Eurocentric Socialistic Self-Entitlement


The negative shades of socialism today still sadly exist in the fabric of mainstream society as an insidious post-Colonialist-samskaraWe see it permeating everywhere, especially now filtering into native systems as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and numerous others as Native American traditions, which it does in a disguised manner of an apologetic, but with a very strong Christianised slant to it that it superimposes upon, seeking to replace the original foundations of these systems and also undermine the authority of tradition teachers, education systems and other authorities – just as Christianity did with Jewish rabbis and Jainism and Buddhism did with Hinduism’s Brahmins and the vedas.

Over the years, I’ve seen many even do this with my own writings. If you’re going to plagiarise someone, then refrain from doing so in a verbatim manner with complete passages and sentences, as certain people have done with my books, without citations or even references. When this was brought to their attention, their behaviour was somewhat juvenile, claiming (despite their own copyright on their page etc. and disclaimers) that “all is one” and everyone owns everything. By that logic, I’d go and take this guy’s car without him having an issue, right? I was wrong – it works only in a one-sided manner with the European, still dealing with his ahankarika Eurocentrism that he thinks he’s uniquely qualified to ignore and instead hypnotise himself into believing he’s transcended everything!

Another such person took it upon themselves, after reading my books and articles, to misappropriate and even represent my own Vedic teachings and those of my family Guru’s tradition, which are not only not a part of, nor even related to, coming from a Catholic background, and feels such misappropriation for their “cult” is valid. Narcissists however, as sociopaths and psychopaths, as appear to be the disorders that Catholicism has generated over so many generations – can never actually realise their wrongs. If they even kill someone, it’s somebody else’s fault! It doesn’t take long to see where this arises from – the Catholic complex that itself misappropriated the Hebrew tradition and maligns the Jews, while appearing as the “holier” party – just take a look at the said person’s anti-Semitic subtext and you’ll soon get the gist of it.

Sadly, we are inundated with them coming into native systems, as a means of their ego-transference and also an easier way for them to “transcend away” their personality disorders, or at least, tell themselves they’re doing so in their self-hypnotic delusional manners, rather than seeking proper psychiatric help! These kinds of faux philosophies, neo-vedantic rants and delusional “meditations” are about as useful in actually solving the issue than obscuring or repressing it, as placing a plaster over a malignant tumour and ignoring it, thinking the cancer won’t eventually spread is!

Such people however, come in pairs and share a similar attitude, arising from an inferiority complex. They think they can represent other’s traditions much better than native people. These people are the ones that wish to be Americans, but due to their culturally distant and British Crown allegiance, actually cannot, so act out instead in a condescending Victorian British manner, like spoiled schoolchild! You guessed it – I’m talking about Canadians!

Where there’s a troll, there’s a thousand supporters. Today, where there are criminals and pseudo-Gurus, the masses will support them over the victims or real tradition.

Take for example how westerners as John Douillard, Melanie Sachs, Lisa Coffey, Marc Halpern and New-Age Indians such as Deepak Chopra etc. are seen as an Ayurvedic authorities over true Ayurvedic physicians as Dr. Vasant Lad and his BAMS graduate student, Robert Svoboda or others such as Jessica Vellela that have completed the Indian Ayurvedic BAMS systems and adhere to a more authentic Ayurveda as per classical tradition, opposed to the westernised New-Age hyperbolised versions that are the mere narcotic-inspired misappropriated fetishes of the hippie-era! Vellala and others do represent a different style of Ayurveda from the classics, as even as Dr. Lad does to some degree. In India, Bhagwan Dash, Prof. Srikanthamurthy, P.H. Kulkarni, PV Sharma and others have become almost household Ayurveda names in true Ayurveda communities with their in-depth scholarship on the matter, that make the western hybrid of the hippie-era look like they’re not even skimming the top of Ayurvedic vidya!

My family comes from a lineage where we use the authority of shruti or the Veda samhitas alone. I find it insulting that post Vedic texts have been labelled as “Vedic” and markets by Hindu Swamis as such as some kind of spiritual currency.

For thousands of years, Hinduism’s sacred Vedic texts (viz. four vedas, upanishads and brahmanas) have been guarded with utmost respect. There has been no need to convert people across the globe or to spread their message as in Christianity! In fact, few were ever born with the knowledge to decipher them, which is why these systems existed. Few are people like Arthur Avalon, Aleister Crowley, Paul Brunton, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and others that really immersed themselves in the in-depth study of Hindu traditions!

