Wise Words of the Guru

By Durgadas, Ved Kovid, AYT

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham,
All Rights Reserved.

Several years ago, my Guru told me that I did not need to bother about European ‘Vedics’ and should be cautious working with them due to their natures. While I ignored this for many years, I gradually saw a further decline and disrespect as also a greater self-entitled nature within Europeans.


When I state Vaidika, Bharatiya or Hindu, I actually refer to all native people who I see as the same. They have had a continuous and uninterrupted connection with the inner worlds and sacred earth traditions for thousands of years. Regrettably, the Middle-East and Europe has not had this, which has been disconnected and dogmatic for thousands of years. Simply wishing that within a few decades or even a few generations will obscure the samskaras and genetic as also socio-cultural traits of the past is merely wishful thinking on their behalf! We can also understand here why the Jewish Rabbis, like the Brahmins of India maintained control over the sacred lore and teachings so as they remained pure, original and free of outside misinterpretation and distortions and also why few, if any were ever let into their faiths which were very rare or extraordinary examples alone.

I have written on this extensively in my books over the past decade, including addressing issues such as the Christocentric samskara as I call it in the Yogic communities (which has often plagiarised by many Yoga teachers, trying to impress students!). The second is the Germano-Keltic samskara that I shall address here!

The European mind remains somewhat unstable. Within that despite their later role in history, the Teutonic races that wish to be included as part of the “Aryan” stock are further removed from them. The Latins, Greeks, Hindus, Persians and original Kelts were all of a darker Mediterranean stock. Some now also see the Germanic languages (hence their inflections) as being originally Finnic tongues that were Teutonic people ‘Aryanised’ by contact with other IE peoples [1]. We know Gaelic people as the Scots received many genetic traits from the Germanic tribes via successive invasions. This also would explain more their zeal to”fit in” and assert their Nordic claims as also with the coming of Roman Catholicism that gave them a newly-found superiority complex that continues to assert itself to this day. Original Keltic people, such as swarthy strains found among the Welsh also suggest this [2] [3].


For this reason, I have looked back to the original Brahmin systems of Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotisha, Vedanta etc. as even opposed to the internal corruptions within India in later times with the advent of Islam and later Christianity. While many westerners today quote many authorities, they do so in a dogmatic and monotonous manner as they have been conditioned with the one book (Bible), one God and one philosophy for all. They quote one Guru and his words and apply that to all spheres, whether scientific, social, political or philosophical and thus out of context like a Christian missionary trying to equate everything to “The Bible”. It also falls outside what is socially and culturally contextual given a time and place in history – as the Old Testament was the historical record of the Jewish people, not of the Europeans. Similarly, the arguments of many modern Swamis and Gurus in India against Islam and Christianity were tailored and suited for western audiences at the time of Colonial rule when both religions sought to overpower Hinduism and were aimed at Indian (Hindu) ears. Thus, applying such to western arguments (as politics) is like trying to make everyone a vegan or vegetarian when one’s genetic heritage has been habituated to meats – something which the Ayurvedic texts of India caution and state such is relative to satmya or local suitability, customs etc. alone – not a one size-fits all as the Europeans have implemented since misappropriating the Hebrew Bible!

Such thinking is not Hindu, that requires debate and also a study of numerous texts, numerous systems and commentaries of numerous sciences that are held as authentic. Our Gurus have done this, but sadly only a small angle of their work is read and quoted in the western (European) world as they become offended by other statements and operate on a “pick and chose” system of psychological or emotional partiality, usually as their social conditioning allows.

Here, the idea of the varnas or the specific castes with specific gunas or qualities within the Hindu system and also other ancient cultures becomes useful. It understands that both genetic traits in bloodlines through castes were kept pure via diet, lifestyles and recitation of the original unpasteurised traditions and passed on in this manner. It understood that the socio-economic background of say non-military and non-spiritual people (while some rare examples did exist outside of these) shaped the person’s psychology and thus ability to comprehend the traditions according to their social maturity. It is the old story that you wouldn’t for example want a surgeon taking drugs to perform an operation! The ancient cultures looked at such factors deeper, relative to genetic biology and psychology of such behavioural patterns, diets and food or impressions of a family over generations and what sort of people it would breed; whether such were fit for other professions. One brought up in a kshatriya or military background of several generations for example and trained in such from an early age would be better suited here than say, one who discovered such and wished to take it up outside these influences and at a later stage in life (as we see Europeans doing with native faiths).

