Islamic Apologetics

The problem with defending Islam is that you call anything an “isolated case”. But, how many “ isolated cases” do we need to turn a blind eye to before it becomes a real problem in our society?

Look from Africa across the Middle East, up into Central Asia and South Asia. Islam is now the dominant faith there by force. India survived as it fought back. But, was Hinduism intolerant?

No! This is why the greatest number of Zoroastrian adherents existed in Mumbai not their Iranian homeland. Jews also sought refuge in India as also Buddhists, Jain’s, Sikhs and numerous Hindu sects more alienated from one another philosophically than Judaism is to Islam or is to Catholicism, exist in perfect harmony!

Hence the question naturally arises, should we be shoving our heads in the sand and calling out so-called actual isolated fundamentalists of other faiths when we know Islam is and has historically been more violent, aggressive and intolerant?

If simply Mohammud of Ghazni was simply the only invader of India, then we have an isolated case. But, the continuous threat of Islam upon not just India, but the world is something we need to take active note of here! Have we forgotten the crusades?

Relative to Hinduism, let us also ask some questions about Islam and whether we should be fighting it or not. How many are aware of the threat to Hinduism Islam is causing in Kerala, or of Dr. Zakir Naik and his threats to Vedic dharma due to his lies about the [Vedic] culture?

If, when the kshatriyas of the earth became too aggressive and started killing people due to their aggressive nature and threatened the safe-haven of the world we lived in, Parashurama arose, renounced his Brahmanical robes and assumed the role of a kshatriya, creating the system of martial-arts and eliminating their threat like a cancer (where if the root exists, it can still spread), what does this day we should do about Islamic threats today?

If Rama the kshatriya and Hanuman the great Seer both also fought against the Brahmin, Ravana for his crimes in ancient times and Rama, killing Ravana (though a Brahmin!), is revered as the ideal human, what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?If Krishna urged Arjuna and the Kauravas to go to war with their own family members, due to violation of dharma and aggressive ways – and his Yogic words are espoused by Yoga communities in the West today, then what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?

If the Buddha purged the merciless sacrifices of animals in India to protect them and created a system whereby people were prosecuted by the state for doing so, what to speak of harm against humans forcefully, what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today? If, when Islamic leaders failed to chastise their own people in India for crimes against Hindus, there arose the underground mafias such as the thugs to chastise them and take matters into their own hands for justice, what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?

If Gorakshanatha came out of his Yogic slumber and protected the cattle, women and dharma of India by sending agile warriors (Gurkhas) westwards to fend off Islamic threats and later, Sikhism arose with the last Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh creating warriors to purge India of their threats along with numerous Sikhs who lost their lives to Islam, the “religion of peace”, then what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?

If Shivaji and the Vijayanagara Empire created brave warriors in their armies to defend Hinduism and India against Islamic threats, along with the aforementioned Sikhs, Gurkhas as well as others as Rajput warriors – having not done so, there’d be no Sikhism, no Hinduism, no Yoga, no Ayurveda, no Tantra today without this necessary raksha-dharma (dharma of defending one’s self or protection), then what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?Swami Rama Tirtha had stated that Islam through its history has been misunderstood by leaders and scholars and has become violent; if when asked about non-violence, Sri Aurobindo replied to Gandhi’s son ““what would you do if the Afghan King decides to invade India? meet it with your charkas (spinning wheels)?”, then what does this say we should do about Islamic threats today?

Everyone wants to pretend to be a warrior or a Hatha-Yogi – which arose itself from a militant-stance against Islam, but nobody really wants to embody te spirit of the Yogi or Rishi, that is, to stand up for dharma and defend it!

What does this mean today for dharma and what does it mean for westerners superimposing their samaritan complexes? By sitting idly by and allowing Islam to consume innocent people with their “Yogic socialism” and blindness, they are turning their back upon the very origins and tenets that Yoga, Sikhism, Tantra and all sought to protect!

Note the same here also goes for my views about Christianity (historically). However, today Christianity has failed to be a real violent threat in the world any more than a social parasite – hence, the true enemy I wish to address here is the CONTINUAL violence and aggression of Islam since its very inception, which has not ceased and continues to gain momentum if we merely bury our heads in the sand…

Wake up people!

Jai Ma Kalika!



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