Today however, Hinduism and Vedic have become social labels for the elite, Hollywood stars and others that don’t want to use LGBT titles to be seen as popular or having a point of difference. Thus, “Vedic” today has become sort of “Vedic Club for white people and their opinions“, rather than actually Vaidika. They commonly quote the post-Vedic literature for a start, in addition to being perpetually stoned or on meth or other narcotic substance for their “knowledge”, over traditional learning. The reject any traditional native systems, their pramanasshastras and their bhashyas etc. in favour of their myopic self-born views, such as we see.

The white subliminal culture doesn’t end there. African Americans will often look down at African people from the Caribbean or the African mainland, as often their culture and features are different. Hence, while claiming the victims of “racism” on one hand, they dish it out, on the other. The behaviour of not only white Americans, but also African Americans towards Asian communities and Latino minorities is also not a harmonious and socially conducive one honouring cultural acceptance and assimilation, either! Here, such people, while claiming to be victims, have actually themselves fallen prey to the Eurocentric racist gene and superiority complex.

The same exists in all minority groups, claiming to be historical “victims” and taking their awareness of acceptance too far. The LGBT communities for example. How often do we see white same-sex couples on TV shows, sitcoms and movies, compared to interracial or even ethnic same-sex couples? It is a rarity compared to the white majority, which obviously the LGBT community itself wishes to promote, while again claiming “equal rights” in a hypocritical manner! How are trans-people accepted in the mainstream gay communities? This is another issue.

Just as we support these people and groups however that themselves continue to carry colonialist bigotries and dogmas internally, we ignore the majority that are still being hurt by these groups and people. Another example is Islamic apologetics, who would completely wipe out the continuous bloodshed and dominating destructive psyche that Islam has generated since the 7th Century AD onwards, to the present day (only with more dangerous weaponry) – however, their victims as Hindus, Buddhists and others, we crucify when they dare to (a) expose historical facts (b) defend themselves against centuries-old Islamic attacks and slander! So much for ‘human rights’ and ‘equality’, socialists!

Most socialists today however are either of, or are members of the lower socioeconomic ‘aspiring bourgeoisie’ classes, far from the haute bourgoisie at the upper end of the social spectrum. We see this with the lower socioeconomic demographic trying to emulate Hipters that has become a pop-culture sensation as a result, but divorced from the original foundations of which it was generated by the upper middle-classes as a means to appear “toned down”! Similarly, the plethora of oversexed, menstruating females from the lower social demographics and their male peers are usually those who wish to reinvent themselves as some kind of quasi-Druid Priestesses and Priests, emulating even the Brahmanical classes and hypocritically even trying to become vegetarian and self-righteous like a Hindu monk on one hand – but on the other, are married and continue to engage in their less-than-Brahmanical and brahmachari / brahmacharini behavior as would befit traditional values as a whole! This cultural selectivity is also seen by Christians who, on one hand argue that the New Testament overrides the Old Testament God and laws – but select and chose which of these they’d keep. Their homophobia for example is driven from the Old Testament, but they ignore the taboo of eating pork, also from the Old Testament – and ignore the fact that Jesus and the New Testament for them stands as a new tradition, not of the old ways they wish to carefully select from to enslave others into their irrational and non-lineal social substructures!

Yoga has similarly been misappropriated in the west and reduced down to rigid stereotyping as being vyayama and asana or exercises and poses alone, while Tantra has become all about magical rituals and rights and sexual practices – forgetting that real tantragama shastra was simply the updated Vedic ritualism, as scholars such as Swami Vivekananda and Arthur Avalon had also stated, as also others as Sri Aurobindo, Ganapati Muni etc., as is also evident from the Rigveda, Brahmanas, Upanishads and their commentaries, in which tantra, yoga etc. are all part of the one Raja-Yoga system, as even Shankaracharya promoted across India! Yet, even he is reduced down as a vedanta teacher alone, by the uneducated plebeian masses  becoming “wiki-quote” self-professed authorities and scholars, misinterpreting things out of context (as even half-verses and stanzas, like Baptist preacher does) – without even understanding the crux and deeper side of Shankaracharya’s Advaita system, which isn’t as simply and non-complex as these fools make it out to be!

