The True Voice of Dharma

By Durgadas, Ved Kovid, AYT


“Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions, and rest assured, the world will be at your feet. They say “have faith in the fellow or that fellow”, but I say, “Have faith in yourself first,” that’s the way.”

-Swami Vivekananda


I am often seen as controversial, cantankerous and often even direct to the point of being unapologetically arrogant, opinionated and somewhat obnoxious! However, in order to defend the Vedic-dharma against the myriad of delusional spectacles posing falsely as “traditionalists”, what real hope is there unless one develops a defense-mechanism?

We live in an age of lies, false and half-truths in which we create some kind of dream-world of infinite reflective convex-mirrored delusions, rather than stare reality in the face itself. We wish to create a band-aid or veil approach to the truth, as we are too scared to embrace it and instead further allow the negative transmutation of society from the very roots of our own soul-independence and intellectual freedom, built upon viveka, nyaya, jnana etc. Swami Virajananda and his student Swami Dayananda as also others such as Swami Vivekananda were lions of the truth opposed to the “love and light” delusions of falsehood, making no excuses for their behaviour to defend satya (truth) over asatya (falsehood) – what also rings true with Shankaracharya’s own triumphant nature over Hindu socialism (Buddhism and Jainism) that started the anti-Brahmanical ball rolling for later Islamists, Marxists and Christian missionaries with their distorted view of Brahmins as the wealthy – what were actually wealthy vaishyas (merchants) as thakurs (landlords) of India as also kshatriyas (kings, military rulers and politicians), not poor Brahmins who were often exploited!

On being outspoken, Swami Vivekananda in his Introductory chapter on his Raja Yoga commentary to the Yoga Sutras stated:

It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite. The modern idea, on the one hand, with the “learned” is that religion and metaphysics and all search after a Supreme Being are futile; on the other hand, with the semi-educated, the idea seems to be that these things really have no basis; their only value consists in the fact that they furnish strong motive powers for doing good to the world.

Here, he is completely right and why his words always resonated with me and why I resonated with his works and others as Aurobindo, Dayananda etc. over other modern Gurus and teachers such as Sivananda, Yogananda, Iyengar, Satya Sai Baba and the rest, who appeared as spineless and lacking substance to me, in addition to being tainted with the Christian brush! I am more in favour of Subhash Chandra BoseVeer Savarkar and others than Gandhi, who I always despised as a poison of India like his henchman, Nehru.

Sadly however, few actually take the time to read, explore, reflect and study such works and expand upon them and instead quote Aurobindo or Vivekananda or even Sri Ramana and others without understanding the vast nature of their work or multi-faceted nature of it.

People culturally rape the anglicised form of Sanskrit “Vaidika” (‘Vedic’) as a kind of validation for their weird views and philosophies squished through the philosophical sausage-press of Christocentrisms, but haven’t actually studied the real (or any) tradition at all, or they’d realise the value of debate and also the aggressive nature of historical Yogis and Rishis that wasn’t the kind of peaceful samaritanised Gandhian-style image we see with modern-day pop-Gurus and the likes who have traded in the traditional stance and temperament of Hinduism for the Gandhian model that appeals to the samaritanism of Eurocentric minds better. Sadly, I don’t conform to this, and instead follow the stance as tradition reveals and as I was also taught in my own family tradition- which was harsh and aggressive, not a feather-blanket style blissful experience as the modern “Vedics” portray it to be!

Apart from the views Aurobindo and Savarkar had on Gandhi, their spirit represents that f a true Hindu – confrontational over cowardice! They were outspoken. Many Brahmin Rishis including Bhrigu and Durvasa were known in ancient times for their rage, as also Vasishtha and Parashurama, who sought vengeance for attacks on their ashrams and people. The Rishis’ curses basically shaped India – Vishnu’s avatars themselves would not have taken place if it were not for them – we forget even Sri Krishna cursed his own son, Samba with leprosy! We also forget that the forest-dwelling vanaras, that included Hanuman and Surgriva also took up arms to fight for dharma and gain back Rama’s wife, Sita Devi (earth personified) and thus reinstate dharma across the globe, that was under threat by Ravana, the Brahmin-tyrant of Sri Lanka.

