Native Faiths and Preserving Dharma

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Native Faiths and Preservation:

We have a very liberal world that believes in the idea of liberality for one and all as well as the Christianised view that every teaching can be open to one and all. This Europeanised idea within the modern age of self-entitlement and equality however, isn’t all it’s cracked up to me!

Here, there is a massive difference between having an actual inner and genuine drive for a return to a native tradition and then there is jumping on band-wagons for self-justification. They’re clearly not the same thing.

Today, everyone is hysterical about jumping on the “Vedic” bandwagon as if it’s the New World Order of spirituality and epitomises one’s spiritual-state. It is nothing but a pop-trend and sadly the ‘powers that be’ within it have manufactured the idea of a coming ‘Golden Age’ of Vedic spirituality.

In truth it’s up there with the second coming of Jesus or the belief that Satan is actually real. Simply a novel idea created by Europeans to justify their place within native traditions and also their usual attempt to grandstand on ancient traditions as their own past has been destroyed by the Church – and they let it happen, whereas other cultures in India, China, Africa, the Americas, Pacific and other regions fought and preserved their native faiths. And now these Europeans wish to ‘cash in’ on the hard work our ancestors have done, when their own were too useless and lazy to defend themselves. Harsh – but true! India managed to survive the onslaught of numerous Islamic invasions and also rule, plus British domination and came out still with native faiths, traditions and sciences in-tact!

Likewise, the Jews have diligently preserved their own traditions in a region dominated by numerous foreign elements and threats as even today. They made the best of their lives in Europe, starting with less grace and fortune than the Europeans and were persecuted for this jealousy. The same goes for many east-Asian and Indian owned businesses in the West. It proves that Europeans have been historically lazy and filled with excuses, sit back and allow others to pave a path for them, which they then run on and claim as their own and hence culturally misappropriate. 

Today we have armchair Ayurvedic practitioners, Vedantic and Tantric scholars as well as armchair Sanskrit experts, who argue they are reviving a ‘dead’ language as some white Professor who like Max Muller, has never been to India, has stated so. How can we even take such people seriously when such bizarre and incorrect statements that would make them the laughing stock of any native Hindu are floated about due to spiritual and even general naivety and reveals a lack of general viveka or discrimination, invalidating their own so-called prerequisites they wish to have to enter into Yogic and other native-style traditions?

In New Zealand, it is true that we now have many Europeans or Pakehas trying to represent native Maori traditions and wishing to be seen as equals to the Maori people who have fought long and hard against British oppression and Christianity, to keep their native traditions pure, original and sacred. The tapu or the sacred and that which is to be kept safe-guarded such as traditional restrictions here are not to be violated, as such help preserve both the world in which the Maori live and all of live that is associated with the sacred, as with many ancient cultures. Some areas or objects for example may have a tapu placed upon them, which has to be lifted before people can touch or go near them. These are similar to the ancient restrictions placed by the Rishis of ancient India to preserve ancient teachings form the hands of lay-people misusing them, as also upon certain sacred places and such and have to do with the karma an individual will receive of violating these spiritual impositions / injunctions.

Such an important aspects of native traditions to preserve their traditions that the European mind with their invasive culture and mentality, often disregards and comes blundering into.

The European Christ Complex and the Indigenous People’s Psyche:

In the western (European-dominated) world, it is one of Christ-complexes that radiate an heir of self-entitlement, superiority complexes as well as (hypocritical) ideals of liberality – as in that they must be accepted into native traditions, otherwise native traditions such as Brahmins and Shaman-healers with their close-knit communities are seen as “unenlightened” and “dogmatic” by the European. Yet, in their Christian-style vanity, they forget that if it wasn’t for such social implementation and rigid systems and regulations of acceptance, the very traditions of native healing – whether from Polynesians or Ayurveda in India, to Yoga and the oriental Martial Arts, would cease to exist today for them to even culturally appropriate! Their own traditions, as noted, have long died, yet these even more ancient traditions still survive, many even over 5,000 years, withstanding the test of time!

