The Aryan Myth

By Durgadas, R.A.P, Ved Kovid, A.Y.T, Ayu. Astr.
(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham. All Rights reserved.
No part of this article may be copied or reproduced without direct permission from the author. 

The modern-day myth of an “Aryan” race was generated by Nazis and fueled by 18th Century Indologists such as Max-Muller and others to identify the so-called ‘Aryan Race’, based on Indo-European languages that were related to India’s Sanskrit.

Since the term “Aryan” conwas misappropriated by Europeans, the actual term itself to be applied to them, never can be! Fallen Arya people as per the Hindu texts include the Pahlavas and Yavanas, the Persians and Pushtuns and also western people of Gandhara throughout the Middle-East and into Europe in ancient pre-Christian times, due to them not consulting Brahmins and included the traditions of the Zoroastrians, Greeks and Romans – what to speak of the latter Northern Teutonic peoples thousands of years later, under Christianity, a religion that doesn’t even resemble the Vedic in any way, shape or form! In fact, as per history and Indian views themselves, the western people including Iranians with their divergent traditions from the Vedic and their materialistically-based non-yogic cultures were deemed “non-Aryan” – and also included not just Greeks and Persians, but also the Nordic Dardic tribes of the Himalayas that the Nazis saw as the “original Arya” people (Manu, X.43-45).

The term Arya then, is better applied to non Indo-European peoples who retained Sanskrit and also more Vedic customs, such as Sino-Tibetan peoples as the Tibetans and Chinese to the Austronesian, Austroasiatic and other non Indo-European language families and their speakers! Nor is it a race. The Nepalese people have mixed genetic strains, however speak an Indo-Aryan language as well as practice Hinduism, despite it being the homeland of Buddhism via Gotama Buddha! Arya meant simply a noble trait and thought and not a race (Rig Veda, X.63.5)

What then, makes the northern European and British people seek to claim “Arya” descent, when they even look down on the older Mediterranean (darker) people as Greeks and Romans who were responsible for their civilisation and culture, and when, with even the ancient Greek and Roman traditions being seen as un-Arya, what does this say about the non-yogic, Christocentric culturally appropriated Judaic traditions they practice, with no moksha, karma, samsara etc. as the Hindus and true Arya people throughout Asia and even the ancient world, possessed? It is a mere delusion alone!

While many think they are delusionally some Arya “High Priests” or “Priestesses” in their past-life and make fake their current knowledge (which is largely a result of plagiarism, cryptomnesia or narcissism, fueled by substance-abuse), the reality is that, if such were to happen, one would be reborn with such samskaras or genetic traits as being born into a traditional or naive lineage, or at least having some ancestry to them somewhere (whether Hindu, Taoist, Native American, Polynesian etc.).

As the great Jnani Sri Ramana Maharishi has stated (as most westerners only quote tidbits from him which they can take out of [philosophical and cultural] context as they do with the Bible and ignore the bigger picture and complete message / entirety of the teachings that supplement such):

See how a tree, whose branches are cut, grows again. So long as the life-source is not affected it will grow. Similarly the samskaras (anamneses) sink into the heart in death: they do not perish. They will in right time sprout forth from the heart. That is how the jivas are reborn.” [1]

There is hence always some physical link. Some rare individuals however have had experiences at a young age and are born in the west, into western families. For others, the connection is occurring in this life alone.

While south Indians, called Dravidian, are seen as non-Arya, such contradicts history. The Puranas state that the Aryas such as Manu, the progenitor of the Vedic people, was a south-Indian king named Satyavrata who sailed north during the great flood (Bhagavata Purana, VIII.24.13). Dravida, like Arya is also not a “race” or “language”. Classical India called these geographically into the pancha-Dravida people, which included the Indo-Aryan speaking peoples of Maharashtra and Gujarat as well!

Moreover, so-called ‘Dravidian’ people have been the reformers of the Vedic or Arya tradition. Great Acharyas as far back as Hanumaan and the vanara or forest-people of Karnataka were lauded in the Ramayana as great Sanskrit grammarians and scholars. All the reformers such as Adi Shankaracharya (a Brahmin from Kerala) to Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, Nimbarkacharya and the great astronomer and mathematician Aryabhata were from south India! Without these ‘Dravidian’ reformers, there’d be no ‘Arya‘ or Vedic traits existing in the North today – Shankaracharya himself saved India from Buddhist influences, especially the North and later reformers in his tradition (sometimes confused with him), such as Abhinava Shankara of Kanchipuram helped preserved Vedic traditions and the earlier Buddhist teacher Bodhidharma took Vedic martial arts teachings to China.

