels as well as neo-spiritual groups, including the new “Vedic-resurgence”, which in itself appears to wield a brand of the SJW sword of self-entitlement, self-righteousness and faux egalitarian traits, not unlike what we saw under the British Colonial imperialism or the Spanish Inquisition.
The “host” or rather, hypocrisies, have simply changed or altered their form, but the disguised mastery and manipulation – the nature of the pervasive Asura, still exists. What we need to do as a society is not pamper to the whims of such strange changes in society that epitomise the Kali-Yuga, but rather to reclaim out true moral foundation as human beings – a moralistic approach that exists as a sutra or thread throughout the world from time immemorial, whether of the Hebrew Bible, the Hindu Dharma Sutras and so on. This doesn’t mean proselytisation, but not allowing the Asura to usurp the world of true equilibrium and how such is brought about, as opposed to the reflective mithya or falsehood and allure of ‘liberality’ disguised as a poisoned apple! The Asura’s magic, we forget, as also of the mainstream media today and associated fields as advertising, is maya or illusion – creating false appearances, delusions, hallucinations and all temporal states of unreality that appear as pious and realistic, but in truth are nothing more than a virtual reality as on a television screen and can likewise be shut off at my time, rather than demanding our attention!
The true gift not only of yoga, but of almost all dharmic paths in the glove today, is dharana-shakti or will-power. We have the power to challenge the status quo and to restore the balance, rather than to allow the Asura to wield his magic, which spiral into numerous hypocrisies. As humans, we are becoming lesser than animals in intellect through our own vanity and obsession with self-image. We become so narcissistic (ahankarika) that we literally begin to resent anyone else, and deep-down, others’ behaviour that is like us while keeping our cognitive dissonance intact. We are in a conflicted love-hate relationship with ourselves and the world and create more faux ideas about our spiritual identity and look to the plethora of Asura-based, non-conventional systems from Reiki, Spirit Guides, Chairvoyancy etc. and wish to self-empower and self-proclaim from the level of the ego without traditional, medical or other validation, cross-examination or even base discrimination. We have allowed a kind of domesticated and personal Imperial Cult to dominate our lives to the point that we even suffer from spiritual myopia, but see the clouded vision as ‘normal’ – as society tells us we are individuals allowed freedom of expression, and anyone challenging our personal ideas is a “bigot”. We are, we are told, “beyond labels”.
Yet, if we take the new acronyms of the LGBT community for example, as “LGBTTQQIAAP“, then we see the Left has created quite a lot of boxes and labels itself, which are also EXclusive rather than INclusive. In creating a society of tolerance and acceptance, we generate our own neo-Freemason cults of secrecy and fancy, that one must conform to join. We once used to make two genders – male and female and occasionally, a hermaphrodite which was brought up as one of either gender, depending on the predominating chromosomes. It didn’t matter what your sexual activities were in the bedroom, as numerous heterosexual couples never paraded the streets and displayed their kinks, leather-fetishes or hung flags and banners outside their windows that said: “I have a dungeon at home, I’m proud – accept me!” – nor did they wear their leather chaps to work as a magistrate!

What we are battling here isn’t human bigotry, but something else. It is far more insidious, more formless, wears many disguises and can easily slip in under the radar.

Human – BEWARE! Welcome to the Kali-Yuga.