Importance of Birth in Native Lineages

By Durgadas, Ved Kovid, AYT

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham.
All Rights Reserved.

In the world of self-entitlement today, many feel that they are entitled to or delusionally believe they can follow a tradition, a diet or regime outside of their cultural and biological heritage and conditioning without consequences and with the same positive effects attained by those within native traditions within a continuous system!

Such here is a confusion of western emotional obsession and egotism as opposed to true inner karmic drive or dharmic (karmic) suitability, as in the traits one is born with as per their birth-dharma.

While there are rare examples of those existing outside the traditions and are born into western lineages, such (a) becomes apparent at a very young age and (b) are rare exceptions to the rule, rather than the rule itself (as in the case of certain Natha Yogis, avatars etc., which again are rare exceptions, not the norm or to be imitated by others!).

My belief is that mantras chanted within family lineages and gotras awaken the mantrashakti in the individual’s “subtle DNA”. This is why being born into lineages possessing these for generations has powerful effects. One mantra, if energised in such a manner and passed on within a lineage can actually awaken mantrashakti of the individual and activate all mantras for them. It connects them more with the inner-Guru also, the deity behind such a mantra.

While many today believe (falsely or delusionally) that they were Priests, Shamans, Brahmins or Flamens etc. in their past lives, such would be present in this DNA and samskaras if such were actually true. Many such beliefs, like visions are simply delusional and projections of the mind, as with hallucinations and dreams, which are discussed in more detail in Yoga and Ayurveda than many other systems. More delusional  and negative psychological states exist, which few realise and instead falsely believe everything supernatural to be of “spiritual” origin in eastern faiths, which simply isn’t true! Yoga and Ayurvedic psychology is in itself, an extremely in-depth topic and relative to such visions and beliefs, one would require for a start, to have some genetic heritage or connection to such subtle or native-earth systems.

As an example, one would be born into or at least have some bloodline tracing back to ancient gotras or even Hindu, Polynesian, Taoist, Shinto, Native American, African or other sacred and indigenous lineages, not simply be be born in a Christianised meat-eating culture outside of this (as many are). Again, the rare examples are not the exception and are generally born for specific purposes.

We must also remember here that the Eurocentric complex is more-so a Kelto-Germanic inferiority complex that lurks behind their superiority complex; while feeling to command the ‘upper ground’ of civilisation, they clearly forget that their numerals and mathematics derive from the darker Hindus of India, their alphabet from the Mediterranean Romans and the basis of their culture and religion from these darker Mediterranean peoples also, including the Greeks! They are historically distant and unrelated to these people with their predominantly Nordic and Alpine traits, excepting some as the Welsh that carry some more swarthy genes due to their traditionalism. What to speak of traditions such as Hinduism and Taoism of the east, that even the Roman and Greek systems were more distant and materialistic in comparison, much less later Catholicism and its offshoots in the North and Britain, where samsara, karma, atma, yoga etc. have been absent from their society and religion for well over 1500 years and have no real kinship with such as a result.

By comparison, one born into a NZ Maori or an American Sioux lineage or possessing such blood somewhere, reveals a karmic connection with all ancient peoples and indigenous traditions, especially when such traits come out at an earlier age. Here, many Latinos of the Americas share such an affinity due to their heritage going back to the ancient peoples of the land and their philosophies which have numerous cross-cultural and inner correlations with the Taoist, Buddhist and Bon, Hindu and other systems and people, a direct connection through which they can “link” up to karmically.

Those coming from or receiving teachings from outside traditions will have simply less-powerful and even hallucinatory or placebo effects, unless doing severe tapas, sadhanas etc. and receiving a mantra from such a person within these lineages. It is for this reason mantras remained the property of the Brahmins and true Yogis alone, who harnessed this power. The native link is not there and hence there is no real cultural and genetic continuity, revealing no real karmic link with such faiths of the past, despite their delusional belief that such exists – just as the Romans and Greeks, neither a Semitic people thought they could culturally misappropriate the Hebrew Bible and contort it and constantly interpolate ideas to become better authorities on the Abrahamic system than the native Jews, who were maligned! Such traits continue today with New-Age and other such traditions adopted by Europeans, in a kind of “second-wave Colonialism” of cultural appropriation and distortions that come with it.

Again, one must have a true link with sacred cultures to really have a karmic understanding and ability to really gel with them. While in the varna system in India, a shudra was the lowest with less spiritual samskaras and wasn’t allowed the higher teachings unless they could demonstrate some innate ability – Europeans are not only not shudras, but considered chandalas or outcastes, outside the Hindu system altogether for having no Hindu connection. Where it may take an average shudra some ten lifetimes to evolve to the stage of an academic or philosopher (acharya, brahmin), so it will take the European not simply a few years or months or even decades to become an “expert”, but numerous lifetimes to even evolve to the shudra stage where he is born with native DNA that reflects his past-lives with interest and practice of said native philosophies. That is how karmic evolution works – there’s always a “link”, which is direct.

It is much like diets. If your ancestors ate meat, you cannot simply shift to a vegan or vegetarian diet! Ayurveda speaks against this model and sees it as causing long-term harm. We must be content with who we are in this lifetime and what we have, not simply force or pretend or seek to be Brahmins and Yogis when clearly our physical body and karmas dictate otherwise. This is a mistake made by many westerners who confuse their emotional zeal and genetic / social conditioning that rests on fundamentalism, with an oriental spiritual one!

If you have genetic connections or ancestry to the ancient Rishis, within a Vedic tradition or other native earth traditions, such is due to your past samskaras or actions (karmas). If you do not have any connection, even remotely to these people in your bloodline, then you will sadly, have to wait some lifetimes. You were not a Yogi, High Priest or whatever you think you were in the past-life, or the connections would already be more (physically) apparent! You may have (possibly) had some connection to these people at the end of the past life, or even met such people or studied something of their culture in the west, which generated samskaras of ‘interest’.
To believe otherwise is simply delusion and wishful thinking, with a touch of self-entitlement from your backgrounds that culturally appropriated from everyone else historically and seek to continue this zeal! It is like me trying to state I was a white American Southern Baptist preacher in my last life, here again to restore the message! It simply just does not happen, I’m afraid!

Native cultures can have cross-connections as they have a deeper subtle connection that goes beyond and is more fluid (due to their native beliefs, practices and subtle doctrines as karma, samsara, mantra etc.) as opposed to the rigid physical-style model of Heaven as per Semitic faiths, which due to their rigidity, create a barrier in connecting with the subtle planes as Hindus, Native Americans, Polynesians and others do.

Here, a subtle language exists, that is reflected in ancient languages such as Sanskrit that reflect the ethereal sounds and echoes, and of which are based upon a mathematical and atomic nature. They are quite different again from the physical languages of today, as even the materialistic social samskaras that become attached to them, as even ancient Greek and Latin, what to speak of younger versions!

For these reasons, the continuity of practices and faiths that died almost 2,000 years ago in Europe (or 800 years ago in some parts of Northern Europe) remains in these native cultures, as with the Vedic for well over 10,000 years without interruption. By comparison, the European is born into a tradition that has no cultural continuity as Christianity all but obliterated these, and all attempts to reconstruct them are like reviving a fire from ashes, where no embers remain! Pure fantasy (as with neo-Paganism, Wicca and New-Age movements that again are [mis]appropriating from native traditions).

It is for this reason that I seek these as sadhakas with deeper true samskaras and a connection to inner lineages (or native heritage) that the Europeans often confuse with dharma (their newly culturally appropriated term for “spiritual” and “religious” in their subliminal Christocentric mindset)!


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