Natural Disasters and the Future

It is a part of our culture to see only the negatives of natural disasters, thankfully given to us by the media and taken up by our small minds. Naturally, as most people are socialist, this does have a powerful impact upon the psyche, especially regarding mind-control!

We need to start seeing the long-term positives of natural disasters such as earthquakes. Deaths are never positive, but the land changes and demolished buildings are indicators we need to let go of the past and embrace the future; transformation and change.

While many are hysterical here in Christchurch, they suffered minor damage in the quakes here in the past years. Everyone pretty much had their homes turned upside down and lost many precious things in the home – which were insured. It helped to move on from the possessions we had and gain new ones.

Again, while many are moaning about the quakes and how “affected” they were, many were not. We had liquefaction three times through out buildings, which we cleaned up. Twice this occurred after we had completely gutted the inside and laid down new carpets and repainted it! However, you move on, as business has to go on and that’s what business-people do – they move on and see new opportunities. Three people who died in the quake were also at my mother’s funeral, just a year prior, of which had caused me to cease my own operations for a time and help with the family business. Again, we move on and see the positives!

The bigger question here retrospectively is Why cry over spilled milk? What can be done? Nothing! Mother Nature is far more powerful and more ancient than humans. She is Kali as Bhumi Devi that reveals the challenges that face us and the need to often move beyond our own comfort-zones and rigid complexes of attachment that we are constantly being reminded of via media, TV and advertising etc. Not to mention the hyperbole of the mainstream leftist media, that sensationalises and causes further depression, anxiety and hysteria of those affected by natural disorders by (a) dwelling on the negatives over positives and (b) dwelling on the past, not the future and (c) creating a stagnating mind-set of self-entitlement over a “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on!’ mentality!

Cause and effect or the doctrine of karma is at play here also, over simple upper versus lower energies (God vs Satan) – there is a bigger picture transcending this logic where science meets ancient philosophy. It is not simply about us being down-trodden by a negative astral imaginary force (Satan) or a pull between two worlds. What we experience is also often a result of our own poor judgement and actions of the past (not necessarily this life). The earth in this age (Kali-Yuga) is also somewhat a localised “purgatory”, which is why in oriental mythology, it exists just above the lower realms in the physical dimension (plane of existence). Karma is also the inherent action in chemicals and elements, our geological structure of the earth, within herbs and foods and also in gravitational force as per Hindu sciences. For each quality and action, is a counter-action reaction. The ignorant alone simply reduce it down to Catholic equations of “fate”, “destiny” and such. It is much more than that!

Here, the ancient people kept themselves positive, even through massive periods or intense turmoil. They knew the deeper laws of cause and effect and what governed various actions in nature and how to deal with these rationally and logically, not simply faith-inspired or in an uneducated manner.

The Jews have become successful in the world, even due to the creations of insidious doctrines as the Cult of Caesar Augustus (Catholicism) that charged the Jews with the death of Jesus and maligned them for all time’s sake. Such a lie as within the false Gospels (New Testament) of the Jews (written not in Aramaic, but in Greek) caused many issues for them throughout history, including the Nazi persecution. Hindus, too were under attack since the 8th Century from Islamic Invaders who murdered and tortured them, took their sciences (zero, numerals / decimal system, surgery, mathematics, astrology, alchemy and more), destroyed their temples, palaces etc. which continued on into the 17th Century. Today, Hindu India is a small area – the sacred regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are now Islamic nations. Still, the Hindus and Jews despite this, picked themselves up constantly and defended their doctrines, preserving them as they exist today and have become successful business-people across the globe.

Sometimes we can take inspiration from these people in our modern world of self-entitlement. We can take some time for bereavement etc. but also know that we have to at some point pick ourselves up and let go of the past. Once we do and take that deep, powerful and brave breath however, we feel renewed, refreshed and stronger in the long-run!

While the modern Anglo-Christian culture with its Victorian traits teaches us to embrace materialism and the Kingdom of Earth is ours and we’re entitled to it, the older monastic cultures of the Franciscan Monks, Buddhists and Hindus and other native-earth people tell us not to be attached to the world and to embrace the deity within; to also revere nature and care for it as well and in turn, it shall care for us – but sometimes also give us a few lessons along the way, like a thoughtful parent!

Om Shanti!


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