Yet, today people wish to follow a Jainicised or Buddhicised pasteurised form of Hinduism and call it “Vedic” – what Veer Savarkar’s brethren would term as “sissies”! True Vedic Hindus fought and often transgressed social taboos where necessary – as in the case of Brahmanicide when Indra killed Vritrasura and Rama killed Ravana – or when the Brahmin, Parashurama adopted the garb of a kshatriya or warrior, to eliminate the entire kshatriya race that had become corrupt and destructive to humanity (much like Islamic militants today)!

The True Vedic versus The Modern:

The Vedic path was a battleground of debate through logic and reason. It was the sharp sword of truth in a world of complex co-dependent illusions and delusions. Defending the foundations ahimsa is based upon is about fighting for that which breaks down its walls,not those that appear to represent and uphold it, but which are the true falsehood lurking in the dark shadows of the world causing it’s decay!  This means we must fight when it’s walls are compromised. That is what Krishna recommended in the Mahabharata War, even between family members (or it would never have occurred); the Rishis fought, as did Rama and even Parashurama sought justice for injustices caused to the Brahmins of his day through the corrupt kshatriya races!

While the females today preach ahimsa, Hatha-Yoga formed a part of the system designed to create Ninja-Warriors of India to fend off the threat of India’s Vedic and Yoga (Hindu) traditions by sending them forth into Sindh, Central Asia and the Middle-East to purge the threat caused by Islam. They didn’t sit with a carkha creating textiles waiting for some grace to descend or appeal to the emotionalism of one’s enemies as Gandhi and his band of modern-day freaks!

Here, the reality however is that if one is a socialist, a Christian or Islamic apologetic, social justice warrior or wishes to denigrate or deride Vedic culture in a closet-Colonialist, New-Age or other culturally misappropriating manner, then you do have something to fear!

Yet, who wishes really to fall down the mine-shaft of delusions generated by belief in the false cosmic progenitor, Jehovah and his brethren as seen not through the eyes of the Jews, but the Christians and Muslims who misappropriated their teachings? Is it not better to completely annihilate and nuke the root of the cancer completely rather than live in the delusion that some remnant remaining will not cause future malignancy? This is my aim and the manner in which I work.

I remain unapologetic for my stance. Call me all the names you will – as I admit what I am and what is my stance and for what purpose. Arrogant – yes, opinionated, definitely! Do I deny any of this? No. Do you and therefore hypocritically cast the stone at me? That needs to be thought out!

When something is started, we have a duty to see it out and complete the task. It sometimes takes even numerous lifetimes. We may give up in pursuit and develop vairagya (detachment), however as long as the will exists to restore it, at least – or rather, keep it alive in some manner for those with awakened minds.

However, we do not need west-coast liberals from the USA misappropriating our traditions like Colonialist Masters and telling us what our texts state, according to their Gospel of Christ! These people belonged to the same wicked traditions that burnt pagans alive and conquered foreign lands in the name of “God” – and now, after all of this self-destructive behaviour, have the audacity to not only appropriate our sacred traditions we’ve striven hard to defend and retain – but to have complete command over them and malign us, as they did with the Jews, after appropriating their Bible! “Psychopath” and “narcissist” comes to mind! Or rather, an inferiority complex as this Celto-Germanic brood, from which most of them arise, derived almost their entire culture as it stands today from the Romans, as far as civilisation goes!

These people, remember, only wish to exchange their Church for the mandir, not embrace the culture and contexts of the latter. They lust after an “edited Hinduism” which resonates with their Christocentric dogmas of yore – hence their love and support for Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda’s words on Jesus and the Bible, Sril Prabhupada and his devotional-cult towards Krishna as Godhead and Jesus having a place there – and others, as far-fetched as Jesus being a Buddhist Monk! They just cannot let go! Thus, the deeper shades and facets of Hinduism that lie beyond the crib of Christ and their beloved Jehovah and unique concept of Saviour-hood – they cannot grasp and so malign, like a Dalek or Nazi that must implement pest-control towards anything not reflective of their vain image and myopic world and convert them into their own world-image, or destroy them! There is no other way.

