A note on ‘Self-Healing’

The whole self-healing epidemic in America is becoming dangerous, with systems such as Ayurveda marketed as ‘Self-Healing‘ systems. It gives the impression that native systems in India never had a Vaidya or central physician, a real medical system or surgery and relied solely on household cures and panaceas! The danger with this system is that it also attacks the mainstream of the allopathic world, as well as Ayurvedic Practitioners, TCM Practitioners etc. as being deemed ‘unnecessary’, when one can become an ‘armchair expert’. This causes issues with self-diagnosis and also generates issues as cyberchondria that cause further complications for all medical professionals and fields.

As a result, what these systems do, is take away the faith and respect we have in our professionals of all kinds, thinking we can be “home physicians” alone. When it comes to real issues, people take to the internet, often to their own long-term detriment.

The Ayurvedic classics, as with modern medicine required specific areas of study and training, as also clinical.

Likewise, on Shalyatantra (surgery), it is said to be the primal and most important branch of Ayurveda through which even in ancient times was used for organ-transplants (Sushruta Samhita, Sutrasthana I.16-18) of which  the first teacher of Ayurveda (adideva), Dhanvantari reincarnated to teach to humanity (ibid, 21). It is also this very text that gave us our modern science of plastic surgery that the British discovered in India in the 18th Century in Mysore in Southern India!

This was as in such times even in the Treta-Yuga of yore, that subtle or spiritual methods and herbs alone were not enough to heal the body and it came from an ancient lineage of primal surgeons (Ashwins) from the lineage of human progenitors (Prajapati) from the Supreme (Brahma). From the original surgeons, it is said that Indra learnt it and from him the original Dhanvantari who later took incarnation as the Dhanvantari or Kashi or Varanasi (Divodasa) – much as Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata is said to be the reincarnation of Rishi Narayana of Badrinath.

Yet, the modern ego feels it can “fast-track” things and implement systems as Reiki, Pranic-healing etc. that it is both disassociated with and has misappropriated, with it’s Christian idea of the ‘second coming of Christ / Golden Age’ with their ‘Age of Aquarius’ – both of which are outside the historical eastern systems of yugas, which state we are in a much lesser age. It fails.

There are also many “book-experts” today. Practicing any field of medicine clinically, whether Ayurveda, TCM or allopathy also brings up many experiences, in addition to clinical experience that supersedes educational knowledge with direct experience and also investigative diagnosis; – such can only come from experience alone, in addition to understanding and researching conditions, treatment and also  diagnosis beyond the “basic” models that everyone today wishes to lay their hands on as “home-physicians“.

Many times, we have all heard from patients and narcissists that “I’ve healed myself” or “I feel well” – only to question why they are then, at our mercy and at our clinics? For many others, they also do not see the short-term positive effects that are outweighed by the long-term negative effects of their self-treatment protocols and also don’t address the deeper underlying factors, which may often be psychological, work-related or other social factors affecting or behind dietary disturbances. Excesses of pop-fad diets from vegan to Paleo raw foods and the dangerous “sattvic” diet today are good examples.

For these reasons, one should also seek the advice of trained professionals that can examine all areas and in-depth, as well as provide deeper insights into diagnosis and also treatment.



One thought on “A note on ‘Self-Healing’

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