Yoga and Sexual Labels

By Durgadas, Veda Kovid, AYT
Ayu. Clin, Ayu. Pharm, AMPKT, AMBT, ALC

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham / Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd.

All Rights reserved.

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Today people are obsessed over labels, personalities and also their sexuality and gender. It has become somewhat a culture of exploitation where people see their gender and sexuality as something to become attached to in this life, failing to see the yogic implications of such attachments, rather than understanding the deeper factors at play.

For a deeper discussion on “Sexuality within Hinduism”, please note my article on such here. This compliments the statements here, where such can be correlated relative to genetics and other factors.

The Myth of Sexuality:

The LGBT community (or movement) today has sought to separate itself from the mainstream of society and sadly as a form of cultural elitism rather than social and cultural awareness. It is much like modern-fads as Paleos, Vegans, Vegetarians and others who adopt such regimes more out of a social standing rather than a true inner pull and desire.

I’ve noted before about “social sexuality“, which appears to be going in very different directions these days. There is indeed genetic sexuality which even Ayurveda admits and then there is social-sexuality, which is more or less based upon personal egotism and social influences. Sociopathic traits also appear to manifest in such behaviour – and then we have our sexual deviants outside these.

Bisexuality itself appears largely as a myth. I think based upon our society today which is largely promiscuous, that many men feel “the urge” and often think satisfying it with other men will be somehow more discreet than with women. We have LGBT labels everywhere.

The question is, are we forcing such upon our kids?

The answers is a big fat yes! Today, everyone takes notice of Hollywood actors and aspires to be like them. This impacts us on both a conscious and subconscious level – How to be noticed! As they say – ‘any publicity is good publicity!’ The number of “out” bisexual actors in Hollywood today influences us as a society as a whole, as noted on both a conscious and subconscious level of programming and social conditioning from children to young adults to adulthood. From Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga [1] on the female side to Alan Cumming, Tom Hardy, the late David Bowie [2] on the male side has allowed such to be so “socially acceptable” and a kind of trump-card, that even those such as Josh Hutcherson [3] now appear to be using such “I could be bisexual” techniques to gain the sympathy card of followers!

Not surprisingly most recently the American sitcom Modern Family decided to cast a transgendered actor [4]. Now, this is fine – but not when we read that the individual concerned is an 8-year old child! What? Yes – really! And the best part is that she (now identifying as “he”) has ‘two mothers’. I smell and LGBT rat here!

Trust me, I have no issue with people who identify as L, G, B or T, however when it comes to an eight-year old child with two parents of the same sex, we do have to wonder

(a) How much of this is picked up from the parents

(b) Is this pushed by the two mothers to have a child to brag about?

The point I am making here is this; once upon a time when we felt egotistical, we just went on a little rampage. Yet, now society tells us how we must act, dress, what cars we should have, what houses – and even what relationships! Advertising does this also with perfect smiles, perfect bodies and perfect looks, subliminally programming us!

As a result, the egotists today jump on various band-wagons from paleo, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and other dietary regimes or take up yoga and pilates as teachers, since such is a talking point at the local country club! It has naught to do with ethical living and health and more to do with pricing such off the market for those in need (such as people actually suffering from celiac who, thanks to the new wave of egotistical women and lipstick lesbians, GF products have been inflated). The same is with vegans and their beloved quinoa, which is becoming difficult to afford for the native Peruvian and Bolivian farmers!

Such becomes a social fad and such groups and organisations that stand apart as social justice missionaries simply proselytise these insidious ideas outside the average Joe who gets on with his life, doesn’t make a fuss about what he eats (whether he be a vegetarian or eats meat) or who he sleeps with!

If one is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans-gendered, one does not have to conform to these dictatorial societies and their regimes, any more than Hindus need to with their organisations or true Yogis need to be members of egotistical organisations such as the Yoga Alliance.

Here, sexuality is a myth alone and seeks to bind us to the temporal and culturally-conditioned world around us in which we are born. This here is in the form of the world of mithya or falsehood, which is the social substratum that seeks to cause us bondage to names, forms and appearances while identifying with the mind-body complex and not even addressing or understanding one’s predicament from the karmic or genetic point of view to aid in understanding.

Here, like other Social Justice Warriors and all Socialists, such groups as the LGBT societies and others on the other spectrum such as religious organisations with their homophobic nature, both actually fall outside the mainstream of society.

