The Light and the Dark: Temptation

By Durgadas, Ved Kovid.

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham.
All Rights Reserved.

The sin of temptation, wrapped as a golden apple that will bestow illumination and fortune – the proverbial Aphrodite or Lakshmi as the Philosopher’s Stone or Fountain of Youth often causes us to lose all sensory control and list after it – the shadow of the world and the darker reflection of inner Spirit and Truth.

The more we lust after it as it presents itself to us in various forms, the more we are susceptible to vulnerability. Does it prey on all, we may ask? No, not all or everyone – only those which it seeks to destroy through its insidious offers of power and pretentious offers of false-salvation!

It is true in all world faiths that the more you steer towards wisdom and light, the more darkness shall follow and seek to impede your plan as the natural shadow due to cause and effect. Yet, the more one embraces delusion, darkness, lusts after worldly riches, fame, fortune etc., the more you’re left alone by the dark shadows!

For this reason, the yogis sought the inner path and their close-knit society of ashramites, away from the world and social structure – even renouncing dharma-defending (politics) at times. The Church Fathers and others sought solace in their monasteries away from the world as well.

To balance both the spiritual and the worldly; to defend Truth and Light at all costs is a difficult task. It is much easier to remain distanced, totally detached from the world by remaining physically aloof from society!

To remain steadfast and have faith in any system remains a tough one. There are always many temptations, distractions and most of all adversaries (satans) that can cause even a temporal or prolonged period of separation from our true inner nature, being or reality (our prarabdha-karma or our karmic destiny as shaped by our past-deeds and grace). We may ourselves also fall from the position of even satya (truth), shraddha (faith) and sthira (stability) at times. We may question and waiver.

Whatever our religion or path, we must adhere to our inner ideals of righteousness – not superimposing our views upon the world, but seeking to restore truth where the balance has been upset by falsehood and delusion. We must perform our spiritual disciplines, whether namazpooja, mantra or prayer and seek to constantly remember that such a thing as grace does exist!

There is the ancient maxim “Faith moves mountains”.  We seek to think that we alone can know the mysteries of the cosmos without going within (which can mean different things for different faiths). We can get caught up in the semantics of debate and lose all focus of true reason and rationale that are our birth-given rights to hold on to and reclaim as humans. We should never forget this.

The ever-present forces of the asuras (negative forces) are not to be derided or forgotten. In fact, it is at times when we seek to challenge their very existence and foundation that they can affect us and cause us distress, directly or indirectly.

Jesus was said to be tempted by Satan, just as the Buddha was by Mara. The yogis of India were plagued by temptations of Indra and others who would allure them with riches and women. To err is human, but to think one is above temptation, is ignorance!

Seek in life and in spiritual practice, whatever your spiritual inclinations, to surround yourself with and keep company with people filled with discernment and empathy – do not surround yourself with the sociopath or confuse the sociopath for the asura holding the pot of gold at your door. Otherwise, you may be quite quickly short-changed!

Cultivate strength, cultivate vigilance and most of all, cultivate faith!




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