Why Jesus Fails

By Durgadas

It always intrigues me when I see people screaming about how great Jesus is, offering their (unwanted) advice that I am a “living in sin”, “worship a false God” etc.  It is interesting that (a) they have no knowledge or basic education about history or the evolution of their own so-called ‘religion’ and (b) are usually failures in life in all respects. Hardly humble!

I guess Jesus fails them. Christians generally spend their lives living as sociopaths in reality – by Christians I don’t mean the lay Catholic, Anglican or Presbyterian with whom you can converse about philosophy and come to some equal understanding or at least mutual agreement on common ground, but the plethora of divorced housewives, solo mothers and others who have been leftist plebes who revere the “God” of state benefits as professional beneficiaries! It always amuses me how many of these types I’ve met who consider themselves valuable to society or are not jealous and critical of everyone else around them who have actually done something progressive with their lives!

If this is their Jesus, then certainly, he fails us. The true false God and as the Jews see Jesus – the false Messiah! Naturally however, one has to have some severe psychological derangement to believe that a Roman Emperor (Julius Caesar) was a Jew, killed by his own people. Yes, many aspects of the Jesus (Yeshuah) personality are indeed borrowed from the narcissistic Emperor’s life! The Anglo term “God” and “Jesus”, derivative from the Greek term for ‘Yeshuah / Joshuah” are often espoused by the Kelto-Germanic clones of stupidity personified – unaware of their own origins!

I guess if Jesus had something to offer it should be wisdom, or wealth- even spiritual insight. Sadly, he offers nothing more than the Emperor himself – gluttony, criticism and a desire to take over the world. The difference is the Emperor was actually intelligent and successful, the same of which cannot be said of his “flock”. How utterly deluded!

I guess they feel with all of their self-entitlement, that they are free from karma and samsara. Sadly not however, even though Jesus ‘saves’ us, i.e. it allows us to live our lives in zealous hypocrites. That is, unless our lives are squeaky clean, right?

However, if I was a Christian that got knocked up before I turned the legal age or was middle-aged and living in someone else’s home, I’d see my life as pretty much a failure! Yet, there’s an out – I could admit to the world how philosophically and scientifically, not to mention historically uneducated I actually am and become a Christian and blame all of this on “Satan”. Sounds logical, right?


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