Left or Right? :-S

We may often question “Is the Right truly evil?”. That is a good question, especially considering that almost everyone who has an Arts major is a lefty socialist, just as almost every Hindu, it is a given, will quote Mahatma Gandhi, but knows naught of Sri Aurobindo and others who really gave India it’s freedom!

Have you ever seen a true right-wing Pol. Sci graduate or political journalist? Exactly! When you do, they’re maligned by their fellow brothers for supporting the side of evil and corruption. I can say this, as I trained in the media field originally and know it it works. However, what really is corruption?

I did think in the modern world that we’re all entitled to dwell in a truly democratic environment and one where social-engineering once employed by the Romans with their psychological war-tank (Catholicism) ceased to exist! Clearly, I was wrong as this is what every left-winger really desires, despite their non-socialistic approaches and labeling themselves “centre” and “centre-left”.

Democrats vs the Republicans – what can we say? If we follow Trump, it means we have to have a sense of humour (heaven forbid!), an independent mind that isn’t indoctrinated by the Clinton regime following the two-millennia old Christocentric hypnotic system. If we follow Hillary, we are satisfied that the New Testament isn’t a string and web of lies spun by the Roman Emperors and written in Greek by Judaic communities forced into adopting their regime and to malign the Jews for all time by pinning the death of the tooth-fairy (in this case, a man named Jesus they believe existed and wasn’t simply Caesar’s alter-ego!) and we are happy with the Roman “do as I say, don’t do as I do” approach, relative to family values and such (or do the Americans suffer from amnesia, having forgotten her husband’s affair, while in office?).

Hillary is often that serious, I wonder if she is really a puppet that is being fisted!

To quote the Aristocrats from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s epic musical, Evita:

Things have reached a pretty pass,
When someone pretty lower-class,
Graceless and vulgar, uninspired,
Can be accepted and admired!

Basically this epitomises Hillary and her cronies…

One of the issues or “Trump-cards” of Democrat and anti-Trump campaigners is the “racist Trump” slogan, which is starting to become like stale bread now. When an argument has no foundation, it reminds us of a Christian preacher proselytising and brainwashing everyone else into taking a Biblical passage out of context for their own agendas!

The whole situation re illegal immigrants is unfounded and illogical. The liberal North-East New-Yorkers and the opposite coastal Californian (and other west-coast) liberals bleat about the deportation of Hispanics under a Trump Administration, but they’re the ones who are the real hypocrites here; they’re enjoying the benefits of underpaying these “illegal aliens”, and threatening them with the Green card and exploiting them. Now, Trump’s message appears to puts an end to the exploitation by these chardonnay socialists, which in a way is actually conducive to Hispanics and America! He’s hardly racist!

He’s stated elsewhere that the US needs more Indians as software engineers, engineers, Doctors etc. and that the Amricans should be giving them residency rather than turning them away (where is Hillary here, when her precious nation turns away educated Indians and allows in illegal aliens from Mexico?).

Regarding Islam, I agree with Trump. You can note my points HERE.

Islam is guilty of cultural appropriation; it took Hindu numerals, zero, mathematical, astrological and medical systems and then maligned Hindus. The conflict of religion with science hence had naught to do with native faiths of India itself however, which allowed and promoted these sciences at times they were shunned or killed-off in other nations to the West, due to blind religious fanaticism, which never allowed itself to take root in India – hence Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism arising from Hinduism, as well as the largest number of the native Iranian faith of Zoroastrianism, now dead in its homeland due to blind religious fanaticism of Islam, all continue to co-exist and survive in India to this day, along with Judaism, which Hindu India also gave a home to while members in the Middle East struggled against Islam.

For those anti-Trump campaigners who are playing the “all religions are equal” card – take a history lesson for once in your life and drop of Pol. Sci and Journalist 101 leftist standardised responses like an automated Dalek! Use your brain and start looking at history and facts. Hillary and the Democrats also have real Islamic blood on their hands – by contrast, Trump has just made statements; he’s not gone to war with Islamic nations, deployed soliders to the Middle-East etc. But Obama and the Democrats have! But, by socialistic logic, I guess such doesn’t figure into their pre-programmed autonomous “Trump is racist; he incites war!” rhetoric like brain-washed zombies!

The truth is that every nation that Islam has touched since its very inception has committed cultural and religious genocide. They’re persecuted Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Zoroatrians and Christians. While there were the Crusades and Catholic Inquisitions, today we don’t see Christians killing people in the name of God, nor do we see Christian, Taoist Buddhist or Hindu suicide bombers and terrorists today, but we do with Islamic ones, from Pakistan in the East to Syria etc. in the West.  That’s a FACT the Democrats cannot deny! I have further points HERE on my article about Islamic apologetics. 

Learning about the history of India and the Islamic invasions and atrocities is also worth-noting. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not longer Hindu nations which they once were! Gurkha (Hatha-Yogi) warriors to the Sikhs consistently fought off Islamic invaders and attacks to Hindu dharma, so that the Democratic hippies could have their Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta and Hinduism – which without such a war, would be non-existent today! The same threat is on America’s door-step today. And it’s a real threat.

That is about all I’ll say here. If you want a background on socialism, Marxism and social-engineering, read this article HERE!


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