This also brings us to the main issue here of our western yogic sub-culture: vegetarianism and it’s aggressive proselytisation by its western adherents in an almost Baptist-zeal, rather than one of equality, rational and medical understanding and acceptance, that vegans and vegetarians demand from others, but (like a true Christian superimposing their Christocentric puritanism upon others), labels others as inferiors – a modern notion that simply stands as the contemporary updated-slander cognates for “heathen / satanist / witch / infidel / atheist / non-believer” of the Abrahamic traditions.

As with atheists and Jews however, the meat-eater doesn’t seek to convert you to meat-eating as the vegan and vegetarian does through psychopathic insults and ridicule, rather than peaceful logic, as is the facade of their ways, as a Christian preaches “Christ’s love for humanity”, while burning down a village, or a Muslim preaches Islam is a “religion of peace” as he slices open your throat! Sociopaths, psychopaths, schizophrenics and others are hence attracted to these systems, not due to moral causes, to simply to be seen to be standing on a higher moral ground and code of ethics of which they can laud over others. It is the ago and culture of egotism alone that even has naught to do with historical vegetarianism within the south Asian traditions!

The Moral Vegetarian Issue:

Vegetarianism was for the Brahmin caste predominantly and also brahmacharis (celibates) to keep their minds pure, especially in southern India. Hence, before deciding to adopt vegetarianism as per Hinduism, we have to ask ourselves three main questions:

  1. Is this satmya (suitable) for me as per by prakriti and also genetic background? Different groups of people even in India and across the globe are stated in the classical texts to have a kind of immunity to eating meats and shouldn’t simply stop this, as such may otherwise cause diseases – similar to how one not used to taking hit, spicy foods as chilies will suffer from ulcers and issues as a result of non-suitability.
  2. Am I a Brahmin that performs daily rituals as pujas, yajnas etc. for the benefit of others in temples or am I a single, celibate monk living in a monastery and keeping away from all rajasic aspects of society, including the use of TV, internet, tea, coffee, refined sugars and processed foods etc.?

One here should also ask themselves if they’re well-versed in these food-types and have studied all of the available ancient Ayurvedic texts on food articles and their properties, as also ahara or dietary intake. Here, no sadhana can commence unless the body itself is operating at the state of normalcy in arogya or healthy state, not vitiated due to some social-concern etc. that could affect the mind and thereby the body, or vice versa.

Here, adopting vegetarianism as a moralistic or social-concern alone and ignoring the classical opinion and thinking one is “Hindu” is hypocritical – as these same people reject the notions as the Aryan Invasion Theory of India, which is also on the grounds of historical texts or shastra as well, or arguing the karmic facet of vegetarianism alone (without even udnerstanding karma‘s doctrine – a philosophy in itself), is as bad as reducing yoga down to mere exercise or tantra down to sex alone! Both again that rest on the classics. It shows a very selective culture that we have generated in the west – one of superiority complexes resulting in down-right narcissism!

  1. Do I understand that while karma is involved in killing animals, that these are (a) part of the food chain when required (just as it is the dharma of a kshatriya to take up arms and even kill others – even his own family if necessary for the greater benefit of all, as in the Gita’s message) (b) that animal sacrifices were a part of Vedic society and Hindu society that helped this and (c) that as with the use of sex, that vegetarianism in India was primarily of concern relative to how not only meats, but also even some vegetable substances (garlic, onions etc.) affected the mind?

Relative to (3), western vegetarianism itself often misappropriates the Brahmanical shades of purity of south Indian orthodoxy. Here, such regimes were due to the south being pitta-kapha (hot and humid) tropical climates, where vegetable dishes are more suitable than heating and fatty meats for logical purposes, as discussed in Ayurvedic texts, that also double as the Vedic food rationale.

The Vedic Brahmanas and Yajurvedas also mention numerous kinds of meats in sacrifices as well (some symbolic). True Hindu vegetarian Brahmins won’t eat various root-vegetables at all – such also stems from even various vegetable classes being higher life-forms and due to their properties upon the mind – much as noted is also a geographic issue that later became a part of superstition, over the original rational and logic Vedic systems as we see with the shad darshanas and ayurveda etc. Due to cooler climates in northern India for example, sarson ka tel (mustard oil) and til tel (sesame oil) are often used over nariyal tel and nariyal (coconut oil and coconut) in the southern preparations, but in the desert Sindhi-regions of the Thar desert where there is excessive dryness, dairy is used with foods (the Ayurvedic texts also mentioned this also).