As with yogis in the Himalayas and forests of India or even the average Hindu or the Ayurvedic Vaidya who doesn’t need to state he belongs to some Yoga Community (sangha) or Ayurvedic Organisation to boost his ego and reveal to the world their egotism – so also one needs not parade one’s sexuality, but one should also not be victimised for it either – just as religion is also personal. While the hypocritical religious preachers from all religions parade their faith and force their own personal ‘doctrine’ down everyone’s throat, so the extremist LGBT community does so as well – whereas the average person of LGBT persuasion simply lives their life in peace as the Yogi in India does aloof from these egotistical trends – and as Hindus, Jains and Buddhists don’t march around the world shouting their faith from rooftops to claim some sort of cultural superiority as the self-entitled religious or ‘spiritual’ people do!

The Soul (Atman) and Sexuality:

Strictly speaking, the soul has no sexuality or gender. Due to various forms of karmic conditioning due to residual impressions (samskaras) in any one given lifetime, these come out and also are seen in the physical genetic structure accordingly.  In the yogic system, there is no kismet or fate / destiny as all arises from our own actions – which can also be reversed as well. Here, we need not play the social victim as the Social Justice Warrior pretender here! Yoga would see such as baddha (bondage) of the soul and avidya or ignorance where one is enamored by the allures and false-appearance of [social structure of] the world.

The soul can take both male and female and hermaphrodite forms as we see in the various Hindu gods and goddesses to the forms such as Ardhanarishwara who comprise both. Vishnu has taken both male and also female (as Mohini,the enchantress) forms. It represents the formless, gender-less and thus asexual self that lies beyond any physical or social distinctions which are impermanent and but fleeting moments in one’s life alone.

Yoga and Ayurveda both have their own views regarding sexuality, in a more enlightened medical and karmic manner, however, relative to one’s own karma. Here, one should live their lives normally as yogis or as per one’s dharma, not falling prey to the false-world of egotism such as in Yoga, LGBT and other socialistic groups that actually appear as spiritual and hopeful, but of which are filled with egotism within themselves. Rather than helping members to become individuals, it wishes to, as with Catholicism and Islam, thwart the viveka or discrimination of people and streamline them into one line of thought – projection of ego over gaining social acceptance.

It is true however that some groups are better than others in spreading awareness and universal tolerance. Yet, they often neglect the deeper aspects of karma and genetics here, as also forgot to allow the freedom to promote individuality – which here is all about the genderless baddhajiva or bound soul’s return and innate wisdom. It has freedom in itself and must allow it’s own samskaras to be dealt with on a personal and individualistic level, not simply an social ideology where it becomes further enmeshed in the mind-body complex due to organisations and their often false pretenses.

The Reversal of Poles and ‘Social Sexuality’

While the majority of people and their sexuality is determined by karma and genetics, there is also what I term as ‘Social-Sexuality’, or that which has arisen due to emulation of social norms or arising due to an unconscious imitation as a result of aharas or intake of impressions at a subconscious and even unconscious level that shapes and alters the psyche opposite one’s true dharma or inner-nature, confused for it as a result of this.

I place it down to hormonal issues relative to the science of yoga and Ayurveda; men are more soma or watery and lunar here at a hormonal level, so their emotions governed by this tend to be more balanced; females being more agni-rakta (fire-blood, hormonally) tend to be more aggressive and agni (fire) is also easier changed or altered by vayu (wind or air) increase, whereas soma takes some more pushing. In Ayurveda, vayu or vata as the wind causes movement in the body, which also causes shifts in the doshas or biological humours that cause diseases due to their altered states of deficiency or increase.

Physically however, these are opposite – men are more fiery and more elemental (can be detached more easily or Shiva-Yogi types closer to the subtle elements as the wind and ether), whereas women tend to be more watery and hence tend to hold onto grudges etc. and become more materialistic in outlook (more manifest or Maya-Prithivi). This is why historically women were not meant for war and such due to their hyper-emotionalism.

Socially we see an increase in tejas or fiery nature in females in the West and vata or air with out fast-paced culture depleting ojas (vitality) in men as a result of this (vata increased due to insecurity caused by projection of excess unnatural tejas from women). This makes men more hypersensitive and emotional and women more rajasic or materialistic and egotistical. This causes women to often become more masculine and aggressive and men to become more emotional and passive as a result of this.

As an example; most females today when in relationships tend to dress as if they are “available”, thus creating an inferiority complex in men as a result of this. The female’s dominance here overshadows the man’s emotional security and causes issues.

