A Note on Brahmanism

By Durgadas

The caste system in India has often been a system attacked. However, few realise the methods behind it, to properly protect and preserve the Vedas, sacred systems as Yoga, Ayurveda etc. so that we might have them today. Thus, while modern “white Brahmins” and others attack the caste Brahmins (yet, without them and their systems they put into place, banning Muslims and others from peoples and preventing the corruptibility of the teachings, which included Sanskrit grammar and mathematics (ancient Hindu mathematicians were “human calculators”), possible only if one kept their lives and diets sattvic or pure – for generations, not simply a few decades in their blood), the systems of which they use to attack Brahmins wouldn’t be around today!

Moreover, the “modern Brahmin” movement in India and the west to make anyone a Brahmin apart from their birthright, while noble if one is actually adhering not simply to diets and lifestyles, but has also transformed their samskaras and can develop a true non-emotional but spiritual sense of Brahmanism, fails. Even modern western Brahmins are restrictive and look down on others who are not of their same knowledge or status, yet are hypocrites as they criticise caste Brahmins and Brahmanism in India! Examples are even sampradayas such as ISKCON who deride anyone not “Vaishnava” and the Brahmins there see themselves as superior to the lay adherents! I don’t see how this is any different, except for their Colonial white self-entitled elitist background that makes them feel entitled to act as they wish, but look down upon the swarthy caste-born Hindu Brahmin!

The point is that you can take a dalit to a temple, but can’t make it Brahmin.

The issue is people today take the rare examples as mainstream rules to justify becoming a Brahmin. But it’s like this – hermaphrodites also exist in nature, but are not the usual rule! Not everyone is an hermaphrodite and thus also not everyone can transcend their social and karmic samskaras to become a Brahmin in totality, even in a Hindu society, impossible almost outside this. Likewise not everyone is a Ramanujan or Ramana Maharishi! Cannot be faked as westerners and socialists today do.

Exceptions to rules cannot be used as evidence of the rule itself.

Brahmins also were not the issue in India, relative to wealth etc. Kshatriyas and thakurs (landowners) held the bulk of the wealth, many of them fallen Brahmins. Brahmins for centuries have been ministers and often poor pujaris in temples. Today, many clean latrines in big cities such as Delhi, trying to provide for their people!

In India, the Jain’s started this and Buddhists made it an anti-Brahmin cult however, trying to place everyone on an equal footing to begin with. However, even by their own logic (doctrine or cause and effect or karmic hierarchy and evolution based on samskaras and samsara), such actually fails!  We must look beyond their socialist movements – the Buddhist monks also appear to have given the Romans via Christianity the idea to malign the Jews and Jewish Rabbis in the same manner as Buddhists and Jains did with Brahmins in India. Thus, anti-Semitism and anti-Brahmanism are alive and well by the younger cults that sprung as a result of these older ones – and if it wasn’t for these original systems, there’d be nothing for these younger movements to have plagiarised as they have done for millennia!

For more about varna or spiritual caste, please CLICK HERE


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