The Fallen to the Transcendental

Many a time does the kshatriya warrior fall on his back, wounded and pierced by arrows of his enemies and utters the phrase, “I’ll be back“, as almost epitomising some Arnold Schwarzenegger movie!

What he means however, is that he shall reincarnate. Yes, this is like in Dr. Who fashion – a new body, a new personality and all! Yet, he feels the burden of the injustice of the world and the so-called “God” that is adulated by the world as the false God (ahankara or ego personified). He defies the creator and favours the deity of the fallen, the outcaste and the demon, Shiva-Seth-Lucifer. The true warrior is not the “paper-martial-artist” that hides behind a plethora of blogsites in his American garb, but is a true opinionated warrior of his native lineage; possessing a bloodline, not some Teutonic superiority complex to superimpose upon eastern systems and culturally misappropriate them and to adulate his shweta (white) masters as Guenon, Crowley, Blavatsky, Grant, Bertieux etc., the false prophets (mithya Rishis) of Sanatana Dharma!

As he leaves his body, an echo alone accompanies it and he transmigrates on to the next to further his cause for mankind. Why? The kshatriya-yogi doesn’t desire simply moksha or liberation, nor the plentiful delights of the swargas or heavens of the celestials! Nay – he has been, like his master Indra, outcasted by his own mother and the celestials for his abominable act of transcendence of them, his own brethren, to the Supreme Transcendental Godhead or Paramabrahman. It comes at a cost, for none of the Devas or celestials (personified senses), known in the ancient times as the angirasa (messenger) seers, dare to cross or transgress the laws of the lower maya or illusory sphere of avidyamaya!

As he stands alone, the lone warrior, he has his valour, his army, but few dare to listen to him. Many gaze towards the side of the Devas or celestials, fearing that even the immortal plane of moksha or liberation may dissolve their personalities, individualities and egos. Yet, he cares not, strides forwards and slays his father, the world’s progenitor and ego, from whence all originates! This act that Seth or Shiva has done, is but self-sacrifice – the opening to his own inner-being!

Reborn in his new body and surroundings, it takes some time to become accustomised. Yet, when he realises this, as with the aid of his past peers, he takes up the task at hand, which is to be the manava-sakha ca manava-mitra (friend and helper of mankind). In a world of distortions, he is seen as the satan / shaitan or enemy / adversary / slanderer of mankind, when in fact, he is their true benefactor! He is the pauper  and ell-embracing Franciscan monk compared to the opulent priest, cardinal or Pope! He is the all-knowing Swami or sadhu unknown to the masses, compared to the Vishwaguru or world-guru, pop-guru, or the poor Brahmin or temple-priest as Ramakrishna and Ramana that is left to beg for his livelihood in his village, becoming known to the world eventually, but possessing but one heir alone and leaving the world prematurely.

Kicked and fallen, as many times as he may – he gets back up and repeats his messages over and over for the FEW alone that shall listen, while the false God screams his hypnotic message en-masse through his numerous clones!

Cyclically, the world and mortals adulate the being of dhana (wealth) and materialism (bhoga), rather than the one that transcends vairagya (detachment) and the inner path (antaramarga).

So also, many shall plagiarise and culturally misappropriate the words of the inner path, as asuras, meddling in the world that try and create their own ‘cults’ and ’empires’, whilst ironically also claiming they are being ‘sympathetic to the dharma‘.





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