Hinduism, Yoga and Debate:

Hatha-Yoga and Debate:

True Hatha-Yoga is about engaging in debate and political shades of the social world. Trying to adopt pseudo JnanaYoga, hiding from the world, conflict and debate is a very Jainist notion, not of Hinduism or even Buddhism, who both had their militant orders, intellectual warriors and systems of upholding dharma through debate, taking up arms to defend themselves when all else failed and challenging as well as exposing the falsehood of mithya-dharma (doctrine of falsehood), disguised as a a misappropriated form of satya (truth).
The watchers, social-media “like and share” brigade (not SJWs, but SJW apologetics), and blind masses who call themselves yogis and yoginis are not. Nor are they even sadhakas or sadhakis. Conflict is there in the world in which we are born and it is our dharma to battle it when confronted with it, not adopt a non-Yogic Russian-Christian-cum-Jainist stance like that of Mahatma Gandhi, who misrepresented and distorted the meaning of ahimsa, misused the Gita, yoga and Hinduism for his own gain.
Today also, Yoga has no place for lefty hippies, Marxist commies and others from the hippy era of drugs, deluded political persuasions and numerous other hypocrisies. It is exactly why these socialist-bent individuals today, in their fifties and sixties, wishing to become Gurus (but intellectually and physically devitalised by the narcotics they took in their youth, not to mention unsavory lifestyles) adopt neo-Buddhistic regimes and while claiming they’re “Hindu”, are more Buddisto-Jainist in thought, with an admixture of Maoist and Stalinist tendencies. Others remain purely Catholic or Baptist in thought and their samskaras of these social influences remain, superimposed upon the new ‘Hinduism’ they adopt.
I’m not entirely sure what even Narendra Modi wishes to gain by International Yoga Day. The world already has International Women’s Day! It will simply fuel the feminists and generate another wave of hormonally and emotionally hyperactive women that seek to emasculate their husbands, friends and children. The balance of soma in women is being lost and the poles are reversing. This isn’t about “equality” any more, but it is more about extremes at both ends. Yoga is a sacred and expansive integral facet of Hinduism with numerous sub-limbs, each with their own, within it’s own main ashtangas. International Yoga Day and such simply reduces it down to an exercise regime, just as the argument ‘Yoga isn’t Hindu’ does.
Such arguments need to go and Hindus need to start standing up for their rights. The term ‘Hindu‘ is Persian in origin, but much older than the later term ‘Sanatana Dharma‘. ‘Arya Dharma‘ was the original name – Hindu the Persian rendering of Sanskrit ‘Sindhu‘ – Persians being the ancestors of Vedic people more directly than this English-language in which non ‘Hindu-word’ propounders ironically employ!

The Failure of Socialist Rhetoric:


In many respects, socialist liberalism is a farce that borrows its rhetoric from Christianity’s circular argument process, as well as its self-righteous ‘Holier-than-thou’ superiority complex. It is basically an insidious social virus of backward anti-science and anti-logic thinking that is once again reminiscent of Christianity. That it is mainly atheistic and doesn’t have Jesus or the Bible means nothing, as whether it be Marx, Gandhi or Martin Luther King, socialists still possess their intellectual ‘Deity’ and even zealously idolise them to the point of crude idolatry in a myopic or monotonous manner. 

Like Christians, socialists (comprising mainly of ‘aspiring bourgeoisie’ or the mainstream bourgeoisie / chardonnay socialists) also prey on out of context quotes and references to try and scream down and silence their opponents, which they commence with an all-out war against for no reason (often bordering on violating the tenets of their own arguments such as implying racial slurs or personal attacks in their efforts to assert their superiority complexes), then play the “victim” card.  

We know this well with Christian preachers who enter others’ homes, temples or religious shrines and nations and seek to rule it over the Pagans or indigenous masses with their ‘word of God’, that in their eyes, requires no ear to logic, reason or rationale whatsoever, let alone question (which is blasphemy!).
The screaming of medieval Christian and their cries of ‘Satanist / heathen / witch / ungodly’ towards those they condemned to death for simply being ‘different’, but not criminals with blood on their hands as they were (self-proclaimed ‘warriors of Christ’) are in the same league as today’s socialist Social Justice Warriors and their attacks on others they deem are ‘aggressive’ for daring to bring forth a traditional or indigenous non-Christian or non-western (non-misappropriated) view of their native traditions, whether they be Zen, Voudon, Tantric, Buddhist, Polynesian or Native American. This is nothing more than the second wave of Colonialism, but often cleverly disguised as “sympathetic” to the aforementioned faiths and causes, but has about as much tradition and authenticity to it as the saffron-clad Christian missionaries in the south of India!
When engaging (or rather, being struck by) such sociopathic tendencies are often best ‘blocked’ on social media, for sanity reasons; no logic will be employed and their attack comes simply as their vital-emotional being has been compromised as their indoctrinated world-view has been challenged, and rather than expand upon it to new horizons and embrace knowledge (as with science compared to the Church mentality), the adopt the Church-regime of monotonous repetition of their so-called indoctrinated “facts of life”, like a well-oiled Dalek that must simply ‘Exterminate’ when challenged, being engineered and programmed to do that alone, with no independent thought of its own!

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