Secondly, this Christianised approach also contradicts itself. While the Christian Colonialists wished to convert their Black slaves in the Americas to Christianity from their ‘heathen’ African traditions as they saw them, they still failed to accept Blacks and others as a valid race, or even equal-status as a human-being and hence created separate communities, quarters and even Churches, seeing the admixture of faiths being ‘unholy’ and not part of their Christian white superiority and self-entitlement. While my words may seem harsh, I wish to state this here before I get inundated with a flood of emails from the Social Justice Warriors of Christo-Hippy extraction that wish to call me a bigot, ignoring their own past, history and aggressive nature, which is again not the same as native faiths that didn’t go around the world creating religious wars, not converting people in missionary attempts to ‘save’ them, nor create bloodshed and cultural destruction as a result of this!


Native people such as the Brahmins of India maintained purity through bloodlines and genetics, regulating even what foods and professions one could do in their family lines to keep memories pure, bodies pure and the social environment pure for the memorisation of ancient teachings and texts, that would otherwise have been written down and burnt long ago by the hordes of Islamic invaders!

The Aborigine of Australia, Native Americans and also Polynesians also have similar methods of passing these down in oral traditions and keeping such secrets and teachings close-guarded – that was, until the original socialists in Asia (Buddhists and Jains) freed such and taught the enemies (Persians and Arabs) their science of war, fighting, military tactics and war-technology that was used against them – and later the Europeans who felt it their “right” to spread the teachings of the Vedas to the Christian masses to freely (mis)interpret in their own right. We see here overall then, that there has been a decline in native traditions and faith as also integrity in such since the inception of European ‘Vedic scholars’ and the likes and the liberalisation and distortion of these native sciences and teachings over their originally-intended close-guarded traditions that retained both original purity, translation and understanding as also integral nature. 

I need not go into the pseudo-systems and New-Age methods and distortions that sometimes mirror closely, but still misrepresent ancient practices, namely spiritual and healing practices. Readers will find I have several such articles on these topics, researched in-depth! There are many aspects of which the European will also take light-heartedly due to their own egotism that is born along with the Christocentric complex that is synonymous with Eurocentrism. One such example is initiations or coming into a spiritual fold, which may take many manners and may be of numerous levels depending on both the individual and various traditions, which vary greatly.

Dikshas or initiations can take many forms in the Yogic path and are not the same as the delusions experienced by people existing outside native faiths. These can be higher, lower, inner or on the form of dreams, astral or otherwise. The sanctity of such is also very important.

Over the years I have come to see many people desiring such,  but often not honouring these. Some have wished for them and then stated they have no belief in the manner in which they were initiated which raises many questions. While we can all have our own ideas and opinions, if we wish to uphold a certain tradition or lineage, we should not seek to constantly see ourselves as “traditionalists” on one hand and distort or interpolate New-Age and Christianised concepts and ideals on the other.

One of the common examples I see is western Ayurvedic Practitioners. They are often brainwashed into criticising graduates of Indian programs and Clinical Training as also the BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in a vain attempt to validate their own theories. However, they always fall into the category of neither true traditional Ayurveda nor the BAMS-style system in India and remain somewhere in between in the sphere of pseudo-Ayurveda or New-Age Ayurveda.

Many for example will claim that marma points in Ayurveda match the TCM acu-points and systems and can be treated in the same manner or even through acupuncture. Others claim that surgery on marmas was performed historically – both of which reveal a complete ignorance of traditional Ayurvedic learning, either through the study of traditional classics or Ayurvedic Surgical methods and falls into the category of hearsay and mental fetishes that are so typical of the New-Age sphere.

The issue here is that the samskaras or traits of the European born outside or having no genetic connection, even remotely to a native tradition always tends to revert back to his Christian infantile stages, even if progressing well in the beginning. The superiority complex always raises its head and again causes issues and eventually degenerates into a crude-form of franchisation of the ancient knowledge which then becomes further distorted!

It is here that we can clearly see why the ancient Hindu Brahmins, the Jewish Rabbinal traditions and several native people and their Shamans and Priests, Healers and others, kept their traditions secluded from even their own native people and lesser uneducated classes, what to speak of those who had no kinship to even their religious and cultural traditions of even a plebeian manner. They could foresee these dangers and distortions that we are having today in our age of liberality, dominated by socialism’s constant pressure upon them for variation and the open-market.

May this be a lesson to all native people!



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