A Note On Sadhakas and Non-Action:

Many today feel that there is no need to do anything, stating that all religions and people are one, so why bother? Why bother writing, why bother defending against the AIT, why bother trying to uphold even the traditional tenets and teachings or even teach them? Just sit down, meditate and then everything will be fine, right? Simply read some Sanskrit texts, do a few poojas, engage in some intellectual masturbation (meditation) in the name of yoga’s dhyana without any concern of the yamas and niyamas and satisfying them first, but simply feel, in an exhilarated emotional state, that one is in samadhi – a state that took advanced yogis numerous lifetimes to attain!

If such were the case, Sri Rama wouldn’t have bothered to search for his wife Seeta and Hanuman and his people wouldn’t have bothered to fight Ravana, simply have sat down and meditated; if such were the case, also Parashurama before Rama wouldn’t have worried about avenging his father’s death, but instead he generated the system of Dhanurveda (martial arts) and killed all kshatriyas. Likewise,while people (misappropriate) and misquote the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna’s central message in there was also for one to fight for dharma and do one’s duty, but remain aloof inwardly, not simply run for the hills, meditate and assume “all is one, so all is fine”, read a few Sanskrit books at home, go into the forest to meditate and not do anything to defend the tradition!

Adi Shankaracharya also didn’t sit idly, and yet he is one of the commonly quoted of Advaitins as the reformer. Yet, imagine if he simply sat down and took his words, meant to be taken in the spiritual sphere into the social sphere and merely gave no worries about the world! If he did that, then we’d have no jnana, bhakti or karma yoga no Hinduism or Hindu devatas today, as Buddhism would remain as the state religion and the Vedas would be gone! His social-mission saved India, and he also gave us the temple rituals, poojas and srotras we sing today.

Hence, if one takes the words out of context from the spiritual into the physical world and does not act, one is a neophyte and engaging simply in superficial emotional escapism!

We need Hindu scholars and those who will write and defend all native traditions. We need to engage in debates with Muslim and Christian antagonists, not merely introduce a Gandhian-Samaritan or Jaino-Christian sense of “turn the other cheek” ahimsa, which isn’t a part of Hinduism, but a misappropriated form of ahimsa adopted by westerners and Hindus who attack others out of their unwillingness and laziness to research, study or even read the shastras and learn the deeper facets of tradition, even though Shankaracharya, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramakrishna and others who they quote, actually learnt the classics, memorised and quoted them and didn’t simply sit there in some post-flatulent state of emotional “bliss”, confused with samadhi!

We need people like Arthur Avalon, Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Dayananda, Sri Aurobindo and others that were outspoken as Hindus and the Rishis always were. We don’t need cultural misappropriators such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Yukteshwar, Paramahansa Yogananda and their western followers, as such types represent simply a hybridised form of Hinduism intermingled with Christianity alone and Christian views, which presents a rather dangerous and also incorrect view to the world.


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