The ‘Vedic’ issue

Personalities such as Sri Ramana Maharishi had rare realisations, even for advanced yogis. We cannot simply seek to emulate their atmajnanabhavas or self-realised states today, especially in the west. Becomes intellectual projectory alone. Sri Ramana was a Tamil Brahmin and Sri Ramakrishna was a Bengali Brahmin – even those of us Indians outside their own genetic lineages cannot find a real link with these older and more traditional Hindu people and regions, what to speak of the west!

Here, the digestion of both knowledge, like foods isn’t always lineal. Samtya or suitability here is also mentioned by Charaka (Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa, XXX, 315-19), especially relative to Chinese, Persians, Central Asians and Greeks habitually eating meats and taking wine and thus becoming accustomed to them and of southern Indians with lighter foods as tubers, roots and fruits and variations such as suitability of fish as in eastern India; in the Sindhi region, the liberal use of milk-products is noted and grains as wheat and barley with milk in the central region of India, and that despite being unhealthy, such accumstomed or suitable (satmya) foods should be given to these patients along with medicines for better health, rather than changing it and forcing a localised diet upon them!

Now, this is mentioned in Charaka in ancient times – yet today, we see the same people as the Europeans (Greeks and Persians mentioned in the classics along with Chinese), as being administered along with various herbs for their conditions, due to their (local and genetic) conditioning to being accustomed to such foods and is better than simply, say giving them a sindhi or south-Indian diet of root vegetables and milk products, which doesn’t even suit the eastern Bengalis as per Charaka, due to their customary eating of fish. Here, satmya or suitable items for one’s region alone should be prescribed say the classics.

Here, satmya is both relative to foods and also knowledge, hence why we had the varna system as per samskaras or inherent karmic traits, that cannot be wished, fabricated or forged as in today’s avatars, in the Orient and Occident! Moreover, we see the basic failure even from Ayurveda’s perspective that states of issues when one goes from eating meats genetically to simply taking up a pure vegetarian diet – something that even within peoples of similar genetic strains within the Indian subcontient, is advised against, let alone the other non-Meditteranean people of the west (Nordic, Alpine etc.), when even caution here for western Mediterranean types (Persians, Greeks), is cautioned. What to speak of extreme dietary regimes as veganism!

All is done in the name of “Vedic”, as if it has become the new Christianity which any man and his dog can adopt, and succeed with, as if a panacea or genetic mantra for one and all! Such a liberalistic / socialistic view, while noble, doesn’t find rational sanction in either Hinduism, sacred Yogic and Brahmanical traditions, nor in accordance with the basic fundamentals of Ayurveda and it’s philosophy of individualisation, which contradicts the modern “Vedic Movement” in the west and it’s expounders’ zeal for proselytisation; the exact reason why Hinduism has survived thus far and so traditionally, is by keeping it within traditions, not seeking to ‘muddy the waters’ by outside influences!

Sadly, the Vedas and “Vedic” (now a misnomer) has become somewhat a pop-culture currency, which is against what it’s original intention was. These are some of the reasons I refused to accept people over the years and reduced people down. In many respects, as I have noted, the western genetics are just not there and everyone wants to try and achieve some success in one lifetime. Even yearning for moksha is actually rajasic and the opposite to the conditioning of the Hindu psyche and culture. For most, these things are simply a subconscious transferal of escapism: Jesus failed them, but they wish to embrace the Vedic will full zeal at an emotional-vital level, confused with spiritual or karmic (forcefully repressing the samskaras) and wishing to attain what even advanced Yogis in the Sat-Yuga and even Devas cannot attain. It is the same unconscious transferal of Christocentric qualities of a divinity, a saviourhood or a philosophy that will liberate them from the status quo, rather than seeking to karmically work out their issues, perform social seva to preserve the dharma.

If nothing is done to protect the dharma (as was done by Parashurama, Sri Krishna and Arjuna, Sri Haumanji, Sri ShankaracharyaGorakshanatha and Hatha-Yogis, Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Dayananda etc.), then the social side fails. Yet, the western “Vedic” wants to be heir to these teachings and adulate the masters, but doesn’t wish to emulate their lives and central core, let alone teaching to stand up, fight and also become a scholar over a neophyte two-work summary “Enlightened Master”, of which is usually their goal!

Everyone wants to become a monk, but even the historical monk took up arms, while the British-style monks sits in ashrams and his armchair, allowing the few kriyas and sadhanas he has done in the recent decades to fill his head with grandiose thoughts, not the same as atmic. ‘Dharmic‘, ‘atmic‘, ‘vedic‘ are simply all culturally misappropriated terms that come to validate, in the European psyche, the so-called “success” of their own austerities etc, forgetting the hundreds of lifetimes within native lineages true yogis, shamans and others had to undergo and continue to. Where this leads to is the reverse-polarisation of the de-magnetisation of the ahankara and instead, activates its rajasic side, which it cannot see in it’s egotistical myopia, simply repeating the mantras “dharmic – vedic – atmic”, believing that what they are doing is purely, solely and completely right, righteous, spiritual and of the highest quality alone, as per their Eurocentrism that has been fueled in many colonies by post-Colonial samskaras that remain.

I am sure that all native people who have striven hard to seek a return of their ancestors’ native and authentic traditions and teachings feel the same as me, here! Sadly, what is “Vedic”, has been used in arguments by westerners to simply rename and reformat their Christian samskaras – these are often not “Vaidika” at all, not substantiated by shastra, tradition or otherwise, but simply the neo-Baptist style rambling of hearsay, so typical of the Christians to misappropriate Hindu terms as “dharma” and “atma” as they did Judaic concepts!

It is here that the native – whether Hindu, Polynesian, Native American, African, Chinese Taoist or Japanese Shinto is shouted down as the inferior, their doctrines used against them in a misappropriated manner, to seek to malign and undermine them, for the European is alone the sole authority on their traditions!


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