A Note on Satya (Truth)

In the modern day, it appears that satya (truth), the second of the yamas of the Yoga system, has vanished into thin air and been replaced with asatya (falsehood).

When one defends their native traditions, one becomes bombarded and blasted with hearsays from people calling them “aggressive”. It is now “aggressive” and “unenlightened” to quote integral and complete traditions over superficial and to substantiate one’s views with shastras and traditional references, that formed a proud part of the Hindu system of debate – which even Shankaracharya, the reformer of Advaita Vedanta employed also. Yet, in the estimation of today’s western Jnani’s (closet Buddhists), he’s also being “too intellectual”. It’s amazing how modern Hinduism has become infiltrated with Christocentric, Buddhistic and Gandhian ideals.

The modern western yogi and Vedic likes to criticise, bring down and call others “unenlightened” and “aggressive”, again when only they speak the TRUTH of the tradition over the superficialisation. Yet, by criticising the teachings of our Devas and Rishis, and professing to know better (like Baptists and Pentecostals with their ‘Holy Spirit’, when they even mis-quote and misinterpret the Bible), such people are hypocrites. They’ve deliberatly slandered and launched a war on the very people whose systems and doctrine they’ve misappropriated and such slandering, especially in the name of “peace” (when the victim isn’t being aggressive like their antagonist from the west, but again stating the TRUTH); such screams of medieval Christians maligning pagans and witches as evil, calling them ‘satanic‘ and ‘heathen‘, when they’d done no wrong apart from live out their traditional traditions, centuries old!

It is also the same zeal for hatred of science that the Christians had, that the New-Age world and pseudo-Vedics and yogis today hold for the contempt of TRUTH and traditional teachings – as well as science (as Hinduism presents a complex and scientific system, as well as being behind the world’s scientific heritage).

We’re seeing the same today with a kind of Christianised Yoga and Hinduism, regardless of how it appears on the surface. It is still dominated by that malignant Christian samskara that wishes to demonise anything it cannot understand, fully embrace or seek to learn beyond it’s myopia or seek to rectify it. This is especially so in the new “Americana Vedic” wave of thought that myself and others have challenged.

People will quote Aurobindo or Vivekananda from wikipedia or their “nice quotes”, but ignore the bulk of their teachings that challenged the western authority (or the hippy “love and light” / socialistic thinking) ,as the likes of Carl Jung and Arthur Avalon also did in their writings on yoga and tantra. Yet nobody reads them as everyone is engrossed in neo-Buddhism disguised as “Hinduism” and “Yoga”. Again, these authors are “too aggressive” for the modern yogi, whose bliss is being able to flatulate throughout the day on a raw, vegan diet!

We see that the world has gone Buddhistic-style socialist and full-retard for one reason only – it has the TRUTH, in all forms, shapes and appearances. In America, despite the majority of voters electing Trump, the Left and media cannot let it go. They have to slander him and malign him as much as possible, for actions much lesser (but more direct and truthful) than what they would bother about, had it been a Democrat Govt. and their previous indiscretions.

As for the latest with select Islamic Nations and their citizens’ temporary ban from entering the US: Trump has just put an end to social rape. The socialist ‘social rapist’ supporters aren’t happy! That’s all. Just as they’re happy for Hillary to go after Modi and hate Israel, but be pro-Islam all the way, as if it’s a good thing!

Just as Christians claimed they were “victims” as they lit a fire and condemned innocent,peaceful Pagans to death due to their psychotic delusions, so also Muslims claim to be ‘victims’ today, despite the entire world’s blood on their hands. If Islam was peaceful, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan would still be Hindu nations!

No alcohol hasn’t made them less aggressive. If it’s a woman’s fault she gets raped due to her “showing flesh”, then why is it that Muslim men think this way, whereas other nations condemn such behaviour and call such minorities perverts, rapists and criminals that are prosecuted by law, not allowed to blame it on their victims and turn it into a religious code!

Kali-Yuga, where peaceful Brahmins are criminals and rapists and murderers of Islam are lauded as Gods, to be allowed into our nations to mingle! Right – great logic there!

The reason is that most Christians secretly love Islam, as it’s closer to them than Hinduism and they share Islam’s anti-Jewish sentiments and general social retardation!

The issue here in Yoga is this. People claim to practice Yoga, but defend Islam and think “world peace”, by embracing the enemy is the answer! That isn’t yoga, but culturally misappropriated yoga! Original Hatha Yogis were generated, along with the system to create super-warriors, the Gurkha kshatriyas that defended India against Islamic attacks under Bappa Rawal – otherwise, there’d be no (Hindu) India, no yoga or Ayurveda left for Whitey Mcwhitefaces to culturally appropriate today! Think about it.

Secondly,as for Trump’s ban – India imposed a similar ban on Hindu temples, which stands in the south in many regions today. Non-Hindus were (and still are in some areas) banned from entering Hindu Temples to avoid Muslims who would come in and loot, raid the temples or desecrate them or kill the priests. And that was from the 8th – 16th Century and beyond in India when Islam was young – seems that Islam hasn’t got any better today and so really, Trump’s ban is actually quite light!

Yet, it’s not about logic, is it?

The rule of thumb of simple: Devas love truth, while Asuras pose and dress up as Devas, but are hypocrites, who have TRUTH as their poison.

To them the doctrine of “peace” applies one-way: they may malign, attack and go to war with others, but if one seeks to defend themselves, they are seen as a malignant force alone! This really is a sociopathic gene of which socialism has generated and remains as an insidious samskara even today!


-Durgadas Lingham, R.A.P, A.Y.T, Ved Kovid


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