Sadhaka Requirements:

While we offer many programs, not everyone is accepted. Some people have been disheartened by this, beyond the ‘generic’ programs.

Here are some reasons why (note the links, where relative, where I’ve further elaborated on these salient points):

1. Many in the west confuse an emotionalistic zeal or subliminal self-entitled samskara with true karmic spirituality (as an evolution based on one’s samskaras). Here, one cannot fake such, as birth into native lineages also reveals such as I’ve discussed (note link).

2. Relative to the above, the actions, depth of knowledge, level of viveka, physical qualities and also the karmic examination of numerous charts based upon their kundli (not simply kundli rashi alone), reveal the deeper nature (if one possesses such) and potentials.

3. There can always be delusions. People today think anything they envision, like or see is ‘spiritual’. But such an allure can even be as a result of even visiting India in a past life, not being an actual Hindu – there are also numerous mudhabhavas (delusional states) in yoga and ayurveda that can be assessed. Rajasic states are yet another.

4. Higher practices have to be considered beyond generics. I give different sadhakas different practices, even devatas and mantras, dhyanas and forms they’re never heard of, relative to a full examination of knowledge, karma / jyotisha, inherit guna, viveka levels, Prakriti, vikriti, mans prakriti etc. NOBODY should be taught a generic regime. I also usually give people a “year trial” before teaching them anything, starting them off with simple tasks and sadhanas which they must commence relative to their samskaras, before trying to ‘jump the gun’ and progress further (unless samskaras of past are worked with first and one gets into such a routine, what is the point otherwise?). One must learn to first CRAWL, then WALK before they can RUN, not simply RUN first!

Many in the west (naturally) disagree with the Church. However, that is not simply enough to find some kind of ‘resonance’ with eastern systems alone – any more than it is (which usually, it is!) – taking to science to simply refute the Church and find a society of acceptance or existential validation. That’s not the same as being born with samskaras of native traditions alone.

5. Relative to the above, many sadhanas, mantras, kriyas and insights have been passed down through generations and many I have discovered in meditation etc. and as such, see no need to deliver and teach these to any average Joe, just so that they may fill their classrooms and teach these in a ripped-off or plagiarised manner, as is often done. One must also perfect sadhanas, even of the classics before teaching them to others and have had higher initiatory experiences validated by shastra etc. in accordance with atmaguru, which again is rare outside native lineages.

6. Not all yogas suit everyone. Everyone should also perfect the yamas and niyamas first, especially Ishvarapranidhana, which takes lifetimes of discipline and even decades for advanced Hindu-born yogis with higher / advanced past yogic samskaras. If you’ve not perfected these first in-depth (not superficially), you shouldn’t actually be even doing asana, let alone teaching it or any yoga!

7. “Vedic” (Skt. Vaidika) means the chatur ved samhitas ca bhashya, not the plethora of nonsense in the name of ‘Vaidika‘ in the west as a kind of Christocentric superimposed view, where anything “of God” as per the non-Semitic Greco-Roman interpretations was their own interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures, not the traditional.

8. I have no time for Islamic apologetics or closet Christians. If Jesus means that much to you and you cannot see beyond the actual historical origin of such cults, as with later Buddhism, you cannot really respect the Rishis. Christianity is a culturally misappropriated system from the Jews that derided Rabbis and their system; those from such background will also disregard Brahmins and Rishis, which also has no place in the deeper traditions.

9. While I say ‘Vaidika‘, I do include all non-Abrahamic (here specifically offshoots as Islam and Christianity) native faiths of the earth in Africa, Polynesia, Australia, the Americas, Asia etc. As for western Pagans, sorry, but not even the embers of your faiths exist not as Christianity totally supplanted them as occurred with most Middle-Eastern systems where Islam has gone, except Zoroastrians etc.

This is an important note, here. The Mother (Mirra Alfassa), Sri Aurobindo’s closest companion and a great yogini is often emulated by many in the West. However, she was of Egyptian Jewish and Turkic Jewish descent, not a classical European, had many occultic experiences in her early teens, plus studied under the traditional Jewish Kabbalist Master, Max Theon. This is quite different for the European Christian that finds Hinduism, Yoga and such later in life and claims such experiences as their own, when no genetic link actually exists, nor traditional lineage or teacher of any kind at a young age!

10. Yoga isn’t about asanas and mantras and is much, much more. One has to also know Sanskrit first and properly perfect it as per the sattvic shabda, or I won’t train people in anything further, until they’ve perfected that step. Yoga is as per steps, as noted that continue lifetimes – there’s no need to think you’re a Jnani in one lifetime or try to, as such stems from the Christocentric samskara that denies evolution of the baddhajivakarma and samsara and replaces it with a subconscious samskara of a one-life or YOLO ideal. That is no use to me at all.

11. Ayurveda isn’t about pranic-healing, chakra-balancing and all such mumbo-jumbo. It includes chemical formulas, deeper assessment and also surgery, which must be taught as well. While many have superficialised it in the west, consider that surgery as per shastra came into vogue during treta-yuga when diseases couldn’t be cured with herbs alone. How do we think then, in kali-yuga, in a western polluted and culturally aloof and tamasic compared to the Vedic to implement these alone?

It is a slur on tradition and vedavidyas. It causes more harm than good. Consider this also – relative to partial knowledge in ayurveda by western “Vaidyas“, would you allow an average GP to do advanced cardiac surgery on you, or a simple private pilot to fly a large commercial A380 passenger plane?

Points to Note:

Just as Europeans can trace their languages back to Sanskrit, doesn’t mean they are our ‘ancestors’ or ‘brothers’.

In fact, evidence has shown the Teutonic genes have come via the Finnic stock, the more true “Aryan” being the more Mediterranean stock we find among the old Welsh [1], Latins etc. on a genetic level, plus also, even the Greeks and Romans were more materialistic than the Vedic culture and philosophies (which they relied on). This all relies on the racist Arya Invasion Theory in which everyone who was Indo-European was said to be of Nordic stock, when the evidence suggests otherwise – the Greeks, Romans, Hindus and also other people as the Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians who were the founders of civilisation were of a darker Mediterranean stock!

Here, the Sino-Tibetan Chinese and Tibetans, the Austronesian and other people as Native Americans are actually closer in culture, religion and philosophy as also ethics to the Vedic or “Aryan” than these so-called fallen Arya (European) ‘pretenders’, in language alone, with their Abrahamic religion and materialistic manners even pre-Christianity. As noted, even the more civilised of Europeans – Latins and Greeks, were more materialistic than the Hindus were and their philosophers and Kings from Pythagoras to Alexander the Great looked to India and Hindu Brahmins for inspiration and philosophical greatness – what to speak of the Kelto-Germanic tribes North that received no historical contact with India or the East, save some Viking influences via Buddhism [2].

Older native people are also connected to the Rigvedic dialects via Austronesian, Tai and Dravidian languages as well. Language is meaningless if the genetics and samskaras of a culture don’t match!


In saying that, I accept anyone as a sadhaka, but they must be willing to adhere to the above and understand such, and not for emotional, egotistical and other purposes. I have rejected many and let many sadhakas go who have broken these or disrespected tradition due to their egotism, which yoga and the Devipatha seek to shatter and destroy, not titillate as the west wishes!

Namah Shivaay!-Durgadas, R.A.P, A.Y.T, Ved Kovid




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