Rajasic Delusions

There are many rajasic delusions of grandeur that can arise, especially in the west and ben misinterpreted as being something spiritual in India.

I recently saw an article that mentioned the Turkic and Middle-Eastern Islamic enslavement of Hindus. While novel, the issue of today’s problems had not really been addressed – that Hindus today remain mentally enslaved or indoctrinated by the Islamic-Christian world due to years of forced conversion, social and other influences, to the point they feel they must honour these systems, incorporate elements from them and even undermine their own dharma at times to do so!

In the west, amongst western Hindus, we see this trend all too often. Their Christian causes that seek to proselytise (while they deny it), simply transfers to Hinduism as their new vehicle to do so, which ends up funding their own rajasic or egotistical and materialistic cause, in the name of Hinduism.

This is quite different than native people, Hindu acharyas, Gurus and Swamis that sometimes become political, not in order to convert westerners and the masses of people to their dharma as Christians and Muslims do, but rather, to (a) defend and (b) protect their own dharma by proper education of tenets and teachings for a greater global acceptance. As an example, the Arya Samaj in India was formed solely to protect the Brahmanical teachings and to reconvert Hindus who had became Muslims and Christians and to thwart the progress of conversion from Hinduism to these foreign faiths, on India’s own soil in the 18th Century. Even today, the movement proselytises to some degree, but only within India and for the sole purpose of defending Hinduism and challenging conversion of Hindus, their native dharma, to Islam and Christianity by way of a lack of education about their own system!

I recently had a western student however, who decided they would use Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati’s words, used for the above purpose to defend and protect Hindus, in India, during a time of Colonial rule and apply it to today’s world for their own materialistic or rajasic delusions, which they saw as being respectful to Hinduism. Not only is this taken way out of cultural and historical context, but the individual involved simply also wished to proselytise their own system without substance, foundation or proper explanation, but rather bullying people into their way of thinking through ridicule and manipulation, culturally appropriating Hindu views, as even my statements at times to fund these!

Let me say this and be quite clear – Hinduism DOES NOT and DOES NOT NEED to proselytise, nor does it need masses of western Hindus proselytising Hinduism to satisfy their non-transformed Christocentric samskaras of missionary activity ot subliminally being seen as doing “God’s work” (the subconscious vasana that remains with them, no matter how much they try and use yogic and Vedic terms to justify their disposition and failure).

What it needs, as noted, is proper education of the masses by way of the shastras, explaining tenets etc. so that people all over can understand Hinduism and how it can resonate with their own doctrine and system, not with the superficialised or Colonialist manner in which it, and other native systems are often misrepresented. It doesn’t need to be misappropriated for individual rajasic causes of delusional and egotistical minds in the west that misunderstand this fine-line, claim to be “traditional”, and yet constantly undermine, disrespect and even malign Brahmins and other groups in colonialist and Baptist Missionary fashion!

I recently read interesting things on a blogsite that had a certain member taking the cultural, historical and also yogic roots of my family’s Guru and placing it in their own world of conspiracy theories and fantasies – a mindset that the Vedic would describe as highly delusional, distracted and also affected almost by a kind of microorganism that had caused a schizophrenic disposition (as per Ayurvedic science).

The site stated:

“We need a competing narrative to save the souls of the West and indeed the world.”

If we break this down, what we are really seeing here is the superimposition of the Christian samskara. The term ‘save the souls‘ (with both ‘save‘ and ‘soul‘ being fundamentally Christian in tone, relative to samaritanism and the Christian ideas of empathy and saviourhood over the yogic views of detachment and ignorance as being self-generated as also karmically), reveals the deeper ideology at play here and one as simply the word of the Catholic Church trying to culturally appropriate aspects of eastern dogmas, much like we see saffron-robed priests in India with rudraksha beads, trying to convert the Hindus and calling the Gita the “Hindu Bible”.

Ayurveda also does not require a plethora of bored housewives that have given up being a Realtor or suitably “hobby profession” to proselytise it in a superficialised manner, posting emotionally ecstatic ‘selfies’ on their websites and social-media – promoting their image over the actual weight of traditional teachings! While speaking about ‘ahankara’, their celebrity and professional camera poses state the opposite – and even doing such in their yoga poses to make out they are spiritual undermines the real traditional aspect, which is not about egotism, but negating the ego.

While there are sincere seekers, these types ruin it for the masses with their “bull in a chinashop” mentality of unconscious destruction of native dharmas, which when they use for their own egotistical delusional activities and such is pointed out by traditional adherents of such systems, the western mind doesn’t heed the advice, but rather maligns them as they have historically done with their Christianity – create conspiracy theories about the Jews, blame them for Jesus’ death and malign them for all time while appropriating their central religious text!

At the same time however, their narcissism has accelerated; they see themselves as new Prophets, avatars, Gurus and even Gods of the world with their philosophies and doctrines they espouse and cannot see that changing and transforming the world is no easy feat – indeed something that even the varna system of Hinduism acknowledged and hence few became true Brahmins from other castes due to their inherent traits outside that couldn’t comprehend them (much less a non-Hindu western-born individual of Christian extraction), and feats that even the Hindu avatars or incarnations of the Gods to the Rishis or Seers with their advanced powers couldn’t achieve for more than a generation or two!

The question here then, is what is this new system and on which philosophy does it really rest? The answer is that it is a Christian system with Christanised overtones of forceful conversion and a rajasic or materialistic agni or fire that seeks to consume and burn all in its away of attaining its goal,which is far from spiritual, but purely mentally attached to the world, false ideologies of saviourhood and redemption of mankind and ultimately, tickling the very thing dharmic faiths seek to negate and destroy, the ahankara or ego. This alone, with their behaviour shows they are not only not ready to be Brahmins, but their cultural distance from native systems and Christocentrism reveals they’re also not fit to be Hindus and simply give it a bad name by association of these Christian-inspired mental delusions of zealous proselytisation – all in the name of naive dharmas alone, as if a marketing campaign pushing a fancy logo, but belying the real product it is selling, which is not always up to the true marks of quality!


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