Avatars and Knowledge

296091_10150321852812470_172998021_nBy Durgadas, Ved Kovid, AYT

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham.
All Rights Reserved.

Throughout the ages, avatars or the descent of higher celestials in human form has occurred, or what is basically the reincarnation of the great seers (Rishis) of the sacred Hindu tradition that appear from time to time to both restore and preserve knowledge that has sometimes been lost or obscured due to the effects of time.

This has occurred numerous times in India, as also at times when dharma or the doctrine of righteousness that upholds the pillars of society is compromised. At this juncture, a great Seer will be born in a certain area and impart their teachings. These are not always in India, for many great Rishis such as Bhrigu, Agastya, Vasishtha and others transversed the ancient world appearing in the Americans and Polynesia / Pacific (Patalalokas) as well as India and South-East Asia. Depending on their audiences, the teachings are modified.

The issue with such “grace manifestations”, or those born as a result of the grace of their past higher yogic samskaras (beyond the ordinary karmic), is when coming into human bodies with gross senses and sensory perceptions, such become like a light-bulb with an excess of current running through it. They can be geniuses, but can also often miss the obvious points. They have extremely creative minds, but deal with the primal causative factors and long-term effects rather than in the “now” and short-term effects of things, whether biological, historical or social or applied in any such manners.

They can often fight or launch ‘wars against wars’ themselves, seek to eliminate sometimes the deeper hidden or obscured aspects of society and social orders that the masses cannot always see due to their shorter vision, compared to the avatars and their penetrating visions. Humanity often gets caught up in waves of pop-culture or other sociopolitical trends, conspiracy theories and self-righteous attitudes as a result of their Catholic heritage and historical influence (instilling a socially-generated superiority complex). The avatars see the historical and even subtle causes behind these and how to eliminate them entirely, starting with the root, not simply seeking to aggravate it more inadvertently, nor to simply contain it for a small period or a palliative approach!

While the phenomenon of the New-Age ‘Indigo’ and ‘Crystal’ children doesn’t exactly match up to these avatars or voluntary incarnations of higher classifications of beings beyond the human or mundane world and earth-cycles of karma and samsara (of which they have often remained aloof, if not for thousands of years – thus undergo a culture-shock), there is a cultural similarity between the two. Here, even in the Bible, the so-called demonic race born from the union of the ‘Sons of God and daughters of man’ (Genesis, VI.4) relates to the ‘daughter’ as the manifest body and the ‘sons of God’ as the higher spiritual-world beings entering into them, which often causes a rebellious and highly unconventional attitude in society or deviations from the norm (required to transform society), such as we saw with the ancient Rishis of India, shamans of native faiths and also the avatars as Parashurama, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Buddha and others, who fought against the mainstream social trends, often violating (pseudo) traditional principles – or rather, those which were stated to be traditional but humans had corrupted and had to be restored to their original levels and orders.

In today’s world, much is often lost to us. Our way of transcribing and understanding the classical texts, their wisdom and meaning is often being reduced, even in more traditional lineages. In ancient times when this occurred, great Rishis and Acharyas such as Sri Dhanvantari Divodasa appeared and re-taught the ancient science of shalyatantra or surgery, which involved even complex methods such as eye and head transplants that are still impossible in medical science today. It reveals we have not “evolved”, but devolved as per the Vedic system – surgery itself came to us from the Hindus in the western culture historically.

Over time, many passages and teachings are updated and ignored. Even in our own training we may hear of or be referred to classical examples, but not learn them unless we turn out eyes to the classics and read them fully and thoroughly, creating our own understanding based on the existing and genetic principles. This is same for any system, whether yoga, ayurveda, jyotisha, tantra, vedanta etc. A vast wealth of knowledge awaits us and the intricacies of the ancient wisdom which we tone-down and pasteurise as per the times, but not necessarily seek to expand our minds to all available facets of the ancient vidya.

Here, the Rishis take birth and may impart the keys or even the entire systems to us. Others give examples of how to best trace back and understand as also employ this ancient knowledge, as manavacharyas or teachers of humanity in various epochs. Others have unique karmas known only to them alone and seek to teach and sometimes transform the world as per their own unique karma and even sometimes higher celestial missions from other planetary systems. We often ignore and miss the keys and hints that they give us, focusing rigidly on a few concepts alone which we become entrapped or entranced within, unable to see the bigger picture, which is often their purpose.