Vedic Rishis or Seers such as Rishi Jamadagni and his ancestor Bhrigu Rishi are associated with south India,especially Kerala, where they lived, as also his son Parshurama. Earlier, the Rig Veda lauds hymns to Vishnu as Trivikrama, of which relates to the devotee of Vishnu and demon-King, Mahabaliwhose paternal grandfather, Prahlada was perhaps one of India’s greatest devotees of Vishnu in Vedic times. Other Rishis such as Agastya and Vasishtha his brother are also associated with southern India, as also Ushanas Kavya (Shukracharya), an early Vedic Seer and also patron deity of astrology and the science of architecture in south India to this day!

Here, the divide between language and who is Arya actually becomes blurred. Clearly, Vedic or Arya people originated in southern India, the Vedic texts came from them to the North and northern people, whose languages spread to the middle-east and Europe, were their ancestors. This also occurred in later times when the influence of Indian tribes as the Romani and Domari (Gypsies), played a major role in shaping the culture of lands they touched through architecture, dress, music, dance and occultism (belly-dancing in the Middle-East, the Flamenco dance in Spain and various customs of dress, as well as the modern surge in divination and magic arose with the Gypsy migrations to Europe and the Middle-East). As India was a major player in trade from 3000BCE to Roman times, influencing even Ethiopia’s cuisine (which once dominated the Spice Trade before the Romans), such influences in language and migration hence become more fluid than actual customs or racial types. Today’s Gypsies for example, while possessing Sanskritic languages, have adopted the local customs of lands they have settled, as also Christianity in altered forms – such a ‘language Aryanisation‘ in earlier times is more possible as well, as opposed to migrations ad invasions (take, for example the Sanskritisation and usage of Sanskrit as the religious lingua franca throughout Asia, thanks to Buddhism.

Language and race, really, means nothing and there is also more evidence that points to the original so-called Indo-European speaking Arya archetype, not unlike the modern Gypsy waves to have been Mediterranean, not the Teutonic race that dominated the Eurocentric Nazi vision.

With regards to this, even today the European mind remains somewhat unstable. Within that despite their later role in history, the Teutonic races that wish to be included as part of the “Aryan” stock are further removed from them. The Latins, Greeks, Hindus, Persians and original Kelts were all of a darker Mediterranean stock. Some now also see the Germanic languages (hence their inflections) as being originally Finnic tongues that were Teutonic people ‘Aryanised’ by contact with other IE peoples [2]. We know Gaelic people as the Scots received many genetic traits from the Germanic tribes via successive invasions. This also would explain more their zeal to”fit in” and assert their Nordic claims as also with the coming of Roman Catholicism that gave them a newly-found superiority complex that continues to assert itself to this day. Original Keltic people, such as swarthy strains found among the Welsh also suggest this [3] [4].

These facts also point, as the original Sanskrit texts from which the term Arya was misappropriated from, that the entire Arya Theory is simply a myth alone, as also, any modern European wishing to see themselves as a “Vaidika Arya” [Skt.] (Anglicised: “Vedic Aryan”), is seriously deluded, as the genetics alone speak otherwise, as also do samskaras or karmic traits!

In closing, I quote the great psychologist Carl Jung and some of his thoughts on Yoga when practised by the westerner:

…you cannot be a good Christian, either in your faith or in your morality or in your intellectual make-up, and practice genuine yoga at the same time. I have seen too many cases that have made me sceptical in the highest degree. The trouble is that Western man cannot get rid of his history as easily as his short-legged memory can. History, one might say, is written in the blood. I would not advise anyone to touch yoga without a careful analysis of his unconscious reactions. What is the use of imitating yoga if your dark side remains as good a medieval Christian as ever?
(Jung, Psychology and Religion, p.492 – 493)

In the course of the centuries the West will produce its own yoga, and it will be on the basis laid down by Christianity.” (Jung, Psychology and Religion, p.537)


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