Social Parasites

By Durgadas, Veda Kovid, AYT
Ayu. Clin, Ayu. Pharm, AMPKT, AMBT, ALC

(c) Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham / Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd.

All Rights reserved.

No part of this article may be copied or reproduced in any manner, except by direct permission from the author.

There are many, including Paul Joseph Watson that agree that the world of contemporary Art is one gigantic culture of nonsense compared to true Art; it is a pretentious waste of time and is to true Art as what modern neo-shamanism of Europeans is to [authentic Ayurveda or] Ayurvedic surgery! It is one big stomping-ground raised high upon the foundations of personal egotism reminiscent of ancient movements such as the Freemasons.

We see this in many modern blogs as well, that are basically nothing more than intellectual woffle over true scholarly masterpieces where they remained naked of citations, references of any kind of research as is typical with the world of Arts majors and their [in]ability to comprehend science and rather, constantly misappropriate scientific terms as a kind of justification or veil of their own blatant ignorance! It is up there with the social parasites justifying their career as YouTube ‘hosts’!

Here many will justify their parasitic existence by quoting white authors on indigenous traditions to make their mark upon upholding “traditionalism”, that is more traditional than modern chiropractic Yoga sequences reflect Sri Ramana Maharishi’s lofty spiritual experiences!

An author in their fourties and fifties that justifies their wastage of youth for their minuscule one to three book publications or their so-called Art in galleries and wishes to be taken seriously by Hindus, Native Americans and Polynesians is what I am referring to here. Is the plethora of hippie names derived from natural forces and elements supposed to make us bow in awe at their serious zeal?

Having photos posted gazing up at the sky like some lunatic on crystal meth or doing Namaskara and saying “Namaste!” is hardly going to qualify you for being a true Rishi or Brahmin or even a lesser yogi for that matter – in which case you’d be born in a Hindu family if your so-called samskaras of the past actually existed!

Such types are no more than militantly-impotent social justice warriors or rather, spiritual clowns that provide entertainment for the masses of Hindus and other native people as one watches monkeys perform at a zoo!

By mentioning terms such as “dharma” in a superfluous manner it appears they wish to drive some point home that ends merely by true traditional derision they cannot handle! Such is then matched by their counter-posts wishing to assert their semi-erect peacock fan egos, revealing their true subliminal pathological issues as being emasculated males in a world dominated by fascist feminists that their annual subscription to socialism prevents them from seeing!

Such types confuse true dharma with doing their duty as a good Samaritan being seen to do God’s work or the right thing. These are not the same thing by any means – just as stating one has just performed so-called tapas in their on their southern European sojourn in a Five-Star Hotel is not to be taken seriously. Here the lesson to the Europeans should be that dharmic traditions are not about the abuse of the term “dharma” and terms such as “sattvas“, but are about transcending the very ego and rajasic nature that causes them to constantly plagiarise and emulate others to compensate for their own lack of knowledge and true creative ability or insight beyond their sexual escapades or conquests they confuse for “spiritual advancement / unfolding”.

Creating a whole pile of meaningless words and scientific terms taken out of context to try and correlate them to [misconstrued] neo-metaphysical concepts is nothing more than a pile of last night’s dirty dishes piled up on a white table in an Art Gallery is true art or screams originality or creativity!

To me, while some may defend such types for being “talented”, I see them as social parasites that wish to justify their very pointless existence  and valuelessness in life and seek to latch on to native traditions in an attempt to appear “spiritual” and “enlightened” to maintain some kind of social dominance over their peers.

Here they remind me of cats – a useless animal that you only see if it wants food or petting. Unlike dogs, man’s loyal companions and who can be taught tricks and exercise some intelligence, cats are evil, lazy, useless, clueless and yet cunning creatures that are amazingly disloyal and whore themselves about the neighbourhood for scrounging for food or comfort!

It is sad, really…

My advice to such types is:

1. Develop santosha or contentment and sukha (happiness) for the life you have based upon past samskaras

2. Be patient and don’t try and think life is some kind of Jehovah-Witness inspired rush into heaven, for there is samsara or rebirth, which is karma-dependent

3. This isn’t Christianity, so there’s no need to try and proselytise or franchise native teachings, which are to be kept in close circles to remain untainted, not a ‘free for all’ system of Caesarean Saviour-hood or autonomous atonement  

4. Wait your turn and develop proper samskaras in this life to be born into a family with the proper unique karmically-earned samskaras in a future life where you can have proper understanding over being a white-emulator (imagine how ridiculous I’d look dressed in Chinese garb!)


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