Embracing the Poison of Truth:

One of the major issues today of facing the truth is the poisons of such. We’re afraid of being imperfect and of retrospective vision. We’re brought into a world dominated by Christian views of a God who will love and forgive us no matter what we do, if we believe in him. But what if this world is false? What of the philosophy we cling to at a subliminal / subconscious or even unconscious level while emotionally denying it, is a lie?

People are afraid of Kali as she’s wrathful and death, as also personifying (our limited) time within any lifetime. As Hindus, we don’t pretend death is something magical and blissful, but as a part of life and transition to the next. We know we all must face Kali (mrityu aur samay) and we also feel that God should be epitomised in angelic form, not as a threat to our ego and existence or worse – the raw truth that we create our own destiny and have shaped even this life by our own samskaras and will, not by some “plan” of some God that is all a lie?

In yoga traditions, Brahman is the formless, Impersonal Truth of many forms. He is not “God”, and is the goal and also inner being of us all. He has no “plan” or “destiny” for our lives – we have shaped these according to our own descent of consciousness, actions (karmas) and samskaras or traits gained accordingly, as a result of our own avidya (ignorance) or vidya (wisdom). We are masters of our own destiny and lords of our own karma and futures. We don’t need a ‘God’ to hold our hands, or a Satan or blame for our misfortunes we’ve personally set in motion for ourselves, as per our own karmic maps.

The very foundations of this is why people deny truth as it hurts. It is like a poison in our modernist culture of plastic and meaningless pleasantries based on social etiquette rather than genuine feelings!

As with Kali, when we encounter something foreign to these ideals and opposed to our mental constructs that we’re “God’s chosen people”, our self-entitled nature is questioned and even threatened. We cling to it for grim death on one hand and tell ourselves and others we’re ” enlightened ” on the other, afraid of losing our ego for the Self, itself reflecting nothing but the named truth!

As the mighty Roman Empire grew, humanity couldn’t accept responsibility for their own actions, so created a scapegoat lie in which God sacrificed his own son to redeem humanity from it’s sins. Karmic transferal with no personal responsibility! But, there was a catch. Any outside this belief or not adhering to it would be persecuted as heretics. Why? As the more adherents one has, the more the false belief is propagated and assured the Emperor and aristocrats they, despite their nefarious actions, will be rewarded with eternal salvation!

We live in a world of mithya (falsehood) and lies of which we are happy to embrace. We wish to listen to what we want to hear rather than what is the truth (the forbidden). “You can’t say that!” say people, as on one hand they are engaged in backbiting and on the other they play the Samaritan card and are afraid of confrontation with the truth!

My motto is this: I’ll tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear rather than lie to you and appease your mind about what you want to hear!

Gone are the days when we called a spade a spade! Now it’s the era of criticising and attacking those who do and then further maligning them when they seek to defend themselves or warn others about the dangers of following the shadowy reflection of truth called falsehood, a global creed or epidemic!

Sadder still is that we live in an age of likes and what is trending rather than embrace these ideals ourselves in the public forum at all costs. People will undoubtedly “like” this article, but inwardly will continue with their hypocritical inconsistencies within their own lives, afraid of public opinion and the damage it may do to their morale, image etc. I care not for that!

This is also in many ways why people fear Trump and the left is left juggling constantly. He’s unapologetic and to the point; – yes, he’s a politician and they’re all after the gravy-train of fame and power and they do lie, all of them do! The question is, would you rather have the naked truth behind it before they’re elected, or afterwards?  Here, Trump grazes many with his speeches which like many contains admixtures – yet he stands apart here as having the ability to stand up for the truth we don’t want to hear, at all costs. Surely in the greater scheme of things, that’s an admirable and rare quality that at the very least, deserves our ear!

In closing, let me quote again from the wise Swami Vivekananda:

“It is a tremendous truth that if there be real worth in you, the more are circumstances against you, the more will that inner power manifest itself”.


-Swami Vivekananda

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