The ‘Vedic’ Issue

– By Durgadas Lingham, Ved Kovid, Dip.P.Psych R.A.P, A.Y.T, AMPKT The Background Issue: I want to address the elephant in the room – and no, it’s not Ganesha! It is something relative to the appropriation, misappropriation and proselytisation of all facets of not only Vaidika but all native traditions that occur on a daily basis, and often […]

Examining the Tantrika Schools: Origin of Tantrika Sects from the Vedas

By Ved Kovid, Durgadas (c) Ved Kovid, Durgadas / Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: Translations from the Rig-Veda and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad have been translated by the author for this article and may not be used or reproduced in any manner, except by direct permission from the author. The same applies to all aspects of this article. EXCERPTED […]