Failed Arguments…

A yogi must always have the physique and powerful tejas or innate sense of radiance that derives from his tapas or austerities to constantly battle with the modern-world that appropriates the term dharma and moulds it into its own wonderful world of comprehensions and invalided arguments, reminiscent of am indoctrinated Baptist preacher!

Let’s all have selfie-poses with our pets, as we all live up to the expectations of our perfect bodies via Yoga and Ayurveda, right? Or…perhaps not and perhaps we’re just ashamed of our own failures and lack of education in life, so we’ll troll others!

Before we go any further, let me quote a couple of passages from great psychologist Carl Jung and some of his thoughts on Yoga when practiced by the westerner:

…you cannot be a good Christian, either in your faith or in your morality or in your intellectual make-up, and practice genuine yoga at the same time. I have seen too many cases that have made me sceptical in the highest degree. The trouble is that Western man cannot get rid of his history as easily as his short-legged memory can. History, one might say, is written in the blood. I would not advise anyone to touch yoga without a careful analysis of his unconscious reactions. What is the use of imitating yoga if your dark side remains as good a medieval Christian as ever?
(Jung, Psychology and Religion, p.492 – 493)

In the course of the centuries the West will produce its own yoga, and it will be on the basis laid down by Christianity.” (Jung, Psychology and Religion, p.537)


20170110_173721The modern man (especially Yankees and pretty much the entire west coast of the USA) wishes to misappropriate yoga, without a proper education, or even basic intellect awakened, when he remains ignorant that the traditional yogis were all outspoken, protectors of dharma and often, were warriors themselves! The modernist seeks to challenge one was being “unenlightened”, when they read a passage or come across a teaching that they haven’t heard of or don’t know, or wish to simply fund their own bandwagons of illogical gibberish that stand aloof of traditional views and systems and screams of misappropriation and Colonialist-superimposition.

If such is the case, then Shankaracharya, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda must have all been “unenlightened” as they were also intellectual and debated nuances of the shastras. Today’s modern insult in the west is “your’re not enlightened” if someone takes offence at an article written from the traditional view over their culturally misappropriated New-Age viewpoint. Sri Ramana was also very well-read and continued to READ and STUDY after his Atmajnana experience. He didn’t simply end it and say “I know it all, now” as the western socialists!

Once again the old story I bleat on about – the Christocentric samskara of the western mindset that holds anyone (including Jews) but themselves authorities and their egos become easily bruised if the expanded paths beyond their limited superficial
understandings / shortcomings are pointed out!

Note my article HERE that explains this.

I guess where “all is one” (meaning you can say whatever you like without validation and it can be true) outside native traditions, their views and shastra, is against the western superiority complex😛. Especially if you’re a mere savage Indian – how dare we correct people!  As noted, even those as Sri Ramana corrected people when they came to them and gave them the traditionalist views. But really, SHAME ON THEM! What a shame Swami Rama Tirtha was a Mathematics Professor, Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda also scholars. They must have also not been enlightened and ‘too intellectual’, as was Adi Shankaracharya, the Buddha

it’s called ‘simply believe in Jesus and you’re saved’ approach. Sadly, doesn’t apply in Indian Hinduism, only in western misappropriated Hinduism, as they did Judaism and took their Old Testament and used it against them (the same occurs with Americans taking Vedic teachings and using it against Indians as inferiors and savages).

Much like Judaism: Hades is simply the local cemetery and where bodies decomposed and were sometimes burnt (hence the “hell-fire”). There’s no original sin in Judaism, and Satan is simply either any adversary to a person, to a force under the Supreme, like maya that simply tempts people (basically, rajasic-shakti). These are quite different to how the Romans distorted it. Jesus is also a false prophet in Judaism.

When these people got hold of Hinduism and Yoga etc., it’s not surprising we see the same level of arrogance and twisting stuff about to form an easy-path to suit their ways.

I’ve quoted Arthur Avalon in his work Shakta and Shakti before, a British man that became a Hindu shakta, he noted in the 18th Century (which applies today):

“Even when giving an account of Eastern thought the Western is apt to take up a “superior” attitude because he believes himself to be superior. The Bishop of Durham very clearly reveals this sense of superiority (Christian Aspects of Life, by B. F. Westcott, 175) when after stating that the duty of the Christian missionary was to substitute for “the sterile theism of Islam and the shadowy vagueness of Hindu Philosophy a belief in a living and speaking God” he goes on to point out that “our very advantages” by way of “the consciousness of social and intellectual superiority with which we are filled” and “the national force which sets us as conquerors where we come as evangelists” constitute a danger in the mission field. It is this notion of “superiority” also which prevents a right understanding, and which notwithstanding the facts, insists on charges which, if established, would maintain the reputation for inferiority of the colored races. It is this reiterated claim to superiority that has hypnotized many persons amongst Eastern races into the belief that the European is, amongst other things, always a safe and learned critic even of their own beliefs and practices…”

I recently also saw a certain IT Professional who uses the Vedic teachings to market their business platform, start trying to become a Guru and troll on a friend’s social-media page. This person (troll victim), who lives a very pure, simple and authentic yogic lifestyle outside the materialistic world, did not warrant the troll and simply posted an interesting quote from a very good book, that was soon undermined and replaced with a spiel of egotistic rants – this person (ironically), despite their IT career and trying to con people into using his materialistic services, started calling people “materialists” and not true yogis. A quick look at his page however, revealed the contradictions and hypocrisy where the yogic tenets of shaucha were clearly violated, as also contradicting his own so-called “Guru”, who by his own argument would have been a “materialist” also. In addition, this man hardly had the physique of one of Gorakshanatha’s Gurkha-Yogis (original militant people from where Hatha-Yoga was derived) – he was overweight and also wore glasses, which also contradicted his views about disease being caused by people (obviously other than himself) being “materialists”.

It’s a shame few wish to look in the mirror and instead, wish to adulate one’s own ego!


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