Roots of Anti-Semitism

The anti-Jew conspiracy theories were carefully orchestrated by the Roman Empire and it’s psychological vehicle of manipulation and control, the Catholic Church, which claimed that the Jews killed Jesus, their beloved ‘Lord and Saviour’ and only Son of God. This seed allowed for the creation of future anti-Semitic conspiracies against the Jewish people.

For a start, Roman Christianity contradicted Judaic tenets and formulated Jesus as the Son of God, whereas in Judaism, he was simply a false prophet or Messiah. Satan, Hades, Eternal Damnation, Original Sin etc. are also absent from Judaism and have different meanings to the Catholic or Christian versions, which were culturally misappropriated and used against the Jews, much like New-Age movements use their systems against native people and indigenous systems and philosophies they cannot bother taking the time to really understand at a traditional level or depth!

The latest conspiracy such as the Jewish Takeover of the world has been part of this, again historically to divert the attention of the Roman Empire’s debauchery and forceful takeover of the world itself. Those who believe in such conspiracy theories are also tainted with Christocentrism, despite their stances as appearing ‘pro-Semitic’ and not anti-Semitic!

Cultural misappropriation does this in societies. I recently heard for example, about the eastern (yes, eastern, not western) concept of samsara or reincarnation, that ‘souls’ would be left wondering if there were no physical bodies to inhabit! As if physical lifeforms alone are able to be reincarnated into, nothing else and forgetting astral, causal bodies and such, as also these higher and lower entities that possess anti-material bodies beyond the jurisdiction of both modern science and western philosophy and understanding, much less the soul. Here, an eastern system is appropriated and contorted to the western, specifically Catholic mould, especially with the idea of souls and such and looking at the physical world alone. Pretty childish and immature!

We also hear that Marx alone was responsible for maligning Brahmins, despite the Jains, Buddhists, Charvakas (materialistic atheists) and others having started this thousands of years back! Attacking the caste system and Brahmins, like the Catholic idea of the malignancy of the Jews is thus historical and like Judaism, was attacked by younger derivations of its faith, as Buddhism and Jainism with Hinduism, that first sought to undermine Brahmins, charge all of their kshatriya (royal, warrior)-based rituals against them and see their entire system as corrupt. Here, people that believe in such Marxist conspiracies alone are giving such people too much power and clearly also don’t know basic history, let alone indigenous systems and fall into the category of easily brainwashed buffoons that wish to appear as ‘enlightened’ to the deluded masses they preach to. The proverbial ‘blind leading the blind’.

The brainwashing that occurred with Roman Catholicism has generated these conspiracies and also an elated sense of egotism or a superiority complex in its adherents, further generating anti-Semitism. Such ideas should be eliminated, which occurs when the fire of viveka (discrimination and intellectual discernment) is cultivated and one also studies more than mere conspiracies and such or minor opinions that ironically, are the real corrupt ones behind the systems that those espousing claim that they are actually destroying, but have simply been indoctrinated by the same insidious social-conditioning they seek to negate, contradicting themselves and their entire jumbled philosophy and beliefs!


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