A Note on Islam and History

My family Guru was one of the first to call out not only Christians, but also Islam in India and it’s atrocious history. I often hear Islamic scholars and apologetics today however screaming that they have been unfairly maligned due to the Taliban etc. However, what about Islam historically?

India has been invaded by not one group, but several different ethnic groups of Arab, Persian and Turkic Muslims, starting from the 7th Century up until the 16th Century, where a trail of destruction, repression and iconoclasm followed. The Jews experienced the same. If Islam is peaceful, then why do the largest numbers of Zoroastrian adherents live in India today as refugees, rather than their “tolerant” homeland in Iran? And why did they and Jews, Buddhists and others flee to and exist in larger numbers in India than Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. that were once peaceful Hindu nations? Why do Kashmiri Pandits flee their Kashmiri homeland of thousands of years to India, if Islam is so peaceful? The Buddhas of Bamiyen were also not the first monuments to be destroyed by Muslims and won’t be the last! During the 7th – 12th Centuries in India, thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed, converted into Mosques, tombs and palaces – some as the Somanatha Temple in Gujarat are good examples, as the Martanda Sun Temple in Kashmir, that was once a famous monument across the globe!

Have we forgotten also the Crusades, the Ottoman and Moorish Empires that plagued the European Christian world, as well as the writings of Nostradamus that also spoke about the issues of Islamic threats during his time in Europe? These were several centuries before the Taliban or even before the US was a nation! Why are Islamic apologetics and scholars silent on these issues?

Even in Christian countries, we don’t find people maligning or fearing Buddhists and Hindus, who often comprise larger numbers of followers than Islam. Nobody fears them, or really cares about what they practice – but they fear Islam. Why is this? Because of their historical record in EVERY Islamic nation, which has bred terror as the Catholics once did with their Inquisitions – not simply due to recent events, which have simply reiterated to people that Islam hasn’t grown up (Christians have stopped killing in the name of their religion), nor evolved, but simply continued the destructive path that began with Mohammed!

Here in NZ, Hinduism is the second largest religion, followed by Buddhism third and finally Islam trails in fourth place! Nobody fears Hindus or Buddhists here, despite their greater numbers. It is also more transparent – there are open Hindu and Buddhist festivals and Hindus and Buddhists from many Asian countries don’t cause a problem, threat, nor have ever blown people up in the name of their religion – nor do they seek to enforce their tenets upon others, either in their own countries or those in which they emigrate, but seek to blend in. By contrast, Islam, the world’s youngest religion, does not and remains aloof, doesn’t blend in and seeks special treatment as a self-entitled entity, in addition to its death-threats, one-sided debates, terrorist attacks across the globe and also bloody history in almost every nation it has touched

How, then, can people seek to take Islam seriously? To be an Islamic apologetic, you have to delete logic, rationality, live in the dark-ages where one still sees Jews as ‘child killers’ etc., be anti-Pagan, anti-peace, iconoclastic and above all, remove all history of Islam from your mind prior to the late 20th century! You have to live in a world where you simply misappropriate everything from other cultures to fit in with your distorted myopic model!

It is time that we, as Hindus, as Buddhists, as Taoists, as Jews and all native people, that includes the Orthodox and Coptic Christians (also viewed as heretics by the Church and persecuted by Islam), stand up to Islam and its modern allies such as the Catholic and Protestant apologetics, through which they defend Islam via their anti–Semitic, anti-Pagan and self-righteous Abrahamic-misappropriated doctrine they share with Islam, either consciously or unconsciously by way of social indoctrination outside the Church-culture psyche that has been bred into them!

These people continue to malign Buddhists, Hindus and non-Catholic and non-Protestant movements as ‘heathen’ and ‘uncivilised’ in their minds and culture; wherever a Missionary or Islamic culture is exposed by these native people, they are called ‘unenlightened’ and ‘aggressive’ – yet, in their one-sided argumentative nature, slander these people as they once did as heretics, heathens and Satanists. Today, the modern socialist movement and media that follows it simply continues this same draconian and backward zeal of dwelling in their monotheistic Utopian past!


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