What I mean by ‘Hinduism’

The occult traditions of the world are often misunderstood and more-so, when people cannot see the correlations between the most ancient and sacred systems.

Many will see I use the term “Hinduism” frequently, to differentiate from Abrahamic faiths, or rather, derivations from the original tradition (Judaism). When I state “Hinduism” however, I refer not just to the dharma of India, but to all of the non-Abrahamic derived faiths of the earth that share a unity with Hinduism and its philosophies, such as Taoism, African systems, Shaman faiths as Bon (behind Tibetan Buddhism / Himalayan Vajrayana) to the native animist faiths of SE Asia, the beliefs of Polynesians to those of the Native Americans and beyond.

The term ‘Hindu’ is the Persian rendering of Sanskrit ‘Sindhu’, a term, used for the river in the Rig Veda. Indian and Iranian languages form of the Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European languages as Welsh is related to the Gaelic languages as Irish and Scottish that come under Keltic. While today people use ‘Sanatana dharma’, the Vedas used Sindhu, Arya etc., and while people have issue with ‘Hindu’ being used, they ironically use “India / Indian”, which is an Anglicisation of Indus, the Greek rendering of the Persian “Hindu”! Hence, they only have issue with the Vedic-related Persian aspect, which is directly related to the the term Sindhu as a river, unlike their Germanic heritages in English which are not related directly, and are a misappropriated term of the same (original)!

Apart from this, let me state of all naive people, that all of these people have been threatened historically by Islam and Christianity. In Europe, we no longer have the Greek and Roman philosophers, nor the Druids or Germanic Gothi etc. These have sadly, unlike Hinduism and other native faiths, perished as a result not of peaceful transaction of a new faith, but by the bloodshed that  Christianity brought with it against Pagans and their Priests, shamans etc. in Europe and extended beyond into the Americas, destroying the native faiths of the Incans, Aztecs and myriads of other Native Americans, as also in India. The Spanish and Goa Inquisition were some of the cruelest on earth. The once beautiful Naga religion of eastern India has gone.

As also with Islam, the same occurred. Even to this day, double the amount of Zoroastrians, the native fire-worshippers of Iran, exist in Mumbai in India where they fled Islamic persecution, than today. Due to the sword of Islam, movements as the Gurkhas under Gorakshanatha (original Hatha-Yogis were Gurkha soldiers), Sikhs and others such as Shivaji and the Vijayanagara Empire of the south, arose to defend Hinduism from these aggressive threats of forced conversion by “peaceful” Islam. Under Islamic rule, Hindus were taxed, tortured and their temples destroyed to build Mosques and tombs for Muslim rulers. Regions such as Afghanistan, pockets of Central Asia, Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh, once Hindu regions with traditions going back thousands of years to the Ramayana and beyond, had been completely Islamicised – not by peace, but by violence. And this continued to the modern day, when the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas.

This wasn’t an isolated case, as noted. Numerous Hindu, Jain and Buddhist shrines in India were destroyed and their archways, domes and pillars used for Mosques; others were converted and still others were destroyed. Hindu architects and craftsmen (sthpathis) were enslaved to erect these structures. The Islamic shrine in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock has been appropriated by Islam as a shrine, yet its history goes back to the Temple of Solomon and relates to the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son, Isaac.

Before we therefore defend Islam, let us know a little of the history, as also with Christianity. The Jews have suffered 2,000 years of malignant hatred from Europe, being labeled as killers of babies etc. to the wealthy families such as Rothschilds controlling the world. This originated in the lie that the Jews killed Jesus, the ‘son of God’ – to the Jews, Jesus was a false prophet (if he ever existed). Judaism doesn’t share Christianity’s concept of hell, original sin, a judgmental God with son or Satan etc., which has caused many to unnecessarily condemn Judaism also, upon leaving Christianity. Judaism also has its mystical system as Kabbalah like Hindu Tantra that stems far back beyond the history of Islamic Sufism.


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