As noted, the western New-Age movement speaks of Indigo and Crystal Children that are misunderstood by humanity at large. While overall this concept has been taken too far and can be liberally applied, some of the features are similar to the avatars of the Rishis and Devas that do themselves find it difficult when dealing with an immature and often juvenile species such as humanity. They are also not used to the physical human body which as noted, has both limitations they are not used to, but also an entirely new range of sensory faculties, impulses, emotions etc. that are also foreign to them and which they must remain diligent in keeping under proper control.

For these reasons, the great ancient Rishis and Yogis sought their own kind in remote areas away from humanity at large or mainstream society. The more active of them such as the Brahmanical races also sought to keep their communities and thus teachings pure to avoid such being tainted. Some Rishis were born into these families, while others had a connection genetically with them and some even appeared outside them altogether – sometimes born with deeper para-human knowledge and abilities transcending the thousands of years of stagnation in our own current yuga or world-ages! For many, people in ages, especially in this current Kali-Yuga, when it began – let alone now, some 5119 years into it (in 2017), along with the asurika maya-shakti (darker illusory-energy of delusional quality) in an age of consumerism, both somewhat weird and unusual to them, and seeing beyond the deeper stratas or layers of the cosmic, let alone this localised worldly maya of this age, their only hope is to steer clear of all people – even often their own families. Thus, they become hermits. Others act as “mad men”, so people leave them alone, and they can remain aloof from society, even while dwelling in cities.

These Rishis and their insights penetrate into the inner-workings of even subtle and even causal worlds and their own levels of maya with their atmika-drishti or inner vision of the Self – what to speak of this physical plane and physical earth in a spiritually retarded, more tamasika or darker, delusional age of hypocrisy, strife and marketing! Seeing through the myriad of social constructs and their own sub-layers and tiers – they call these out, often to be maligned by the asurika society, which reacts, like all asuras do when their egotism is challenged – like a dog that has been kicked! We live in a society where we tell ourselves that we are ‘good people’ and if we do meditation, “mindfulness” and practice yoga, espouse the yamas and niyamas – that despite our own actions, we are still ‘good people’ irrespetive of what we do, who we vote for and what bad choices we make on a daily basis to help the social structure to crumble a bit more, due to our own egotism blinding true insight. It is the false reflection of the world of faux spirituality and one’s faux Self – the age-old metaphysical problem!

When we have a culture of superficiality, it generates a missionary-type regime in which teachings become so pasteurised, they lose their original focus, meaning and depth. As such enters the mainstream pop-culture, it starts to attack the culture it appropriated from originally. Catholicism did this with Judaism and today, American Yoga and Ayurveda movements do this with indigenous eastern philosophies and systems. We must go back to the original complete/integral systems and also learn them before we seek to become self-proclaimed missionaries or defenders, simply for public acclaim.

We can understand why historically, yogis kept to themselves and were often easily irritated, cantankerous and bad-tempered as with Shiva, Durvasa and others. It keeps the masses away and the true seekers alone near, protecting the deeper truths of dharma and tradition.

Hence often the difficulty understanding them and their ways is also more difficult for them than us, as they perceive us as a new species and the physical earth as a new planet and environment they are not habitually used to karmically. In both areas, it can take some time to adjust to them, which is why some also incarnate along with them as past sadhakas and companions to help them in the world. Others work alone. For many of them, due to their highly evolved karma and deeper knowledge (that few ever can even begin to understand or comprehend), they can be difficult or find society and mainstream relationships difficult. They cannot always control their own awareness around them, as their minds remain outside the mundane and physical world. They may also find themselves constantly questioning why, in this lifetime few acknowledge or revere them and find disrespect of native traditions so aberrant.

However we perceive them, we must honour their deeper jnana or knowledge and vision that they have and also what they are here to project and impart to humanity as a part of their grace while on earth – sometimes working out their own karmas, or as a kind of tapas or spiritual austerity.

In this way do the avatars and Rishis come and go on our planet as they have been for millions of years. They have been our guides, teachers and reformers and shall continue to be for many more!

OM Namah Shivaya!






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