Some also have made excuses. American culture and psychology, I am sad to say is full of hyperbole! Many Americans invent nonsense to make people believe them, but such does not match their actual knowledge. They are superficial and are more copy-cats than being actually original. America is the land of franchisation and marketing. Even in the so-called spiritual people, it is all about marketing and advertising. Some even market themselves speaking against “Vedic marketing” and how bad it is – they earn they money by pretending to be a Guru in a darkened society by maligning others when it is the old story of the pot calling the kettle black! They have no organic roots within traditions, nor authority to speak on them or represent them to the degree that they do, due to their immaturity.

Many also use the culturally misappropriated terms such as Kali-Yuga, especially in so-called Satanic groups, as if a slur against the Christian world. The irony is that the Vedic would see both as being spiritually immature, limited in outlook plus also equating the Kali-Yuga to the Eurocentric view of “end times” and such that arose with Roman Christianity! Other issues we see, as I often have, are modern Yoga-teachers who pick up a book about Ayurveda and arrogantly think they can discern a ‘psychosomatic’ type by ‘dosha’ (itself used in an oxymoronic sense here), ignoring even the variations between psyche, somatic type and disease as other factors as in Ayurvedic examinations. Such then become stereotypes and butcher the entire system.

This year alone in Canada, I was described as being possibly as informed about Ayurveda as a Yoga teacher who referred to me, who had not studied the science and made repetitive blunders when trying to equate dosha stereotypes and superimpose such upon the psyche! Such are examples of the Eurocentric gene!

Others mix systems up and reinvent forms of Hinduism to match with already distorted and inorganic western forms of native spirituality such as pan-African spirituality in the Caribbean which has been infused with Catholicism or with Hindu movements such as ISKCON that have strong Islamo-Christian influences. They then claim these as “authentic”, when it is clearly not and is a tainted and distorted view of an original system – just as Christianity (or the cult of Caesar) is of Judaism and older Essene traditions with a hint of Persian Mithraism and Buddhist morality. Others market their breed of Tantra as ‘authentic’, when it is nothing more than then regurgitation of western authors such as Aleister Crowley and other schizophrenic sociopaths or psychopaths! While this sounds ludicrous, this is what is being taught. There is no real respect for tradition. Others that have at times claimed to have received specific astral or distant initiations and visions within their native traditions will decry them on the other hand and at other times, revealing their non-sincerity within these traditions and actual mockery of them.

It reveals as the Brahmins and Rabbis showed, that certain people outside are too immature to appreciate and honour the true teachings and are embarrassed to carry their torch to the masses. Sure, in private they say all sorts of things, but in the public arena they are too scared to put themselves out and expose the original native traditions as they are rather than their culturally misappropriated avatars of them that they disguise under the “traditional” banner! Some even equate themselves as kshatriyas -but unlike the true Indian kshatriyas and Brahmins who would stand up for satya-dharma (doctrine of truth) at all costs, these plebs simply espouse what will get their post more “likes” and “re-tweets” in the social-media sphere, unable to really upset the apple cart – then dare to label themselves ‘heretic’, ‘daring’ and ‘outspoken’ and most of all, ‘traditional’. Considering all this, I no longer blame the likes of Yogananda and others that wished for an authentic vision to have cashed in and superficialised the teachings.

It is only a handful that can grasp such at any rate. Tradition stated even non-Brahmins should have good qualities, which people today do not possess. They are more obsessed with their bodies and being hipsters and being seen to live the “Green Lifestyle” rather than to stand up and defend any real tradition beyond their pet Gurus such as Crowley, Isherwood, Blavatsky and others. Others wish to be seen as a part of a traditional lineage so that, when challenged on their New-Age and pasteurised ideals, can quote their historical lineage, as if it absolves them from their ignorance and transgression of misappropriation.

In my view however, that doesn’t wash with me. I am happy to have no students or sadhakas that numerous useless and egotistical ones. We can understand here why many yogis – even in vaidika let alone today’s times without Europeans and living in a purely Brahmin-respecting Hindu society left it for the caves and forests and did not care for the world, creating vairagya or detachment. We can understand why many native people as the Polynesians lived in harmony without outside contact and where it occurred, with other native cultures; we can also grasp why Sri Aurobindo wished to cease seeing people in his own ashrama and appearing once a year at his annual darshana, as also why Sri Ramana Maharishi wished to leave his own ashrama thrice.

All I can say is, I know the feeling – plus I should have listened deeper to the true words of my Guru regarding the European (mainly Americana) mindset! Life-lesson learnt!

OM Namah Shivaya!


1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanic_substrate_hypothesis

2. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-18489735

3. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/what-dna-might-tell-history-7838962


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