In addition, I often see many people trying to cover up their own insecurities and lack of learning by stating that yoga, vedanta, ayurvedahatha-yoga and tantra were different traditions. While posing as teachers or even “traditional authorities”, their mindset is actually clearly one white Colonialist Masters with self-entitled superiority complexes and reminiscent of the likes of Max Muller and his Aryan Invasion Theory and racial divisions and other European distortions (including their Indian counterparts entertaining such, as Romila Tharpar) that adhere to one set of teachings alone – whether it be the concise Bhagavad Gita + Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or one text of Adi Shankaracharya on vedanta, taken out of spiritual and cultural context and seen through the lens of a Christcentric mind bereft of true Hindu vidya and insight! This is what I call a ‘Christian samskara’ – not necessarily religious, but a myopic culture centered on monotones that permeates all facets of what it seeks to learn and pasteurise in an autonomous fashion!

The other issue here is that many come into these traditions with poor mental and physical health. Ashrams in the west and India are a breeding-ground for the mentally unstable, physically weak or ill, schizophrenics to psychopaths and sociopaths on the other – that all need true psychological help and counselling, not simply to drown and deny their issues under a veil of ‘spiritual’ -isms and Self-healing, Self-diagnostic / assessing hyperbole! Original yogis and great health, mentally and physically – which is what both Patanjali’s and the later Hatha Yoga system both aim at – developing ojas or vitality and also purifying the body of unwanted wastes – regardless of the plethora of chubby and anorexic rogi (diseased)-apologetics and their (flawed) rhetoric that dominate the Vedo-sphere today! It ruins it for those who want to learn or do need actual help and are receptive to it, traditionally!

The issue with the west today is that it quickly appropriates something – a mantra, a yoga or technique (kriya) or diet, but improperly without the full system, and thinks that eastern systems are safe enough to be seen as “self-managed” systems, without any proper training, study or depth. This in itself is due to a residual colonialist arrogance that (subtly) undermines and reduces these eastern systems down to simplistic systems – opposite to what they are. Vedanta alone, even of the advaita variety takes several years to master and numerous texts to understand the depth of it and reflection – not simply reading a few Ramana Maharishi quotes, or pulling half-quotes from the Upnishads out of context as many do.

This kind of uneducated narcissistic self-entitled, self-righteous motivated appropriation is exactly what reduces down all native faiths, and such blatant ignorance can be compared to the historical missionaries’ view towards Hindus and Native Americans or even Caribbean pan-African Voudon [1] traditions, rather than immersing themselves in these foreign cultures, philosophies and systems and understanding the complete picture first, rather than superimposing their own biases and interpretations upon them.

Such people constantly seek to be validated, which is precisely why all ancient cultures and even the modern such as the British, not simply those of India and Asia, had their social classes and substructures. One cannot merely ‘fast-track’ as an ‘intuitive pilot’ – one has to have the skills for that and also background. Today, we have those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, the ‘aspiring bourgeoisie‘ to the ‘aspiring haute bourgoisie‘ (or wannabes) becoming educated, taking up positions that were historically meant for certain aristocratic classes that could both handle the power, work and responsibility and ethics that went with it and endure these with the vigour they were born with! The same cannot be said of the menial classes – mutton dressed as lamb, always remains mutton, as leopards never change their spots!

If philosophy in India or ancient Greece, was never about actual learning before one debates – and instead interpolating the excuse ‘Holy Spirit / God / Universe guides me’ when one doesn’t know to try and win an argument – then even rabid barking dogs would be allowed to debate and there’d be no need of pramanas, such as Islam and Christianity have both done away with!


1. In a similar heir to how people in the west argue that yoga and tantra are not related and are simply asana or posture and sexual-rituals alone, so also the missionaries in the Caribbean superimposed the European dogma upon so-called effigies as “Voodoo dolls”, that in Africa traditions were meant for healing, not nefarious purposes; the culture of using effigies were cursing by inserting pins and needles is part of the European culture and acts as a good example of how these Eurocentric biases were superimposed upon other cultures with similar practices – but the technique and purpose was wholly different!

Today sadly, just as the mainstream think of Voudon in this manner thanks to the Eurocentric biases dating back to Colonial times, so also people have become indoctrinated into what tantra and yoga is, and even Indians cannot accept the classical opinions about these, due to European education.

Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) in his Shakti and Shakta text in the 18th Century brings attention to this:

It is this reiterated claim to superiority that has hypnotized many persons amongst Eastern races into the belief that the European is, amongst other things, always a safe and learned critic even of their own beliefs and practices…”


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