As a result of this,we can see issues such as social-sexuality as men being turned off from women due to their masculinity and over-bearing tejas to seek other men, while some females seeing men in their lives becoming more effeminate as a result of the hyper-emotionalism of men on TV and such as other factors such as being emasculated by former partners or even mothers – seek other females as each sex gives up on each other as a result of these underlying issues at a subconscious level that affects the normal pull of attraction in the world. It plants the seed for this ‘social-sexuality’ which begins with cheating or polygamous relationships in an attempt to escape the issue at hand.

There is a difference between the feminine shakti or power that comes out in confidence-boosting in females as opposed to seeking to deliberately emasculate males as many women today do in the modern-world. There is also a difference between a male in touch with his ‘feminine’ side, but is still masculine for all intensive purposes (as with aesthetic eastern cultures) and then there is the sniveling modern-male that becomes upset and hyper-emotional  over small things – what the traditional male, regardless of sexuality would embrace and dismiss or consume with his inherent agni or fire, not obsess over and claim they are “depressed”! The two poles here,especially the emasculation of males which then creates more tejas in women and somic-emotionalism in men hence becomes out of the normal balance as per yoga and Ayurveda.

Ironically, this is most common in the yogic sphere.

The female Yoga-teacher today also ignores the biological aspect of Yoga historically.

Historical yoginis or female practitioners of Yoga were not simply gymnasts as today’s style are, which was confined to the systems of dance. They were deeply devotional and lived lives of austerities, often around or married to great Yogis and Rishis.

As noted, today’s western female tends to be overly highly taijasika or fiery in nature and often emasculates men with their feminist zeal to dominate the world, almost Hitler-style – what would be termed as an asuric or rajasic impulse in Yoga and Ayurveda and certainly not a trait for disciples like Yoga! This fiery nature also consumes one’s ojas or natural vitality, mental and physical required for awakening the kundalini or even spirituality in general, overruling the natural feminine nature of kapha or phlegm and their lunar-nature, but allowing their tejas-like reproductive system to takeover their psychology and biology.

In the eastern world however and native cultures, we still see the divine feminine flow – the warrioress and the high Priest may yield power, but she can still return home, cook a meal for her family and act as the counselor without taking the over-domineering approach that seeks to emasculate her husband, children and students or seeks to project their egotism upon the world and confuse the female shakti or powerful energy with the male domain!

We must differentiate between these and also between different forms of sexuality such as social-sexuality’, which may arise as a mere phase alone of psychological escapism from one’s partners as a result of their overbearing (female) or emasculated (male) traits that puts the partner off them – or off attraction to the opposite gender alone due to this imbalance in the social psychology.

Social Conditioning vs Soul Attraction:

There is a difference between the social conditioning caused by these groups which often causes social samskaras or traits rather than the inner genetic and karmic traits of the individual, especially relative to attraction.

Physical attraction is one thing, yet there are also others. Some individuals have lived their past-lives in close proximity to another and sometimes outside the normal bounds of society, which causes issues such as GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) between members within families in the next life. Such has to be understood at a deeper karmic level as with sexuality here and addressed accordingly by appropriate yogic means to both understanding the karmic or past origin of this in the soul’s evolution and how to eradicate these samskaras.

This here is where soul-attraction between like-souls can be platonic in one life and be confused for sexual in another, as a result of the social wave of sexuality and sexual undertones that permeates our society and gives off the wrong messages. Here, the evolving soul (bound soul) becomes trapped within both it’s own past samskaras and also the newly-found social norms and influences in society that cause it to confuse these feelings of platonic love and what we can call karmic or “soul-attraction” with sexual attraction or lust.

Here again one must return to the karmic roots and consult yogis and astrologers who can help people understand these implications and how to deal with them at the root-level or causal level, not simply at the physical or even psychological, which but masks the problem that can arise again in the future or future lives (as the root remains, unaddressed, dormant as it were).

A return to the remembrance that we are a genderless soul, a unique individual shaped not by society but by our own samskaras due to our own past actions is what is required here over simply masking the issues and projecting our sexuality or views upon the world, rather than addressing the deeper issues that we have caused ourselves due to our own past actions, creating genetic dispositions in the future birth.

Once we realise we can be the soul and be freed from this, we start to understand our own true nature and successive births and actions and circumstances that have brought this about and seek to rectify it personally, rather than fall pray to the materialistic falsehood of the social world in the garb of the satya or truth, which simply seeks to spread rajas or action and raga – passion or desire, causing further bondage and also issues for us in the future at a karmic level and thwarts our own innate sense of creativity as individuals!

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