‘Coming Out’ as Vegan or Vegetarian.

By Durgadas

So, just a warning – you might want to take your PC brakes off for this one, puppies!

For a start, before we go any further, let me state that vegetarianism is ancient. However, it was suited only to certain types in India, not everyone and within that, certain castes as southern Brahmins. Some communities in Northern and Eastern India would eat fish and meats. Even though Indians, they didn’t adopt the diet of southern Brahmins (where the weather is more tropical making harder to digest tubers, roots and leafy greens easier).

Yet today, the Europeans want to pretend to supersede the shastric logic and even Indians themselves who historically stuck to their own respective dietary requirements as per their bodies, diseases and local suitabilities and pretend to be vegetarian Brahmins of southern India. Now, how weird, not to mention offensive is that?

Whitey McWhiteface becomes a vegetarian and attempts what even the Kashmiri would not relative to diets! And why? To brag!

“Mum, Dad…there’s something I errm….want to tell you. Well, it’s that I am, well…I am vegan! I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I can’t give you bacon and eggs when I grow up! Not even eggs on toast!”

Welcome to the wonderfully insane world of veganism / vegetarianism. Yet another product of society like “social sexuality” I have touched on before.

Yes – it’s the all-new gay (as if being L, G, B,or T wasn’t enough). Yikes! I almost broke out into singing Y-M-C-A then! Being Gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans, feminist, socialist or a Yoga teacher isn’t enough for our society today. They have to top it with veganism (stupid vegetarianism) or raw food diets, paleo etc.

If you don’t believe me – watch the video below:

The Katering Show – “Ethical Eating”

Really though, who cares? Nobody really, except Hollywood celebrities and sports stars etc. that have cashed in on delaying the announcement of their latest Maserati in the media for stating they have “gay friends” (it’s the human form of their accessory dog or chihuahua) or even more extreme – that they’re (heaven forbid!) vegan / vegetarian! Like we care. Do we care? I know I certainly don’t! It is simply about being on a moral high-ground, as vegetarianism and veganism are commonly seen to contradict their own ethos in today’s industrial world of harvesting!

I mean, what is a label and sexuality anyway compared to food choices? Fifty Shades of Grey and people go all gaga over it as they once did in the colonial era with the discovery of India’s Kama Sutra – which caused the crazy New-Age woman down the road to start operating a “spiritual sexuality” business from. No please, let me stop you right there for those women in their fifties who are having ideas about this now! Just don’t!

And that’s it really. It’s not about the environment or saving animals, it’s about how big one’s ego can swell and marketing techniques of one’s self as a trump card at a party. Self-marketing and branding is everything. And veganism has replaced the allure of baking macarons and cupcakes. Yep, those fads are over!

Oh sorry, I can’t eat that! I’m vegan” (which I deliberately forgot to mention before coming to a BBQ, knowing full well you eat eggs and dairy as a vegetarian!). Oh yeah, as a vegan, I also didn’t bring my own faux meat such as Quorn patties and sausages to the BBQ. Why? So I am the centre of attention! Quite simple, really. Lacto-vegetarianism, we can stomach (no pun intended) as it’s been around for literally thousands of years in India and East Asia. But, even the excessive “I am a vegetarian” statements get a little overbearing, while veganism is “super-vegetarianism” for those with an even bigger ego.

Maybe some were vegan from a young age as mummy (mommy for those Americans who can’t spell) used to go on a crack and alcohol binge and so couldn’t afford meat and dairy. So, we became vegan!

For others, it’s simply self-adulatory. Simply patting one’s self on the back publicly to show that you’re enlightened and thus being vegan on moral grounds also makes you a chief authority on all wisdom, especially social, ecological and philosophical – whether you are or not. “I’m vegan” after all.

So yes, it’s like Christianity where you can murder someone and claim you’re a Christian now and are redeemed by a zombie who couldn’t save himself from a few nails! Logical, indeed!

I recently saw a thread where people starting posting vegan dietary articles and then stating “I don’t believe everyone should be vegan”. Why say it then? Why do we care? Oh, that’s right, you’re proselytising through subliminal messaging. Well done! Jesus would be like…so proud of you!

Let me state one thing. I don’t care what you eat and nor does anyone else for that matter. But when you start shouting your superiority from the rooftops, it gets a bit much as it did in the old days when Christians pestered people about the ‘Good Word’. Exactly – everyone to their own, but don’t bother us with your issues. We have enough of our own, thanks!

There are ways to be vegan and vegetarian healthily but such depends on background factors and other substances. Yet, I doubt our culture that believes sticking needles in people cures diseases is going to be successful at implementing such regimes.

Just as drinking one’s own urine can historically have effects in proper practice, but still an odd approach and not a popular one.

As a closing note, it would suffice to say that urotherapy as the name suggests in itself is a good example we see that the modern culture is simply taking the…


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